MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I hope with villians, even if this probably won't happen. That there is an obvious main villian. But also a secret more powerful villian who is hidden at first but is tremendously more threatening and terrifying than any enemy seen before.
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@Algebroot Neogears

Oh God, I'd probably roll my eyes at any attempt to keep the Mane 6 around as actual characters. I hope they're just dead/gone. Anything else probably wouldn't feel right.
I honestly don't know how they're going to say "they're not here anymore and will never come back" without just implying they're dead (I feel like Hasbro wouldn't allow that it sounds kind of upsetting) but I'm sure they found a way.

What if the trailer drops and it's revealed the Mane 6 never existed at all in G5 and they're a television show like some theories a couple months back were saying? I wouldn't like that either.

@Algebroot Neogears
I half-way wonder if they'll pull a winter soilder or something and have the villains control/brainwash them into being their minions. Maybe have a touching scene where they die for real as they are unbrainwashed or whatever.
I could also see them going to the spirit guide direction too.
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I honestly couldn't see how that would add to the story.

Although I could see it being the opposite of what sequel series usually does.

Instead of tearing down the old series as inferior, it tries to say the same show we watched is good enough to make a simple fan of it reunite the "real" world.
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I would like it where the Mane 6 are all still alive and act as sort of mentors and guides for the new characters
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There's still a chance it could get released before September.

That said, considering the FiM series finale leak upset a lot of people, i think this made hasbro be a little more cautious in promoting G5.
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