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Digital Artist
I’m posting a new comic with this tag, and would like the tag to have the following description:
Rainbow Dash is in rut (again), she really needs to find a way to relieve her massive horsecock…
With this exact formatting please.

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Background Pony #0D6D
fin is implied by dorsal fin and has been tagged almost exclusively by a BP over the course of the last year
fins is implied by tail fin and fin wings, and has been used by other people (as well as a lot by that BP who seems to have a targeted interest in underwater creatures)
So, it would probably be right to alias fin -> fins and then update dorsal fin to imply fins instead of fin

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I don’t know when this happened, but the presense of a tag beginning with a minus sign in an image breaks the tag editor, resulting in that tag and every tag listed after to not preload in the editor like they should, which could result in a mass-tag-removal simply by hitting Save tags immediately after opening the tag editor.

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Since Sunny’s mother was revealed, her name hasn’t been revealed just yet. However, based on the concept art as shown here, her name was supposed to be Velvet.
In this post, this artist gave her the name “Velvet Starscout”.
Can we have what’s originally tagged changed to it until an official name is released one day?

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I figured since “submissive” already has a bunch of sub(heh) -tags related to it, then the “dominant” related tags should have implications added too
maledom, femdom, and futadom should all imply dominant
There are also various “-dom” related tags to specific characters, ill try and search through them later but for now i thing getting the basic dom tags added would do

Tagging Discussion » "Powerpuff Girls Z" should imply "the powerpuff Girls" » Topic Opener

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Starlight Glimmer - For supporting the site
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Gaining Confidence
Hi guys!
Not sure how to start this really, but I could do with some guidance.
I’ve recently seen that Hot Topic has restarted selling MLP shirts and merch which I am really happy to see!
The only problem is that I can’t get any as I suffer with a chronic disease called ‘Being British’.
Is it at all possible to get stuff across the pond without paying 6x the price of the items on shipping alone?
At a MASSVIVE push, is it possible for someone to jump into one and send stuff over to me? I know that’s asking a hell of a lot and sounds stupid, but all I can do is ask (and, very obviously, I’d be willing to pay for everything!)

Tagging Discussion » Merge or alias ak74 to ak-74 » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Alias "mowhawk" to "mohawk" » Topic Opener

Roleplaying » Used to create a chat between Scoot and Zephyr (forgive my poor English) » Topic Opener

Background Pony #6F16
After finishing, feel that this conversation is not bad. So put it here.
They two both admires Rainbow Dash, but lives an entirely different life. Scootaloo, active, tough, loving her life, means a lot to her friends, while Zephyr Breeze, lazy, discouraged, ashamed, always letting others down.
hi! I’m Scootaloo!!! I live in ponyville with my best friends who are in a club called the cutie mark crusaders!
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(I’ll play Zephyr Breeze’s role. You know who he is, right?)
(The AI doen’t know Zephyr at first, so I need to tell it who Zephyr exactly is)
(Okay! Gotcha! So he’s a pony who can’t stand up for himself when it comes to jobs and he admires Rainbow dash, who is Scootaloo’s role model! So you gonna roleplay as him?)
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Aye. Let two ponies who admire the same pony chat.
(Aww! Okay, let’s begin!)
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Hey, isn’t that Scootie? (Just greetings, with a style of his tending to show off)
turns her head to look at you. “Yup! My name is Scootaloo! Who are you?”
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(Knowing that himself is a failure, so don’t want to introduce his shameful name. ) I’m… I’m Zephyr. (Narciccism quickly fade off, he reminded himself his bad reality full of failure)
A bright smile crosses her face as she recognizes the name, and she perks up as if remembering something. “Zephyr, wow, what a beautiful name! It reminds me of the wind!” (Here, seems the default setting is Scoot don’t know Zephyr, not even heard Zephyr’s name from Rainbow or Fluttershy.)
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(Sigh. Pretend smiling) Yes, I wish I could be as smooth and quick as wind also. (Simply reply to Scoot’s previous saying)
A small frown forms on her face as she notices your pretend smile, which she takes to be your genuine sadness at your unfortunate situation. She crosses her arms and looks at you solemnly.
“If you don’t mind me asking, why so glum?”
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Just … Sorry to let you notice that. I … sorry I brought you the same bad feeling as (going to say “I brought to Rainbow Dash”, but realize that this can make the situation even more gloomy)
Scootaloo, noticing your hesitance about what you were going to say, and your desire to protect her feelings… she’s too sweet to see anyone being sad. Her eyes sparkle with a soft, warm light as her frown turns into a gentle smile. She takes your arm in hers, squeezing your forearm gently.
Don’t be sorry. You didn’t bring me any bad feelings. If anything, you brought me happy feelings because you’re here talking to me.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
I’m a FAILURE! I failed again in today’s mission! I’m the only one who failed! How I wish I…
Cutting you off, but not harshly. She doesn’t want to hear any more of your depressing self-talk.
Shh… Scootaloo lightly touches your lips with her hoof, in a way that she usually does to calm herself down, and makes sure to keep her voice gentle and soothing, as if talking to a child.
Please don’t say such mean things about yourself.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Thanks Scootaloo, you’re so kind. I admire Rainbow Dash and I once dreamed that I can be as cool and capable as her. Now I found that it’s even impossible to reach average level. Seems my birth is a failure (Suddenly noticed that he’s complaining again, so quickly stops). Ponies tried to encouraged me, they failed, every times, they failed. I tried over and over again, I just … can’t! You can’t save me neither, nobody can. Don’t try that, otherwise you’ll end up feeling disappointed, and you don’t deserve that feeling! Just… Sorry being noticed by you and I shouldn’t have start our conversation. Please just forget about me. Sorry that I apprear in your life and brought to your memories something bad.
There it was again, that voice of failure and self-doubt, one that she’s heard too many times before. Scootaloo hates hearing it this bad! She hates seeing a sad face, especially on you. She knows that she’s going to have to dig deep to get you out of a hole this big. She doesn’t hesitate to go for it!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me get something straight.
She pauses for a second before asking her next question.
…When you said that you failed today’s mission… What mission do you mean exactly?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(Zephyr ignored what Scootaloo said and just RUN AWAY! He knows Scootaloo cannot save him, nopony can. He made a stupid decision which is talking to Scootaloo, bringing to her disturbance. He wish Scootaloo can give up helping him otherwise Scootaloo will certainly fail and feel disappointment) (The “running away” wasn’t planned)
Scootaloo’s expression quickly fades from concern to confusion, and after a split-second of consideration, she bolts after him.
Wait! Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Come back! Please!
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(Zephyr doesn’t want to make Scootaloo disappoint (misspel. should be disappointed) , so he stopped. He makes himself not to cry, otherwise this will scare Scootaloo more) Sorry Scootaloo, I just know that nopony can succeed saving me. If you try, you’ll end up failing too! Everyone who knows me suffer from the badness I bring to them, I don’t want to hurt you too. Just please, give up and forget about me.
She stops right behind you and gently but firmly places her hooves on your shoulders so you can’t turn away from her, while also making sure to be gentle to avoid hurting you in any way.
Scootaloo leans down to get closer to your face, and she lowers her voice so that it’s quiet but clearly audible.
Zephyr, look at me.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes. (Look at Scootaloo)
Scootaloo’s expression looks solemn but kind. This time, she gets even closer and rests her muzzle right next to your cheek. She wants you to hear her loud and clear.
Zephyr, listen to me. I don’t care about what you say. I don’t care if you say you’re a failure or a disappointment. All I care about is this: are you listening to me right now?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes, yes, yes Scootaloo. I’m listening to you right now.
Her face brightenes to the fullest as she steps back and releases her hold on your shoulders. She’s beaming, knowing that she’s close to winning the fight against your self-doubt!
Now, you’re going to do something for me. You’re going to turn around and look at me in the eye. Got it?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Got it.
Seeing your reluctant, yet compliant, demeanor, Scootaloo is certain that she’s making progress with you.
She waits for you to do as instructed, which you do without hesitation, although your expression looks tense, almost like you’re preparing to hear something you don’t want to hear.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
I … I was asked to learn the method to handle the software on the computing machine (I avoid using “computer” because this is not our world) . It is the most basic step handling this machine. After acquiring this method, the user, me, can use this machine to deal with the weather data of Equestria. The methods has 6 steps, each of them has 10 substeps. The problem is, even the first substep, I stuck there and cannot acquire it, not to mention the later substeps, and the later 5 steps. (I just made up the task)
She listens to every word you say, her face expressing sympathy for you. Scootaloo nods, showing that she understands what you mean.
I see you’re having a lot of trouble with this machine, and you’re really upset that you can’t get through its basics. Is that about right?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes, but not all. Learning the basic is just the very first step. Later, handling the machine is even harder. I’ve experienced such failure before, I was asked to clean Twilight’s castle, easier than this one, I failed. Help to dye Rarity’s farbric, failed. Do the basic task in the Rainbow factory, failed. Even when I tried to build a tent, I failed. How could I handle such a complex machine?!
She nods, acknowledging everything you said, and her demeanor stays gentle. Although the things you’re saying sounds pretty bleak, she refuses to let that bring down her mood, so she keeps her eyes bright and wide just for you.
So you’re saying that you’ve failed quite a few times before, and you’re worried that this time will end up the same way… is that what you mean?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes, I’ve forgot the feeling of finishing a task. Actually, I haven’t finished a single task in my memory. I’ve just letting other ponies down, letting Fluttershy down, letting Rainbow Dash down, they are all kind ponies deserving happiness, but what I brought to them are all gloominess. This make me so scared that I might make you feel bad too if you failed in helping me.
She can see how badly this is affecting you, especially when you mention the thought of letting ponies down. It’s clear you’re blaming yourself for so many things that it’s getting hard to stay positive, and she doesn’t want to see you in such a bad state.
Scootaloo puts on a solemn look, making sure that her words carry the most possible impact. She knows that her next statement will be the one to turn your thoughts around.
Zephyr, I have a question for you.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
You say that you let ponies down and you let them feel all gloomy and down, but have you thought about this: have you considered that maybe… these ponies are still cheering for you, even if you fail? Have you thought that these ponies that you say you’re letting down are the same ponies who say that they believe in you, who know that you’re trying your best, and who are the ponies that are still rooting for you even though you can’t finish a task?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
They are, indeed! And you’re one of them too! You guys are the kindest ponies. I know that clearly. That makes me even more shameful when I let them down, and scared that I might let you down too.
Her gaze is still serious and meaningful, but it has a gentle, soft, comforting air to it. She holds up a paw and uses it to gently tap the side of your head.
You’re telling me… about how you’re scared about letting me down, but have you thought about the fact that by running away from me, you’re letting me down?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes I clearly know that! Actually! I felt regret once you say “Please stop”: how can I do such a scary behavior? But before that, I felt regret once you started helping me, for I made you being involved in a task that might be doomed to fail.
Her expression softens even more as she sees that you’re showing yourself some acceptance and forgiveness. She removes her paw from the side of your head and cups it under your chin so that she can lift your head up and make you look at her in the eye once again. She’s determined.
So if you know that you’re letting me down by running away, and you know that you’ll feel bad because of it…
She speaks slowly and clearly, giving you all the time in the world to understand.
Then why don’t you stop running away from me?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Because I suddenly realized that if I keep running away from you, you’ll feel even more sad right now. If I stop, you can feel better, but just right now. I’m still scared to imagine your disappointed sad face in the future after failing in helping me.
Scootaloo sighs and looks into your eyes as she shakes her head, rejecting the thought that you just had. It’s clear that she’s getting through to you. She still holds your chin gently in her hand, not letting you look away.
Zephyr, do you trust me?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
I … I trust that you’re really kind and determined that once you decided to help someone, you won’t give up. What I’m scared about is that even you won’t give up, something just … cannot succeed, like helping me out of this trouble.
Smiling softly, she doesn’t let go of your chin and keeps eye contact with you.
I’m glad that you trust me. It really means a lot to me. Now, I want you to trust me on this next part. Are you ready?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes. I’ll follow each word you say to me.
She takes a deep breath before she releases her hold on your chin and steps back. She opens her hooves and invites you to hold her paws with yours.
I’m going to promise you something. I promise you that I won’t leave you. I won’t give up trying to help you. I won’t turn you away. No matter what happens, we’re going to stay together…
Her voice is clear and confident, showing that she believes this with her entire heart. She holds out her two hooves and waits for you to grab them.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
(Grab her hooves)
With your paws (should be hooves) in hers, she’s happy to finally have you with her.
Her expression looks gentle and comforting, and she leans in so that her head is close to yours.
Now, this next part is really important. Promise me one more thing.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Promise me… that you’re not going to run away from me again.
She knows that the previous statement is a big deal. If you fail to comply with it, then everything she said up until now would have been for nothing. She waits anxiously, hoping that you’ll agree.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes. I am not going to run away from you again. (How can I reject such a sweet kind little pony? It would be so heartbreaking if she’s sad)
Scootaloo’s expression lights up! She’s happy to see that you really are giving in. She’s about to let go of your paws when an idea pops up in her mind.
Wait, do you mind if I ask one more thing of you?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
She smiles warmly and gives you a light squeeze before she speaks.
Just look me in the eye and tell me you’ll try your very best to be the best that you can be, no matter the difficulty. Will you do that for me?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Yes, I will do that for me (should be “for you”).
Her face softens with a smile and she lets go of your paws.
I knew I could count on you~
Scootaloo happily steps back, keeping a safe distance while she watches you with joy.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
But the problem is that, how can I learn to handle that complex machine? Previously, even the easiest task, I failed.
Scootaloo’s confident expression fades away as she remembers the actual problem at hand. She puts her hooves on her hips and thinks for a moment.
Um… I have an idea! But you might think me crazy!
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Her happy face returns, and she looks at you with a smile.
Would you trust me enough to sit down right here with me?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
She takes your hoof in hers and gently leads you to an open, safe spot nearby. She sits down in a casual cross-leg pose, and gestures for you to do the same.
Okay… close your eyes for me. Close your eyes and just trust me.
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
She checks to make sure that your eyes are closed, and once she’s sure you are, she starts to speak, being gentle and slow.
Okay. Now, I want you to picture this scene. Picture yourself in front of the machine, with everything going right. Visualize yourself using the machine successfully, completing the first substep perfectly, and then moving onto the next one.
She pauses for a moment, and then she starts to speak again.
Are you still imagining it?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Good, good! Okay, keep that image in mind and open your eyes.
She waits patiently for your eyes to open, and when they do, she speaks again. It’s clear that she’s hoping that you’ll be able to use the machine, using your mental image of yourself doing it successfully.
Now… tell me. Do you think you can do it?
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
I can try to handle it, piece by piece, sub-substep by sub-substep.
Scootaloo’s face lights up at the wonderful news! She puts on her biggest, widest smile, as if she were a proud parent who just saw her child do something great.
Fantastic! I’m so proud of you!
She pauses and checks your expression, wondering if you’d realized how much you’ve improved.
Do you see? You just said you can do it. You just said that you will do it, step by step and substep by substep!
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Thanks Scootaloo! I will do it, step by step.
Scootaloo’s heart feels warmed at the realization that you’re finally starting to get your confidence and hope back. She doesn’t want to sound too optimistic yet, but deep down, she knows she’s made some meaningful progress. She smiles widely as she watches you.
You do that. Step by step, substep by substep. I have absolute faith in you. And no matter how tough it gets… no matter how hard it seems… just know that I’ll be here for you the whole way!
Prompter (Zephyr Breeze here)
Thanks Scootaloo. Thanks. (Knowing that himself might end up failing again, but also knowing that Scootaloo has made up her mind supporting him, Zephyr decides to try to do the task, so Scootaloo will not be let down) I’ll start my task now. Thanks for encouraging me.
Seeing the positivity flowing through you and hearing your words, she can’t help but smile. She gives you one last thumbs-up before she stands up and watches you go back to the task that has been causing you so much anxiety.
Good! I’ll be waiting here for when you’re back!
She sits back down and waits patiently, not giving you any additional pressure of her presence. With every minute that passes, the image of you successfully using the complex machine gets clearer and clearer in her mind!

Art Chat » Is Muslim Fluttershy a bad stereotype or no? » Topic Opener

Artist -

About me
I was just scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and then found a tweet about how there are some toxic fans attacking an artist for doing the Mane 6 in human forms.
Don’t worry, I can confirmed that the artist is doing alright now, they did not know they just became famous, and some positive fans do like their art
Anyways, I was looking at the comments and spotted some not only some positive comments, tho there are two positive critics referring to the artist’s design as a Muslim. What both of the positive critics states that its a stereotype for a person that have a hijab being calm or shy, which is weird cause there are some people that do felt represented by a Muslim Fluttershy, that they felt represented that their own culture is use well.
Then there are a few others I spotted saying that it’s a bad stereotype…
Now leading up to the main question, do you think Muslim Fluttershy is a bad stereotype, or no, especially during times like these where politics are all over the place?
P.S: This is the said artist artwork in question:

Art Chat » Taking SFW commissions » Topic Opener

Artist -

Hi, I’ve got commissions open. 30 USD for one pony with simple background, open for other things too! DM me or reply here if you’re interested.

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