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Tag Help

Why Tags Matter

Derpibooru has a lot of different types of content and almost any type of artwork and most types of meta content are allowed, thus, the use of filters to only see that which you want to is essential. Tags are a necessity for filtering to work, and rating tags are the most important because they capture large categorical distinctions of content type.

Important Tags

These are the most important tags, which you should start out with before considering others.

The rating tags

These very special tags group content into broad categories. They appear blue with fancy tags. Note that any ratings can coexist on an image unless otherwise specified here.

At minimum, you must tag an image with at least one of the rating tags.

The safe rating

The sexual ratings (one per image)

  • suggestive (78112)

    Somewhat sexual, but not overtly.

    • Non-overt sexual references
    • Sexy poses
    • Skimpy outfits
    • Makeouts, but not sloppy ones
    • Minor fetish scenarios (e.g. tickle torture); if in doubt, rate questionable instead

  • questionable (79878)

    Overtly sexual, but not all the way.

    • Visible breast nipples
    • Overt sexual references
    • Barely-covered genitals or anuses
    • Visible genital/anal outlines (not super-detailed) through clothing
    • Simplistic anuses (e.g. just an X or an outline for an anus)
    • Penis sheaths (i.e. skin for the penis to slide out of such as on a dog or horse)
    • Sexual rubbing or licking on sensitive areas, but not on the genitals or anus
    • Sloppy makeouts
    • Presence of (but not use of) sex toys
    • Objects used to represent genitals
    • Major fetish scenarios (e.g. inflation, diaper); if there is any question, rate questionable

  • explicit (198625)

    Sex and full nudity.

    • Nudity showing the genitals (this includes the labia, but not sheaths, and applies to clothing that may as well be painted on) or a detailed anus (e.g. one showing depth or coloration)
    • Sexual contact with genitals or anuses (even if not directly visible)
    • Non-urine genital fluids

The dark ratings (one per image)

The gross rating

Other important tags

You will likely be banned for repeatedly not tagging these, as with ratings.

Orientation Tags

These tags apply for any sexual or romantic acts as well as relationships, and no two are mutually exclusive. Note that female by default does not include futa.
You likely won't be banned for forgetting these tags, but they are still important.

Common tags

These are generally expected on upload, but are less important.