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Stygian adorer
Twice now I've uploaded a picture to this site using the Fetch function, only for it not to be the highest quality and for someone else to re-upload it and merge with a higher resolution one.

Is the Fetch function not really that useful in this way?
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As much as I legitimately enjoy Pony Life (Come at me), I honestly think that after viewing the MLP FIM series finale two years ago…There needs to be a sequel to Friendship Is Magic. I will call it "Friendship Continues" & it should star Luster Dawn as the protagonist with five other ponies of the new mane six. As you all know, Luster Dawn is the successor to Twilight Sparkle (Who is not only her teacher, but also the new ruler of Equestria after Celestia & Luna have both retired). I now need successors to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity & Fluttershy. Another kid dragon will be at Luster's side as well. If it were up to me, I'd put it on Discovery Plus (A streaming Service owned by Discovery, Inc.) as opposed to Netflix or Hulu. However, I intend to put a whole lot more thought & effort into Friendship Continues…Unlike my other two projects (Don't ask what those are). What episode ideas for Friendship Continues would you pen down? Please note that I'm looking for deep & philosophical plotlines that fit G4.
Knight of the Raven
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eyes hidden & hidden eyehidden eyes

Along with a description explaining how that's different from hair over eyes and hair over one eye. And links sending people to the tags they're actually supposed to use. Something like this?

hidden eyes: A character whose eyes are hidden by something other than their hair. For eyes hidden by hair or mane, use hair over eyes instead. If only one eye is hidden by hair or mane, use hair over one eye instead.

hair over eyes: A character with both eyes hidden by their hair or mane. If only one eye is hidden, use hair over one eye instead. If their eyes (singular or plural) are hidden by something else, use hidden eyes instead.

hair over one eye: A character with one eye hidden by their hair or mane. If both eyes are hidden, use hair over eyes instead. If their eyes (singular or plural) are hidden by something else, use hidden eyes instead.

And here's an example of "hidden eyes" that's neither hair tag;

Knight of the Raven
Artist -

hand on hip

Unless I'm the only one who separates the two when looking for art references. Hopefully the cleanup from making "hand on hip" distinct from "hands on hips" won't be a nightmare. There's one stepping stone for that at least; the tag hands on hip.

If no distinction is made, that tag should be aliased to hand on hip like the others.

As for the descriptions, something like this;

hand on hip: A character with one hand on one hip (whether their own or another character's). For a character with both hands on both hips, use [hands on hips] instead.

hands on hips: A character with both hands on both hips (whether their own or another character's). For a character with only one hand on one hip, use [hand on hip] instead.

The part in parentheses is there because of pictures like this (which would be "hand on hip" but not "hands on hips"):

Again, if no distinction is made, maybe just point out in the description that the tag goes for both one or two hands on one or both hips.
Knight of the Raven
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Unless we're drawing a distinction between 'guilt: a character is feeling guilty in the picture' and 'guilty: the word "guilty" is said/thought/written/etc in the picture,' but I've found exactly one image that fits the latter, even after checking trial (aka the most likely setting for that use), so there's very probably no point in making these tags distinct.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Hello everyone, Nightweaver here. I decided to come back to Derpibooru at least for the moment to post about one of my former favorite artists, 2Snacks.

You see, just today he put out his latest new animation, this… thing:
Beef PC

And while it is technically very well done, it just is not funny. I do not find it the slightest bit entertaining to watch, and the same goes for any of his recent "Hololive" animations. They are wildly popular, getting millions of views, and I suppose that is the reason that he has decided to go in this new artistic direction, but I for one am deeply saddened and disappointed that he's decided to completely abandon pony in favor of… this.

Let me give you a little bit of history. In 2012, I found 2Snacks' first video while looking up Two Best Friends Play videos. This was the video I found, and it was hilarious. Over the next few years, I became one of his biggest fans, eagerly waiting for every new video he put out, because I knew they'd be quality, funny pony animations. But that has ended. It started when he put out this video of this "Korone" character, and it's just regressed since then.

I guess it was inevitable. As time marches on, people move on. The Best Friends Play no longer exist as a group, and actually I have unsubscribed from the main channel and each of their individual channels for reasons I won't go into here. So I guess the final chapter has been written in my fandom of both Best Friends Play AND 2Snacks. They no longer make content I wish to watch, and thus I have completely dropped their channels from my subscription lineup.

I want anyone else who feels as strongly about 2Snacks' new animation direction here to post about it and let me know what you all think. Thank you.
Wild Stallions
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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OK, there is an anonymous user who posts roll playing comments in my NSFW comics. These generally sequel from the events that play out in my comics. I must emphasize that I never took any offense to them, in fact I encouraged him/her to do more as I found them hilarious and would sometimes adapt them into my next comic page.

Unfortunately, this morning I found that his latest post on my NSFW comic was deleted. The mod who deleted it wrote: Deletion reason: Rule #6: Take Roleplay to the Forums. Rule 6 concerns 'spam, off-topic, or general site abuse'. Neither of these categories can be applied to the deleted comment, as I directly encouraged him to post more of his/her roll-playing — as can be seen with my comment immediately preceding it.

@Wild Stallions
@Background Pony #8887
LOL I was wondering when you were going to show up. Your talking heads always make for great amusement and inspiration. Though I'm more curious as to what Cadance, Twilight and Shining intended to do with that porno… O_O

To the mods, I hereby request that the deletion of this comment be reversed… I wanna see his/her latest hilarious Roll Playing comment!
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Artist -

I am so deeply sorry if I'm doing things wrong, it's my first time doing this and I'm a bit lost since it's not for something too big but the FAQ didn't help and I don't understand how the forums work.
I'm trying to rebrand myself and would like to change my deviantart link + the name of my artist tag, how may I do this?

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