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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I personally didn’t hear anything like that. But hey, if it does, awesome. That’s 4 days after my birthday.
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I know we all already agreed that the cast “leak” was fake but what instantly made me think it was fake was the runtime. I’m mentioning this because I just want to make sure people’s expectations aren’t too high.  
This movie is not gonna be that close to 2 hours. Kids movies, especially ANIMATED kids movies (animation’s expensive) usually aren’t. I think we’ll be lucky if we get the runtime of the FiM movie. BUT I’m sure it’ll be longer than the first Equestria Girls film.
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Well, the movie’s gotta run long enough for to establish Sunny and her motivations, for Sunny to meet Izzy, for them to travel around Equestria, also establish the other main characters like Hitch, Pipp, Zipp, Unnamed Stallion, flying Pomeranian etc. , face a villain/obstacle to the friendship quest, and convince the rest of Equestria to stop being dunderheads and reunite.
So I can see one or two of the new Mane 6 getting the same treatment Applejack and Fluttershy got in the first movie.
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The Paramount Logo also raises some flags. They were only a distributor and the move to Netflix left them with only the Chinese right
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@Shimmering Spectacle  
shrugs First time, I’ve seen it. As far as I knew, the only release date we had was “in Fall”, which meant anywhere from Sep. 22 to Dec. 21. It’s not like I have anything against the movie being released in Sep. 24. I’ll be happy if we get it that time.
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@Shimmering Spectacle  
That’s the date of theatrical release in USA, with a bunch more different dates in different countries. They specifically said that the date is not known anymore in the article, now that it’s on Netflix, beyond “Fall 2021”. Different contracts, different marketing, different date.
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Muh themes!
Until we get more info, this is my official prediction:
*The question of “Why does one species get to control The Sun and Moon?” gradually drove a wedge between the different species, which fits the theme of “paranoia and mistrust”.
*This eventually led to conflict, which ended the golden age of harmony.
*It would be easy enough to spin these events into a cautionary tale about not trusting other species. This is why Twilight’s message is something modern Equestria needs to be persuaded on.
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