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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Possibly Spoilers?  
Did anyone else see this?  
If anything this does seem plausible with all the stuff we’ve seen,but it does say it was a Rough Draft so they probably switched and changed a lot of stuff. However, if this is true, I wonder what suff they kept in?
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I take anything that’s from an anonymous source with a grain of salt, since there’s nothing stopping someone from making up something specifically using the details we know so far to make it seem more legitimate.
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@Background Pony #7A60  
Like I said in the video’s comment section: Well, that’s quite likely is a rough draft (as Izzy Moonbow and Pipp Petals have different last names). If what happens in this is true and carries over to the final version, I’m happy because the plot is good and angered by how rotten the folks from Equestria became over time (just like human beings became). Seriously, Twilight and the other princesses are flawed but ultimately care about their subjects!
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Well, One thing that surprised me was the mention of the activist/president Maya Hartsworth. And her reasoning for wanting eradicate unicorns, bat ponies, kirin’s etc, because “she thinks a truly integrated society can’t exist with them”.

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If i have to dig deeper, it’s mentioned that she wants the elements of harmony to drain the magic from the last remaining supernatural creatures (which would probably by default include the bat ponies/kirin/unicorns etc…). It also mentions unicorns had to dampen their magic after equestrian had enough of twilight’s supreme, and it even mentioned in the next paragraph about a war against the princesses over jealousy over power, presumably magic.  
So, assuming this would even vaguely resemble the final draft, Maya thinks a truly integrated society cannot exist without magic. Of course, even if this rough draft is real, it might end up altered in one direction or another in the final draft, especially since we still have about 6 months to look forward to it.
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@Background Pony #7A60
it even mentioned in the next paragraph about a war against the princesses over jealousy over power, presumably magic.
So the people rise up against a benevolent ruler? Something must’ve happened for that to happen…
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No, it’s still up in air if this “Rough Draft” is true or just fabricated. I just think this was interesting because with some of the information 4chan has brought us, it has been 50/50.
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