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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #6E32
They’re going to have to throw some nostalgia baiting in there somehow. I stopped believing MLP writers saying ‘these things aren’t going to be in here’ long ago so I don’t see why the G4 main cast won’t have some part here, even if indirectly. If they’re boxing themselves in like this setting it in the G4 universe out of an admitted attempt at baiting old fans, they’re not just going to go for a clean break.
My guess is Twi and pals left sometbing the new main cast will find on their journey and use to save the world. Either a deus ex the main cast will use to unite the world (like some holocrystal with twilight giving a speech on friendship broadcasted on tv for example) or something like a book, letter, or some type of object from the old cast that shows how important friendship and harmony are that inspire the new cast to complete their journey.
Either way, I call bs on the g4 cast not playing a part somehow.
Background Pony #9A7B
Cutie marks seem inconsistent, with some ponies not having them, and others only having them on one side. Maybe the movie has magic returning, and ponies get cutie marks on both sides.
According to Equestria Daily, Hitch has one on his right side? But I don’t see how they got that from the book cover.
Background Pony #0D06
Considering that Netflix tends to give 78 episodes to a series, I wonder if G5’s series will last 78 or more?  
To add to that, will they be aired on Discovery family?
Background Pony #B163
I find it a little sad G5 may only last 2-3 years, 4 if you want to count this year with the movie.
Background Pony #0D06
@Background Pony #B163  
If 3, not surprising since G2 lasted 3 years. (Poor sales)  
I do think it could sell well, but I think they don’t want to last too long like G4, since the series kinda started to lack quality.
Background Pony #B163
I think Netflix originals usually only have 78 episodes at most though? That’d be around 2 or 3 years. Unless they want to extend it because it turns out to be just as popular as G4, but I don’t see it happening.
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