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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #6ABD
Three of the MLP Instagram’s latest photos have been G5 (specifically Hitch), the MLP Facebook’s banner was changed to G5, and now the official MLP YouTube was changed to G5 (specifically Hitch).
I smell a trailer coming.
Background Pony #EDB7
What are the chances of a teaser trailer this month?  
It’s about time we got something.

@Background Pony #565D  
Okay tell me if I’m wrong because I forgot, the movie is coming out around August/September, that time period. If a trailer usually comes out around 3/4 months before the movie releases, then the trailer would make since coming out either this month or next month.
Background Pony #121A
There will be too little time between a “first” trailer and the planned movie, it has become common in the last ten years with three months between the first trailer and the movie, according to Russian reports the trailer should have come out in May, but it has not happened. There are only weeks until the summer holidays for children, so they must have the trailer NOW to have high expectations throughout the summer. This is not common. Most movies usually have two trailers, the first for a brief impression, the second for showing the action in the movie. Looks like it could just be a trailer.
Background Pony #6ABD
I just realized, aren’t Netflix original movie trailers released pretty soon before the movie drops? Like within the same month. At least the full trailer, I remember seeing Netflix teaser trailers released early on.
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