MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #CB27
More like Twispike, but no complicated fan-confusing relationship between them, as they are both ponies with personalities. Flash is too much of a 1D.
Background Pony #41DA
As long as G5 has some effort into making the characters have some depth and a half decent story along with villains that you can actually care about that aren't pointless I'll be perfectly happy with Generation 5… Oh and as long as they don't shove American politics down our throats.
Background Pony #20A9
I'm hoping Hitch will be Spike done right. A male character who's treated as equal to the females.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
My money is still on Hitch being an authority figure that occasionally helps or hinders the rest of the cast.
Background Pony #20A9
Hitch will be overshadowed by the female characters, just like Spike was in G4.

Would you be surprised if it happens?
Background Pony #20A9
Had another idea for my "Spike in G5" theory.

Spike started hoarding as a coping mechanism for dealing with Twilight's death.
Background Pony #6FC9
MLP page says Hitch is a sheriff.
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