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It's possible to browse Derpibooru using a Tor hidden service.

With Tor, you can bypass censors in your country or filters in your service provider's network. Using our hidden service address allows you to use end-to-end encryption within the Tor network rather than relying on an exit node to not be censored.

Points to note

Because we can't identify users by IP address when using the hidden service, it exposes the site to abuse. To counter this, we require that you make an account and sign in before you can interact with the site.

You'll get a certificate error when connecting, as some modern web features require the use of HTTPS, and we don't yet have a HTTPS certificate issued for the hidden service address. You'll have to manually approve the certificate if using Tor Browser Bundle.

The hidden service will be slower than using the site directly. However, it will work regardless of censors as long as you're able to connect to the Tor network.

Service Address

The hidden service website can be accessed here.