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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

I've a query:

How much would I have to pay for a 'GMod' and/or SFM and/or Blender model of my oc:strawberry cocoa ?

For refs besides some on Derpibooru I've more on DeviantArt in gallery and favs.

Of course preferably all 'GMod', SFM, and Blender, if that can be arranged, but the way I see it 'GMod' ain't used all that much for 3D pony art anyway, while SFM is essentially de facto while Blender is pretty popular too.

The thing is her design is relatively complex cuz she's a part-monster unicorn pony mare, so it won't be an ABC job:

Her tail is in 3 sections, with magical invisible intangible areas holding them together. Those areas obey physics all the same (but you can't pull the sections hoping the areas get bigger), and if you were to twist 2 sections with the connecting area in the middle no injury occurs in the area, and she won't even feel it, apart from the touch on the 2 sections.

Each section has a fair amount of hair, same stuff as her mane.

Her mane has 2 actual, edible, garden-variety strawberries that stay fresh forever with 0 mana usage for as long as they're in her mane. If plugged they magically auto-regrow in 2 months with 0 mana usage. The strawberries obey physics (like they were strawberry-shaped pins), but them simply falling takes a fairly a lot of downward force.

Olisi tiedustelu:

Kuinka paljon tarvitsis maksaa mun oc:strawberry cocoa:sta tehdystä 'GMod'- ja/tai SFM- ja/tai Blender-mallista ?

Viitteitä löytyy jonkin verran Derpiboorusta, ja lisää on DeviantArtissa galleriassa ja suosikeissa. Tosin kaikki teksti on englanniksi, mutta jopa konekäännös pitäisi onnistua.

Tietenkin kaikki kolme olisi paras jos onnistuu, mutta sikäli kuin näen 'GMod' ei ole niin paljon käytössä 3D-ponitaiteelle muutenkaan siinä missä SFM on pohjimmiltaan de facto ja Blender on myös aika suosittu.

SC on osaksi hirviö-ponitamma, joten mallin tekeminen ei ole läpihuutojuttu:

Häntä on 3 osassa, jokainen näkymättömillä immateriaalisilla taianomaisilla alueilla yhdistetty. Ne alueet noudattavat fysiikan lakeja yhtä lailla (mutta niitä osia ei pysty vetämään kauemmaksi toisistaan), ja niiden osien taittaminen ei vahingoita niitä yhdistäviä alueita ja niissä alueissa ei ole tuntoa, mutta niiden osien koskemisen tuntee.

Jokaisessa osassa on reilusti karvaa, samaa kamaa kuin harjas.

Harjassa on 2 aitoa syötävää tavallista mansikkaa joilla on ikuinen säilyvyys nollalla manakäytöllä niin kauan kuin pysyvät harjassa. Noukkimisen jälkeen 2kk myöhemmin ne ovat kasvaneet takaisin, myös nollalla manakäytöllä. Ne myös noudattavat fysiikan lakeja kuin olisivat mansikan muotoisia pinnejä, mutta niiden putoamiseen tarvitaan kohtalaisen paljon alaspäin suuntautuvaa voimaa.
Background Pony #8CAC
I have a Huion h610 v1, I don't know if anyone has heard of that model?

But I have enough money to buy a better tablet. I only drew on it a little and am annoyed it needs to connected using a cord all the time to use it.

Should I buy a better tablet? Like an Ipad or a Wacom? (Also does a tablet usually have to be connected by cord to a computer because I might be nitpicking with the cord.)
Paddy sparkle
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

the tag I try to put in the image
''fail rape''
and I know one is mess-spelling
second is part of the image wip has a theme ''fail rape''
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Cool Crow - "Caw!" An awesome tagger
Magnificent Metadata Maniac -

When people are searching nipples, They expect to see them on female since they’re the most popular with them and I’m pretty sure not everyone will be interested to see nipples on males. Also, the Short description states that nipples are The projection on the breasts or udder of a mammal by which breast milk is delivered to a mother's young. I’m just trying to separate the males from the females.

Hello there! I'm just a female member of the community who felt out of place with all the males dominating the population of this fandom. So I decided to make a thread that was only for us girls.


1)Do not shame others. We're welcoming here and love everyone.

2)If posting nsfw topics, please spoiler them.

3)If nsfw topics go too far, please bring them to dms.

4) Enjoy yourself! This is safe space. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Background Pony #0AC1
cutie mark clothes alias→ cutie mark on clothes

cutie mark underwear, cutie mark swimsuit imply→ cutie mark on clothes
cutie mark underwear inherit implications→ cutie mark, underwear, clothes

cutie mark dress is overwhelmingly used to describe the thing from the Cupcakes fanfiction and should not imply "cutie mark on clothes", but has been tagged a few times on normal dresses, and needs cleanup.

cutie mark in eye alias→ cutie mark eyes

cutie mark collar, cutie mark pendant imply→ cutie mark accessory (pendant could be on a choker, collar, or necklace, so it doesn't get any other implications)
cutie mark necklace imply→ cutie mark accessory, necklace, jewelry
cutie mark hair accessory imply→ cutie mark accessory, hair accessory
cutie mark earrings imply→ cutie mark accessory, is missing inherited implications jewelry, piercing, ear piercing
cutie mark pasties imply→ cutie mark accessory, pasties

Tagger of the Unknown
Rich Wonderbolt: I'm so bored make me that dress!

Rarity: It will take time. I am working as reasonably as I ca…

Rich Wonderbolt: "Well work faster! I wanna show off how cool I am! Maybe if you work 5 more hours than you make it in time!

Rarity: I do NOT wish to lose my sleep, thank you very much. Progress is being made at a healthy pace. The dress I am making is incredibly elaborate. It will be as if the gods made it. Just be patient and…


Rich Wonderbolt: "Listen here, do you know who I am? I am the Lady of the North! I am descended from the great pegasus kings of old! I demand a dress so I can show it off to the Wonderbolts! And you're saying you won't work faster?

Rarity: Yes I know what I said great Lady of the North.

Rich Wonderbolt: I'm a noble! You're just a little peasent!

Rarity: Darling you had better listen to me…

Rich Wonderbolt: You do what I say, okay! You're just a fashion designer! A mere craftswoman!

Rarity: Yes that is what I am. And… WHAT OF IT?

Rich Wonderbolt: People like you exist to make ponies me look good! That's all! Now know your place. Goodness, is this how all working ponies are, people who are so lazy they can't miss a few days of sleep? Well you know what I say? I say your slackers…"


Rarity: Do not ever call me or any other craftspony a slacker again. You should know provoking us hard workers is a good way of signing your death warrant. Remember that. Now leave, unless you would like to know how I dealt with uncouth ponies in the slums of Fillydelphia where I came from. Don't test me.

(A little overdramatic and unpolished possible ooc but I was inspired when Sanji beat up Fullbody for disrespecting him in One Piece.)

Pressure Point
This thread is to discuss about the Spikeabuse and what you think about it.
Feel free to say what do you want: You love it? You like it? You hate it? Without prejudices, don't worry.
Also, if you want, posts some of your favorite images of the theme if you have some.
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Time for another one of my poll threads!

As many of you already know, it was announced a couple weeks ago that Joe Biden won the US Presidential Election this year. While most Americans were excited for the things he would bring to this country next January, yours truly is a bit more skeptical…and somewhat paranoid.

I fear that the decisions he'll make will create more problems rather than fix them (EX: Strict lockdowns, massive layoffs, dismantling police, destroying the 2nd Amendment, etc.), and that these problems might escalate into a worldwide apocalypse.

That's why I made this poll. Do you think Biden's presidency will end the world next year, or am I just acting like an overreacting conspiracy theorist whose blowing things out of proportion?

Hello there vector artists.

If you wish to take up the job I am looking to commission a full 2D vector commission of my OC show style in which would also be a turnable model.

Keep in mind my OC is not a pony and is a bipedal being, so keep that in mind when taking up this commission.

It's been very difficult to find the right artist for the job, so if you are interested in the commission just let me know.

My deviantart profile is if you want to discuss things further there. Or alternatively if deviantart does not work for you you can chat to me on my discord. My discord being Hmph!

Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from a potential vector artist soon.
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