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“ShimSham my GlimGlams”
George Zimmerman sues Lizzy and Bootygig for $265M for their comments on the death of Trayvon Martin, who'd've turned 25 on February 5. The comments in question.
What a big fat baby.

People are justifiably outraged by Trump's brazen racism and policies that punish the poor for being poor. Bloomberg sees this outrage and demand for change as an opportunity to implement changes that will be worse than what Trump has done in the name of defeating him. Ordinarily we might not accept the changes Bloomberg will propose, but in crisis people are more open to changes being proposed. Just like Bloomberg used crime to justify the mass incarceration of black people and stop and frisk, or bad education to justify punishing teacher's unions and enriching private charter schools, he will use Trump to further a racist and classist agenda far more insidious and effective [than] anything Trump has created. The Bloomberg campaign is not about beating Trump, it is about beating #notmeus, a movement that can empower working class people and oppose the political agenda that both Trump and Bloomberg seek to advance.

You're gay.
I seem to be getting logged out more often than before the change. Personally, I would like it if I stayed logged in forever, and the site never periodically logged me out, but I'd be happier if that time was just extended.
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