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Waifu Thread

Thread Starter -  Waifu Thread

The Element of laughter
Post your Waifu.

Battle other people's Waifus with your Waifu.

It's a god damn waifu thread!

(Also Husbandos are allowed too)

This is probably the weirdest thread I've ever made
And Brother I Hurt People
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I had promised myself long ago, after crawling from the pit that was my weaboo age, after the love of my life that was Rock Lee, after the booting of Naruto from my mind entirely, I would never take to husbandos again.

BUT THIS NIGGA. no offense intended just needed to show some passion

He's motherly, he's sweet, and not to mention when he does the thing.

The thing:


Professionally Depressed

Garnet from Jewelpet

…What? People have pony waifus, What's the problem with me having Jewelpet waifus?
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Yea I don't really have a waifu. I guess Rararara would be the closest.
But I'm not into the whole amine scene where waifus lurk

Professionally Depressed
It looks like I have the best waifu so far

>Like rarity except before rarity and not shit

>Has Magic

>Is a sapient cat
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


I don't have any personal problem with you but that seems to be your general attitude. Of course, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you just no longer like FIM and so have a sort of odd hatred for people that still do.
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