MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I expect he'll be the only one of the M5 to not appear in every episode of Season 1, and he won't get a solo episode (that is, an episode independent of the girls) until Season 4.
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I don’t know, if you looked at only G4 merch you’d probably think Applejack and especially Spike weren’t all that important.

I’m sure it’s just a combo of him being a boy + his color scheme. But who knows we don’t even have a trailer yet. Heck we don’t even know if there’s a villain or not.
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@ichiban iceychan 1517
To be more clear, I meant "very minor" as in, "his role will only be on the defensive side, protecting the other main characters while they do the rest of the work". Which I consider "meaningless" because I imagine this could potentially needlessly cause the girls to look too weak.

So I don't really think of it being very minor as in a "sexist" type of way. Males rescue females plenty of times in fiction, and this may be an attempt at keeping this idea up.
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@Algebroot Neogears

I…don't think Hitch will be like Tuxedo Mask. Needing the female characters to be constantly saved by the only male character seems like a pretty major blunder for a modern-day girls' cartoon.
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@Algebroot Neogears
Ahem, back in G4, we had a small boi Spike, but since he is small, and not a pony, also a male damsel who gets rescued often especially by any of Mane 6, only saved others once all because that S3 AJ's faking moment went fail, but before that happens, AJ saved him first, which caused his dragon code pride he made up to activate.

The rest… he's always the one been rescued. Still, it does not make him less of a character because that what Spike is.

Still in G4, stallions aren't always being rescued or being the rescuer, same equally as mares.

According to Hitch, we might see the different light for a main male since he is a full grown pony.
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@Background Pony #6ABD
Yeah, MLP according to how males are potrayed wether be the rescuer or be rescued, is pretty balanced.

Precure has males often been rescued.
Sailor moon, as you just said, is the other way around.
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I see Hitch being either more like Flynn Rider from Tangled or JFK from Clone High.
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Hitch is gay, and his main arc is him coming to terms with it.

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@Background Pony #20A9
Oh no, the majority of this fandom is pretty much anti-yaoi, meanwhile big fan of yuri.

Yaoi tends to favor better in general furry fandom, not this horse fandom which likes yuri more, no matter how furry it is.
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