MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Possibly Spoilers?
Did anyone else see this?
If anything this does seem plausible with all the stuff we’ve seen,but it does say it was a Rough Draft so they probably switched and changed a lot of stuff. However, if this is true, I wonder what suff they kept in?
Why would Sunny have a gun? This sounds too weird to be true.
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This talk about the guns reminds me to a tweet I read, about the more elaborately and constructed a story’s power system or build is, the funnier it is when a character decides to use a gun, or a gun-wielding character is introduced.
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Come on guys, who in their right mind would write this as even a rough draft for My Little Pony? Concept art drawn by people who don’t normally work on MLP is one thing (the MLP movie artbook shows some pretty metal concept art, where Klugetown is depicted as a giant skeleton and the pirates have guns), but writing a rough draft like that? Who would even try? If you were working on My Little Pony would you seriously write that and send it to Hasbro? Hell that’s not even appropriate for a kids movie in general, let alone a franchise that’s known for being saccharine and innocent.
There’s “seeing how far you can go” (Epic Mickey concept art style, where they purposefully sent really edgy concepts to Disney that wouldn’t be accepted just so anything else they do from there would look better by comparison) and then there’s just hilariously edgy fanfic that some guy on 4Chan decided to write for shits and giggles.
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Sonic went pretty edgy tho, and it was a kids franchise, remember Shadow the hedgehog 😆 can you imagine if MLP pulled something similar?  
Izzy: Where’s that damn 4th element of harmony? 🤣
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@Background Pony #1222  
I mean, the Sonic series was always supposed to be edgy to at least some extent, even from the start, it’s just that the goalposts as to what was considered ‘edgy’ kept moving, until the point where it got pushed a bit too far.
Granted, I find the edginess in Edgie the Hedgie to be kind of endearing in a way, but that’s just me.
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So the things in the “rough draft” that sound implausible are the full-blown war, genocide, Izzy’s “Get the hell out of my face”, and Sunny shooting the villain?
To be fair, they did kind-of show war with the Storm King invading and Sombra timeline, and Sunny shooting Maya might not be a gun, but a magic laser or something?

Granted, I find the edginess in Edgie the Hedgie to be kind of endearing in a way, but that’s just me.
It probably helps that Sonic was born well before the use of edginess as a marketing tool had been shamelessly run into the ground.
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Yeah I have to agree, all of that being a rough draft is way beyond the realm of imagination. I think they’ll just play it safe as usual.

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Yeah, let’s hope they don’t forget that part of the appeal of G4 was it being basically lighthearted but not over-the-top saccharine. Being a little more willing to handle mature subject matter when it makes sense to do so might work out well, but being darker for the sake of being darker definitely won’t.
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I doubt G5 will be darker than G4. We are talking about Hasbro. If it isn’t Transformers or TMNT, they won’t make it darker. Yes, G4 had some dark moments but maybe they will play safe with G5. There is no need for them to change their target audience.
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