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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread


I hope Izzy has a “smart mouth”. I see her being the awkward kid, who justs wants to fit in, who is probably a band kid as well.If they make Izzy the oddball like Pinkie Pie, I would want her to be very passive aggressive with her remarks.
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Don’t know how long it’s been like this but it looks like the MLP YouTube channel is somewhat starting to rebrand into G5.  
Their stream of random EqG music videos that has been going on non-stop since October of 2020 has a G5 thumbnail, title, and a G5 description now.  
The MLP YouTube channel tends to use the same description for everything, like FiM videos having the Pony Life synopsis in their description once Pony Life became the main push. So it looks like they’re beginning to rebrand!
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“The trailer might come out on March 24. Because for the 2017 movie, the trailer came out 6 months before the movie released in theaters.”  
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@Background Pony #0D06  
That’s awfully specific, but maybe that’s why the YouTube channel changed their live stream into G5, if the trailer is just a few days from now. Perhaps they’re gonna start throwing the G5 trailer into the endless loop of videos in the stream?
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Some G5 news in the form of machine-translated product descriptions!
Lots of singer-themed Pipp toys. This is Google Translated so it’s good to keep it in mind, but some of the merch descriptions described Pipp as “Princess of Pop.”
She could just be a well-known singer, the top of the crowd if you will, or it could always be more literal since a lot of us are pretty convinced that she’s an actually princess.
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