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Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
Wallet After Summer Sale -
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Does no one remember what happened with Fame and Misfortune? It got rewritten without DHX's permission to bash the adult fans, and this caused such a rift between Hasbro and DHX that they broke up and never looked back (Pony Life could be leftover episode ideas from Hasbro for all we know) and then there's also Pony Tale Adventures which was shut down recently; someone at Hasbro clearly doesn't like adult fans/NSFW one bit.
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People are always gonna be lewding something, even controversial characters or what not. It all just comes down to if it's a joke or if that person is like James Charles. I'm just surprised people are so open about telling someone who's worked on the movie, something so trivial.
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Background Pony #0A40
Interesting theory.

Assuming that the series keeps the voice acting in Vancouver, i could see FiM voice actors getting shuffled. They did that when G3 and G4 came, so…
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Tagger of the Unknown
I believe scholars from each race would try to provide evidence of their own race's antiquity compared to the other races. Many people in real life like the medieval British scribes believed the ancestor of the British people, Brutus of Troy, actually fought in the Trojan War.

Basically a competition for historical prestige. And suggesting competing theories of ancestry for your race not being as ancient could condemn you.

@Knight of the Raven
It would represent a new era, the fall of the alicorns. Although it seems like being an alicorn is a promotion. It could also be each race would try alicorns be only their own race.

Although with Alicorn hunting theory, I wonder if there would be secret alicorns in the world?
Knight of the Raven
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I just realized that, at first glance, G5's names may follow G4's 'fateful/fitting' theme.

Pipp Petals is the cute, girly one, Zipp Storm looks like the tomboy you'd expect from Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust having a kid together, Sunny Starscout seems intent on chasing stars if she's indeed the one who starts this 'race reconciliation' journey…

If that holds up, I expect Izzy Moonbow to shoot straight for the moon, which fits the synopsis of her being the one to wander into Sunny's town (maybe because she shares her lofty ideal), while Hitch Trailblazer… will escape his enemies by falling through a fish tank or something, I guess.

It's also interesting that Sunny and Pipp have names that aren't in tune with their tribe's usual theme in G4. Maybe the possible second unicorn will have a name related to weather, to go with Starscout following the unicorns' taste for the firmament and Petals matching earth ponies and their bond with all things green.

There are still alicorns, remember?

Are there?

I can see one of the tribes deciding one day to (try to) hunt them to extinction, in the name of "self-determination," because they got sick of glorified mutants telling them what to do, think and believe for over one thousand years and wanted to take their fate in their own hooves for once.

Which may cause the whole racial tensions in the first place. But maybe that's too reminding of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Make that tribe the pegasi, incidentally, and it's "I can easily see it" instead.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Muh themes!
I was so focused on the character designs, it never even clicked that they're in an Art Deco building.

So pegasi live in Art Deco skyscrapers and dress in Rome-inspired attire. If nothing else, I think I'm going to love the aesthetics of G5.

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