MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention to how EqD usually is, but it kinda feels like EqD has been reporting incorrectly a lot more lately. There's also been a problem with them not citing sources lately? I know it's basically just a glorified blog and not professional (and I'm glad it exists) but is Seth doing okay?
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So the whole series is on netflix AND its all in this uncanny CG? Guess I’ll pirate if I feel like catching an ep. Honestly, the visuals are what’s mainly turning me off from G5 and to hear the whole thing is like this really doesn’t make me feel like buying a netflix sub.

Its like when the hub became discovery family all over again.
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Shows like this are usually made at a loss since the point is to drive toy sales. Last I checked, 3D animation is considered cheaper than 2D so Hasbro is probably gonna throw the least amount of cash at the series as it can.
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I know bad 3d’s cheap, (think crappy direct to dvd movies by some no name company) but I thought good CG was expensive to make.
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I'd prefer 2D but television 3D has gotten a lot better lately. Heck, the cash-grab Spongebob spin-off Kamp Koral doesn't look bad at all and that's in 3D.
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