MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Well, I don't know, it's surprising, but i think Hasbro could make it work.

Though it was gonna be expected.
Background Pony #565D
Ok, i don't know what to think of this, but tbf, Paw patrol Didn't get affected by this.

But anyway, one has to wonder if Sunny and Hitch are friends??
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Hitch is the token male character, and he's a cop.

That's 2 strikes against him, and G5 hasn't even come out yet.
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I just hope Hitch doesn't become a himbo. Plus, since he a sheriff and all, I wonder if they are going to give him a country accent?
Background Pony #20A9
Hitch gets a country accent, but not the cool Sam Elliot kind. The "Inbred hick" kind".
Background Pony #565D
@Background Pony #8E24
Hey, they won't.
They wanted to have a diverse, why make the male token character.

A country accent would be interesting, would make up for the fact that we may not have AJ in this gen.
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If they couldn't decide whether Pipp's eyes were red or green, why didn't they give her heterochromia? Best of both worlds, and extra representation to boot.
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A New Generation or Pony Tale… I think the first title is better!

Or Netflix Malaysia confused it with My Little Pony Tales or My Little Pony: Pony Life. Malaysian dubs of series always keep the original title (even though it's not the country's language).
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Honestly I feel like calling it a new anything Kind of makes it feel like Its a sequel Yes it could take place in the same universe but thats not the same as a sequel
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@northern haste
Then they should probably keep reference to g4 as light as possible, because no one will buy that otherwise.

As with G1 for G4, you mean? The movie is likely to be full of vague references about G4, but when the TV series comes out, the background from G4 will be minimal, only the background lore will continue — races, culture, localities, history. I would be very surprised if the book that started and ended G4 did not appear at the beginning of the movie, and if the Mane 5 did not find a statue of Mane 6 somewhere out there to prove that these had existed. Maybe when the movie ends, a new book will be brought out to symbolize the beginning of G5. They will still be in Lauren Faust's creation if G5 is a continuation of G4.

To start an era, the previous one must end in an epic and symbolic final act where the new will take over. We have not come to this stage that can be in the movie. It is intended to start the G5 by picking up the track from the G4. That may be enough if Sunny gets a certain book at the beginning of the movie. When the movie ends, G5 will begin as a separate era.
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Aynsley King, who was a storyboard artist on FiM from Season 4 to Season 9, is the Storyboard Supervisor for G5.
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