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General Discussion » 2022 has two Dinosaur films » Topic Opener

Background Pony #3C71
Jurassic World: Dominion and 65. Just in case anyone is a dinosaur movie fan. We have Jurassic World: Dominion, and 65, a film that is from the writers of “A Quiet Place” and produced by Sam Raimi(The Evil Dead, original Spider-Man Trilogy) it stars Adam Driver and is about astronauts landing on a planet that ends up to be inhabited by dinosaurs, if this were just a made for tv film, it would have been a pass, but since it’s got a moderate budget behind it and some great talent attached, I’m hoping its at least fun like Crawl(Another Sam Raimi produced movie)
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Fanfiction » The Friendship Empire(An AU of A New Generation) » Topic Opener


An idea I had for a while while working on certain things. I wondered what if Twilight’s Kingdom never fell and instead kept growing and expanding, with a draw back being that an Empress of Harmony and the Alicorn Committee was created. Creature kingdoms have become annexed and alicorns govern each one, dragons have had their fire sealed away with magic by ponies, and other laws are in place. Larger cities and towns are here along with an Imperial army. I’m still trying to figure out how each of the New Generation characters would be(in this fic they still exist but with some changes)
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Site and Policy » Why is my image not deleted after i sent Duplicate report? » Topic Opener

Wallet After Summer Sale -

I have uploaded image(https://derpibooru.org/images/2731939?q=discorded) and i find out that i saw one small error(twilight’s cutie mark) on this image.
So i uploaded image(https://derpibooru.org/images/2731941?q=discorded) again to remove this error.
Then i send duplicate report to delete this image.
After i send duplicate report, 2 hours later, Image(https://derpibooru.org/images/2731939?q=discorded) was still not deleted.
Why is taking so long to delete this image(https://derpibooru.org/images/2731939?q=discorded)?

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Tagging Discussion » Character Tags who are no Character Tags » Topic Opener


Princess of the Animals
I’m not sure how much are there but some Name Tags are green Tags, even if they are Characters.
The Example I found is Spike the Dog who are the Dog Form of Spike in the Spinoff Equestria Girls.
He is even named like that in the Wiki, just similar to Queen Celestia just in (), so I’m not sure if this is a Fan Name, Merch Name or official Name.
Of course it is the canon Spike, but just in the first EQG Movie, but not longer in the Movies after it and the Specials, because thats the alternate EQG Spike.
If we see it strict, then there would be 3 Spike Tags:
“Spike the Dragon” - Canon Spike from the FiM Show/Specials/Shorts
“Spike the Dog (FiM)” - Canon FiM Spike as Dog in the EQG Movie
“Spike the Dog (EQG)” - Spinoff Spike (Dog only) from the EQG Movies/Specials/Shorts
Ther could be other Char with green Tags too, I havn’s look for it.

Generals » NSFW versions of CreatorofPony's models? » Topic Opener

Background Pony #D576
Being browsing through that kind of stuff, but I always wondered how to download them.
Anyone has links?

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Fanfiction » My Little Pony: A New Generation Gone Wrong » Topic Opener


Nostalgia Purist
Sprout had been caught after running to Bridlewood Forest, and was interviewed in jail in front of a handheld camera after he had destroyed Sunny´s lighthouse.
“So tell us what happened that day.” the cameraman said to Sprout.
The day after the interview. It was a moon after Sunny got her wings and horn. Sunny went over to Hitch and his friends that morning after as Hitch had something to tell.
“Two ponies that lives in a cottage by Bridlewood Forest are calling all of us because their animals, and some other animals and ponies had been vanishing from the forest.” Hitch said to his friends
So the ponies they went to the forest where they met with the two ponies that lived in the cottage. One of the ponies showed an old book.
“I got this old book by my parents, and this is about the legend of the Bighoof, so I think that Bighoof is the one that causes the disappearing of the ponies and the animals in the Everfree.” the stallion told Fluttershy.
After reading the book about these old legends had the ponies going to the forest morning. Hitch had taken a camera with him to make a documentary about that Bighoof legend. That sunny morning had the ponies not been finding Bighoof in the Everfree Forest. But instead they found an old abandoned nursing home by the forest instead, and that nursing home was a legend too. The nursing home had been burned down many moons ago, but nopony died in the fire. Two fillies from the nursery home they drowned in a pond. Scout ponies was not going to overnight at that pond because they saw that ghostly pony coming up from the pond every night. None of the ponies had seen any ghosts as told, but Sunny got a haunting flashback of seeing a ghostly pony coming up from the pond in the dark forest by the nursery home. As the ponies they went through the nursery home, was they seeing old toys and burnt dolls all around the ruins. The ponies came to back Hitchs office at noon after visiting the ruins as Hitch had caught photos of ghost nurses that operated on ponies, and the two ponies that had drowned in the pond they did not see in their visit in the ruins.

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Pony Discussion » To Where And Back Again Retrospective » Topic Opener


You have no idea how impatient I was to make a thread like this. If you don’t want to read a whole essay, you’re free to just skip to the bottom paragraph. Anyway, the Season 6 Finale, To Where And Back Again (which I’ll shorten to TWABA) released five years ago today on October 22, 2016. While previous Season Finales would put Twilight or the Mane 6 as a whole as the focus, this one has a rather unorthodox team saving the day.
However, not everyone was so accepting of the status quo being changed. There were a multitude of things people complained about in regards to this two-parter. The new changeling designs, Starlight being the center of focus, the Mane 6 being reduced to captives with no explanation as to how it happened (the alicorns being put out of action is nothing new at this point, but that doesn’t mean people are okay with that), the fact that the changelings were quick to turn on Chrysalis, and while I’m sure there were other complaints, those were the ones I saw the most frequently.
I, on the other hand, personally really enjoyed this episode (or episodes?). It serves as a nice conclusion to Starlight Glimmer’s redemption arc, with her not only coming to terms with what she is now compared to her debut, but also saving the day along the way. In Part 1, it’s clear that Starlight hates what she did when she was evil to the point where she completely curls up when everyone at her old village welcomes her with open hooves, fearing she would revert to her old ways. In Part 2, Starlight ends up not having a choice in regards to becoming a leader as she’s forced to lead three members (plus herself) on a mission to rescue the Mane 6 as well as the royalty of Equestria. I also have to give her props for trying to literally reach out to Chrysalis, but much to her dismay (and many of the fans’ delight), she turns it down.
I love how each member of the team has had their stand-out moments throughout Part 2. Trixie willingly walks into a trap to allow Starlight and Thorax to progress and also gives a confidence-boosting speech to Starlight before doing so. Discord doing a comedy routine to some changeling guards didn’t seem like much at first, but the fact that they gave chase to him afterward showed that it was also effective, as it was enough of a distraction to allow his team mates to progress. Thorax disguising himself as Trixie and leading a swarm of changelings all over the place using Trixie’s smoke bombs was pretty cool, I guess. NGL, I was fooled when he disguised himself as Starlight to distract Chrysalis.
Other moments I liked include the “Klutzy Draconequus’’ password, Discord getting serious when he hears of the Mane 6’s (Fluttershy specifically) capture, the panorama we’re treated to when Chrysalis breaks free from the rubble that used to be her throne, and Starlight (with help from Discord) bringing everyone to the Sunset Festival at the end. Overall, there weren’t very many moments I didn’t like about TWABA. I wasn’t averse to the above mentioned points like most fans were.
So now that I’m done gushing about this Finale, let me ask this: What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you watch it around when it first aired? Do you still like it? Do you still dislike it? Did you at first dislike it but then grow to like it or the other way around? What did you like about the episode? (I’m not gonna ask what you dislike about it because I know what a lot of you are gonna say.)

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By Google bots and declared a spam site. They filed for reneweal, otherwise they will need a new blog.

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