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I don't know, the Buckball episode was very boring. When you made a trailer for season 6 in the style of Game of Thrones, you would expect more than the Buckball episode.
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Peace to all
I once stepped on a stick that poked moderately deep. It was the middle of the night and I didn't think it was that bad at first so I just finished my bussiness outside and cleaned it later. Next night a big green bump forms and I can't put weight on it at all without pain. Had to go to a clinic and get antibiotics and it took a few days to clear up.

At the very least, keep it clean and stay off for a short while if you can. If this persist you probably want to get it checked out.
Can you afford it? Is there anyway to refund?

Or are you referring to it being something you are uncertain if you want to commit to?

/x/ probably doesn't beat some of the tiny boards that I've come across, though considering how most of them died, maybe it does at this point.
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@Background Pony #940F
Is this still possible for you?

Remember to make Spike look like a adult dragon instead of a baby one

I'll only be able to do a one character request so whilst I am will to do the request for starlight adding spike is going add to the piece complexity bringing into commission territory

@Background Pony #940F
I also have another OC request

You up for it?

As of right now, sadly no.
The Starlight request will be my last one for now as I will need to open my commission slots to help cover the cost of repairs on my computer.

I will however announce when my requests are open again,over here.
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@Background Human

The same people who said that slavery, the Patriot Act, and imperial presidencies are A-OK? Do you really want to follow Britbong land down that "iT’s Ok BeCaUsE iT’s LeGaL!" particular road to hell?


Given that would disqualify most cops from owning or accessing guns…


Relevanter. "Law-abiding" is a BS term as well, given that every single person has broken the law in some way. Remind me again of what they got Capone on in the end?…
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Pertisia Stan
Japan is planning to dump the irradiated water from fukashima into the ocean, gee it's almost like maybe we shouldn't be building places who use a super toxic material as fuel, all willy nilly,
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Dashie41 YT

Negan Guy
This has to be the worst RAW after Wrestlemania i have seen in years it's just another episode but with only two surprises Charlotte and Viking Raiders that's all no Becky no Ronda or anyone else but the only awesome return is the Firefly Funhouse.
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