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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #6E32
Its cute but Kamp Koral does look like a Spongebob video game on a PS4.
Even if its 3d, there’s no way the series keeps the quality of the movie (unless the movie itself was already made on the cheap) and if the movie’s 3d is off, its safe to expect even less for a series. Guess we’ll have to wait for the trailers for the final renders to see how its going to be here.
There’s ways to spruce up and stylize a 3d animation to make it work for a series’s unique tone but I’m not really too sure if they’re going to do that here.
Background Pony #6E32
I was talking about the series not retaining the animation quality of the film. As for the movie itself, from what little we’ve seen eo far, its nowhere near modern pixar level and maybe gets to dreamworks tier. We need more animation to really judge the quality.
Background Pony #0A40
You know, if Fimfiction ever adds a G5 tag, they should also add G1, G1.5, G2, G3 and G3.5 tags.  
At least in my view.
Background Pony #0A40
You know, if Fimfiction ever adds a G5 tag, they should also add G1, G1.5, G2, G3 and G3.5 tags.
At least in my view.
I also would love to see fimfetch include a world section, having those tags.
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My main concern is that little animation thing that floated around when the announcement and stills came out. Izzy popped out of the right side of the shot and when she was looking directly at the camera we hit the uncanny valley.
Background Pony #B163
It doesn’t look that uncanny to me IMO. Or maybe they improved on the animation a bit.
Background Pony #6E32
@Background Pony #B163  
Stills aren’t as bad, its the animation that really makes you notice. Check out how the movement, especially the mouths, in the animated gifs we got. Its downright creepy.
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@Background Pony #0A40  
“That” direction would be to give Izzy one of the worst personalities ever (specifically; to make her a crazy idiot who always gets into trouble, with a scene partway through the movie starting and ending with Sunny literally trying to drag her back home to no avail). And I was worrying too much about it to unhealthy levels.
Background Pony #0A40
@Algebroot Neogears  
Well, that’s why we have character development. Maybe Izzy will be less crazy over time if she gets that personality. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
Background Pony #6ABD
Honestly, I think Izzy will just be like, a girlier and ditzier (not dumb but just a bit of an airhead) version of Minuette. That’s the vibes the 2 seconds of animation, her character design, and the synopsis gives me.
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