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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Whoot, There It Is
I wonder if they’ll have other non-pony species for this series or if this is just gonna be exclusively ponies with only one or two non-pony species
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Shiny Bug
I mean it would be kind of silly to bring up ‘diversity and inclusiveness’ as one of the first things they mention about the new gen and then do less of it than the previous gen.
Background Pony #CA86
I saw someone with a headcanon about the Pomeranian being a diamond dog and that they’re a pilot. Which makes a lot more sense IMO.
Since magic is gone, does that mean the changelings reverted back to their love-starved forms than being rainbow bugs?
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Muh themes!
I mean, if things lasted 50 years before going south and there’s no explanation, then I’m going to call BS. If people don’t like the idea that things are worse than they were at the start of G4, then that’s understandable. What I take issue with is people jumping to the conclusion that it’s The Mane Six’s fault, when there are dozens of plausible explanations that have nothing to do with them.
Background Pony #CA86
I think most of those are jokes though. So far, I haven’t really seen anyone seriously accuse the Mane Six of screwing everything up.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
@Background Pony #CA86  
That is a brilliant idea.
I’d like to think corruption of moral values (friendship) and insulation of ideals (echo chambers) is how we get there because if they’re gonna talk about inclusion and activism to be topical and not talk about that, I’m calling BS.
Background Pony #3C95
@Brass Beau  
The Diamond Dog pilot or the changelings thing?
If Hitch and Sunny are sheriff/deputy and activist, then I’m sensing there’s gonna be a reoccurring tension between the two of them in the show. The law enforcement is probably gonna be on the side of the ones who wants things to stay the same as opposed to Sunny wanting to reunite Equestria again.

@Shimmering Spectacle  
Well, I think I search up the right people because those names on the screenplay section seem very promising  
Rodney Rothman worked on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Dana is the creator of The Owl House which at this moment is a very good show. So this seems promising….
Edit: if this is fake, then Dang it!!!
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