MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Wouldn’t be surprised because so far G5’s advertising has been pretty minimal. Never mind the movie, we barely know anything about upcoming toys and the plan was supposedly to have them launch in two months.

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I'm gonna remain with G4, but also be with G5. And I'm pretty sure others will too.

There's no reason to assume most of the current fandom won't do the same. Just look at how many people have been doing that with Star Trek. Hell, there are people speaking positively of G1 MLP.
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Literally two weeks ago:
So, for My Little Pony, it won't be a theatrical release, it will be a Netflix global release supported by a theatrical-esque marketing campaign, followed-up with specials on Netflix and then two series on Netflix. And with all kinds of new original content on places like youtube, so the fan can engage with a brand a lot more ballistically and with a lot more opportunity than we had in the past.
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i wouldn't be surprised the tight-lippedness of g5 might be influenced by the later seasons of g4 leaking like a boat.

Ahhh, the Internet. Makes for interesting content but has a case to for stuff like leaks to happen more often…
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