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The site's default filter. Hides "not art" content, and should hide images that would exceed the show's own rating.

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leak (465)seizure warning (2282)semi-grimdark (19345)spoiler:eqg series (7387)spoiler:my little pony movie (11578)spoiler:s08 (354)spoiler:s08e13 (566)spoiler:s08e14 (3)spoiler:s08e15 (6)spoiler:s08e16 (0)spoiler:s08e17 (0)spoiler:s08e18 (1)spoiler:s08e19 (2)spoiler:s08e20 (1)spoiler:s08e21 (0)spoiler:s08e22 (0)spoiler:s08e23 (0)spoiler:s08e24 (0)spoiler:s08e25 (8)spoiler:s08e26 (10)suggestive (87824)vulgar (15205)
This filter hides...
1000 hours in ms paint (3351)background pony strikes again (839)content-aware scale (87)deviantart stamp (449)drama (2744)explicit (221500)exploitable meme (30822)fluffy pony (6717)fluffy pony grimdark (2620)foalcon (13478)forced meme (1230)greentext (1034)grimdark (28306)grotesque (8697)image macro (27611)nazi (2819)not pony related (41)obligatory pony (5779)op is a duck (2778)politics (957)pony creator (2519)questionable (87256)text only (2016)youtube caption (6338)
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