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I hope we get to see more of Rainbow Dad.

He talks about how he would have been in the Wonderbolts if it weren't for his bad knee.


This is hilariously enough one of the least problems I had with her backstory. I had more of a problem with her reaction and how it killed any potential for sympathy.
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@Virgil Stormblade
They won't.

Basically what I mean by this is more than likely Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will exist in 2025 but chances are they won't be AAA sites popularity wise, more like A sites and more than likely they'll all have similar functions to each other.
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So facebook now has a livestream service.

Most people probably don't care, but what is probably happening right now is that internet websites like facebook, youtube, twitter and such are having a slow decline in profit. Since running social media sites, video sites and such is getting cheaper that means more competition which means the big sites have to remain competitive, but rather than innovating they're expanding their services offered of services already offered by their competitors but that's not really helping the situation in the long run cause it's shit that people have already done numerous times.

What I mean by this is that more than likely facebook, twitter and such will continue to exist in say ten years, but they won't solely have one purpose; rather more than likely all the big sites will offer similar services and they'll no longer have billions of users individually but rather be smaller and there be more competition.
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Yep. Like when Metal Bat was still fighting Elder Centipede, he didn't like the way Metal Bat jumped out the window and climbed up the centipede, so he redrew the whole thing to make it look more action-y. Even though it's not even an important scene.
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Because I have no one to send me on Sunday and taxi fares are expensive.

Also, you're missing the point. It's not about when I'm going back, it's about my vacation being over and going back to the stress hole that is college.
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Bulk Biceps is just a nickname, his real name is Snowflake Tempestholm.

Also, he's Spitfire's nephew, despite being only two weeks younger than her, and Featherweight's older brother.

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