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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


yep that was from the time Peet was talking about how boring brute force conflects are and also leading up to her
Glass of Water-Brute Force video.
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🔥Sunset is best girl🔥
a real shit david cage game. lookup two best friends play omikron: Nomad Soul (it’s basically what happens if you fused undertale and the matrix but it’s written by a drunk lobotomised monkey that has david bowie as the half doing half the music) cus it’s way to shitty and complicated for me to explain here.

You know now that I think about it of all the ponies Peet used why did she use Twilight? Because when Discord was
first brought back wasn’t Twilight’s plan A to brainwash him if Fluttershy failed?

Teclis, the High Elf Prince of Ulthuan can defeat Lord Ryder since:
High Elves can master more than one wind of magic. Even a lower Loremaster can take him out. Hell, even the best battle wizards that the Altdorf College of Magic can produce are more than capable of taking on his Mary Sue ass.

that’s not getting into assimilators like the thing (from the thing), and Majin Buu, where they just BE the valkyries and cut down their advantage considerably. The thing especially since it’s pretty hard to kill permanently and it’s likely intelligent enough to take it’s time and have a backup or two when things get tight.

Yeah I do remember a lot of post Peet made a while back saying how you can’t use very strong attacks to take down
Ryder and she also insulted anime characters in those post. Saying how Brute Force would not work on her super
duper OC. I should try going onto the Archive website or Kiwi Farms to find those archives because they where
funny reads.

Here we go some post from a while back about how no one can beat Peet’s OC and the only true way to defeat Lord Ryder.
ask-a-timelord-saiyan-blog asked:
How about 128 tons of punching and kicking power? And a kick that hits 30 times?
Still armored? Then in that case they’d be fine.
If a fist hits a Saronite breastplate with 128 tons of force, the bone of the arm is just going to flat out shatter. And that’s assuming the armor isn’t bladed (which in the case of Lord Ryder and Phyaun, it IS bladed).
You can kick as hard as you like, but bone is more fragile than metal, especially high-density metal like Saronite, which means the bone will be the thing that breaks.
Before you send another ask, I’m going to make this perfectly clear: Brute force does not hurt the Val’kyr. Just applying more power isn’t going to work. The Val’kyr have to be fought by fighting smart, not by fighting big. I do this deliberately so that I can’t get away with writing conflicts that are dismantled by brute force.
So whatever the next dumb anime power you were going to pull up is, make sure it’s not just “Hits harder, ONE PUUUUUUNCH” kind of bad writing. Because that shit doesn’t work.
theroguemagegamer asked:
Here’s one thing that I have been wondering. If Ryder can be killed by simply using fel magic, does that mean that most Val’kir would be killed with different types of magic? Like, say Arcane, Fire, etc, as long as you do different kinds of tactics and teamwork(assuming someone tries with more than one person)?
Ryder was killed with Void Magic, and that was only after being completely disarmed and disabled because his primary adversary (Luna) had spent the last five years fighting with the Val’kyr and being trained by them, and as such had the kind of insight necessary to know immediately which tactics would and would not work.
I will repeat what is not getting through people’s skulls.
You. Have. To. Fight. Smart.
There. Is. No. Easy. Win. Button.
Stop. Looking. For. One.
I’m not taking any more questions like this until people stop ignoring this important factor.
anonymous asked:
How are people still this dense about the Val’kyr?
I honestly think it’s just stubbornness at this point.
I wrote the Val’kyr specifically to disallow “One Punch Man” style conflict resolution. If a conflict can be resolved by brute force, they can solve it instantly. And any Brute Strength competition, they will almost always win with minimum application of force and maximum application of cunning. They’re the kind of characters who will sidestep the big laser beam and throw a knife into your throat.
Of course, this means that people want to see which characters could and could not beat the Val’kyr in a fight. This is fine if your favorite characters are also characters who can think critically and fight smart, like Obi Wan Kenobi, or Gandalf, or Captain America.
But most people, especially on Tumblr, have a different pool of characters to draw from memory: The entire cast of Dragonball Z, or the main antagonists of the latest shitty Japanese cartoon they just watched, or someone from Asura’s Wrath.
These terrible characters who’s only mode of thinking is “Hit it harder, and somehow I’ll win” and that only works because the writers of these characters have all the creativity of a grey blob in a business suit.
And acknowledging that their tactics don’t work on opponents with even the tiniest amount of critical thinking would mean realizing that their childhood favorites were pretty shit. And a lot of people don’t want to do that, and instead grab hold of this false idea that Dragonball was anything other than 22 minutes of screaming and lasers.
anonymous asked:
You know, I feel that the whole “who would beat Lord Ryder” debate is kinda pointless. Any character smart enough to effectively fight him, would also probably be smart enough to try for a nonviolent solution.
Actually, any character smart enough to effectively fight him wouldn’t have instigated the fight in the first place.
It’s the biggest paradox of that thought experiment because the Val’kyr are a Second Strike force.
volcodon asked:
So there is this constant dialogue about characters that could “beat” your original characters in combat, and how you more or less hate that kind of discussion favoring more war of wits kind of combat. So I’m kinda curious, the Marvel universe has a character called The Fulcrum, he runs a bar for gods at the edge of existence and acts as this sort of bartender god that is infinitely powerful but distant. How would Lord Ryder interact with a character that is an all knowing barkeep?
He wouldn’t.
The reason I hate that kind of discussion is that the people involved never actually listen to me. Lord Ryder’s power and resourcefulness is a plot-barrier to stop me from writing “UNLIMITED POWAH” style antagonists because any of them going toe to toe with Ryder is going to realize how little “unlimited power” actually does for them.
Every conflict that involves Lord Ryder has to be nuanced and complicated, or it won’t work.
Lord Ryder has an extreme amount of raw power at his disposal, but 99% of the time he never actually needs it. A well placed bolt, rock, or shockwave and even the most fearsome monsters will be dead. So long as you know where to strike. This philosophy of finding ten thousand uses for a small amount of energy benefits everyone, not just himself, because it means even novice mages don’t need years of training to become fearsome opponents, they just need a little resourcefulness.
Where these kind of discussions always fail is that most people are drawing on characters from their favorite shows or videogames with ALL rely on brute force, and therefore don’t work when put against Lord Ryder.
So there’s a lot of “Can’t be killed” or “Body is made of Superdupermetalanium” and “Batman always wins because Batman” put in here, and these traits simply vanish when I put them in an environment with Lord Ryder because no good writer uses these things.
Dragonball Z is a common one that drops into my inbox, both through a combination of being the cornerstone of a lot of people’s childhoods and being as well written as 50 Shades of Grey Fanfiction. So there’s a lot of big lasers, and rapid-fire punches because that series has never been interested in good storytelling, only in big battles.
Of course, that one’s extremely easy to counter anyway (all the characters use their own life energy for their powers/defenses, and when pitted against people who wield fel magic they’ve effectively doused themselves in kerosene and lit a match).
It’s too easy for badly-written characters to pull the “I’m immune” trick (and too tempting for bad writers to use), so most Val’kyr already know that immunities don’t actually exist unless they’re painfully obvious (a flame elemental is obviously not going to be hurt by fire, so use water). So when someone comes in with a character from their favorite anime that is “immune to everything” I always respond with “No they’re not.”
You have to be more resourceful, and I’m not going to just spell out their weaknesses for you so you don’t have to think. But most people aren’t resourceful themselves and neither are the people who wrote their favorite characters, so these discussions always get extremely boring as people keep pushing on the door that clearly reads “Pull.”

Here are some Peet related archives.
anonymous asked:
Very sorry but I can’t quite remember- what is the Rift? I remember you mentioning it being a bunch of sub-5000 accounts and it appearing in a Joshscorcher video once(this was before I found you and didn’t know how fucking insane he was) so could you give a clear definition of what the group is? Thanks.
“The Rift” is an informal name for a loose collection of MLP Analysis channels known for harassment and rumor-mongering. They keep changing their formal name every time someone talks about them to pull the “It’s not us, it’s THEM” gambit, so I’ve just taken to calling them “The Rift” to keep things simple.
anonymous asked:
You said that being associated with the Rift is an automatic disqualification from good stuff, but doesn’t that mean the people you’ve highlighted in the past should be disqualified as well?
If i applied that rule retroactively. But no rule is ever applied retroactively.
themaskedmewtwo asked:
How do you find Brony YouTubers/ artists/ the like for Good Stuff? Do you discover them on your own or get recommendations from your fans and colleagues?
Discover them on my own. However, finding material for Good Stuff has become difficult as I recently made association with The Rift to be grounds for disqualification. So I’ve decided to branch out beyond MLP Analysis.
This comment goes for the second and third one but the better person everyone. If you are associated with a group
Peet doesn’t like even if your content is good well to bad because to Peet you are no longer good enough for her
Good Stuff videos.
askfrost asked:
I feel like you have explained this before, but what is Ryder’s character arc?
He doesn’t have one. He’s a deuteragonist playing the role of mentor to others.
Yeah like telling someone to kill them selves because they dared to say that maybe there was other way then
fighting. Such a good mentor everyone. XD
anonymous asked:
How is Lord Ryder with kids?
You know that scene from Maleficent where Maleficent is trying to shoo away a little babu Aurora but she just walks right up to her and demands to be picked up? That’s Lord Ryder with children.
He very much does not like them, but for some reason children of many different races look at him and come to the conclusion: “Dad.” The origin story of Ascentia is that this little girl spotted Ryder on a planet deep in the galaxy, started following him, and never fucking stopped.
During the Siege of Canterlot fillies and colts would just cluster around him whenever he was out in the garrison and every attempt to shoo them away or terrify them was a miserable failure.
anonymous asked:
In your artist meltdown video, you talked about how fair use gave you the upper hand, but doesn’t Canada have different fair dealing laws?
Canada’s Fair Dealing has the same caveats regarding non-damaging use as American laws because the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is a multi-nation treaty where everyone agreed to pass similar laws regarding copyright and fair use.
Youtube’s takedown system mirrors the DMCA, and counter-notifications require the claimant to file a legal DMCA takedown request.
In order for any significant differences in Fair Dealing to matter, I would have to be sued separately from this system in a Canadian court. Considering that I was not actually sued, the minutiae of copyright law is irrelevant. If they wanted that to matter they should have sued me.
Of course in order to sue me, there would have had to have been an actual copyright attached to the work in question which there was not. In fact my biggest legal defense against a potential lawsuit would be “No such copyright exists for this piece of artwork in question because the artist in question does not actually understand how copyrights work and never bothered to file an actual copyright registry.”
One of the reasons Hot Topic gets away with ripping things off DeviantART to sell on T-Shirts is because very few artists actually copyright their work, which in legal terms means “They are literally free game.” Currently most internet artists rely on the honor system of copyright, which does not actually exist.
Sure SapphireHeartSong did give into your needling but it is you own fault for causing things to get that far
Peet. After all you just had to do was stinking credit her but you didn’t and that made you lose a very big
chance to have a shield against your critics but you blew it because someone dared to asked you for credit for
their work.
anonymous asked:
Has there ever been an episode that moved you to tears, like Sisterhooves Social has done for certain other people?
There has yet to be an episode that has moved me to (non hyperbolic) tears. But I do have “personal episodes.” They are “Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep” and “Newbie Dash.”
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep because I grew up with undiagnosed and untreated depression, claustrophobia, and they wreaked havoc on my psyche until I moved out on my own and saw real professionals with no obligation to tell my parents what they wanted to hear. And this is an episode where all of those beats hit home.
What I find worse than the episode, however, is how so many other analysts indirectly said that I was ridiculous for catching the implications of mental illness, and then proceeded to melodramatically over-act their own guilt complexes for minor wrongdoings like Misanthro Pony. Personally I find something rather disgusting about people who engage in self-destructive behavior pretending that I’m being ridiculous for criticizing an episode that encourages self destructive behavior.
But hey: Fish swim, birds fly, Brony Analysts are fucking stupid.
Newbie Dash hits a different note entirely. Like many people, I grew up severely bullied. Unlike many people, I grew up fully remembering what it’s like to be bullied and was not gaslight by people trying to tell my I just needed to “toughen up.” So an episode that says “Bullying is totally fine, you’re the one with the problem” should be completely disgusting to anybody with a brain in their head.
Thankfully, this was one of the few times that I and the rest of the community were in agreement. Only two people defended Newbie Dash: Burner and Thespio. And they defended it exactly as one would expect: “Get a thicker skin or go back to your safe space, snowflake.”
This coming from a man who responded to minor criticism of his racist opinions with “You’re abusing me” and running off to cry to his mommy.
The closest thing to a defense of this episode was “Hazing is common in the Marines.” That doesn’t say much because the Trust Game is common in the Marines, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. The idea that hazing is beneficial to military training is a universally discredited theory that is only pushed by idiot Privates who are beating their chest in a disgraceful and undisciplined show of machismo.
The second closest thing to a defense of this episode was the usual trite of “But if Rainbow rejected this tradition, the Wonderbolts would think she thinks she’s better than them.” Putting aside the fact that Rainbow IS better than them, if the basic expectations of human decency is above their usual expectations, that’s a mark against the Wonderbolts and not against Rainbow. It should not be Rainbow’s problem that the Wonderbolts and real-life military personnel who think like them have no self-respect.
My personal episodes are episodes that encourage children to put up with the same bullshit I had to put up with, because they invoke my protective instincts to shield children from this glue-huffing garbage.
Oh look an attack at Josh and Bronies. Oh and Peet don’t act like you care about kids. After all when Ink Rose
was still 17 you told your fans to cyberbully her just because she didn’t like the Overwatch ship which was Mercy
and the name of the Egyptian woman who’s name starts with P and who’s name I forgot. I am sorry for forgetting
the name. Oh and also the fact your brainwashing your audience to think your always right doesn’t help matters.
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