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I should really stop reading stuff about Lily. It doesn't do well for my mental health. Seeing a person doing all these disgusting thing and receive nothing but praise… It's horrible. And the worst part is that I'm sensing that I'm beginning to use the same techniques as her in real life.
That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Entry Of The Chameleons

@wubcake-va I love you, and I’m not trying to cast you in a bad light, but please tell me you didn’t blindly type down that comment after watching Lily Peet’s video on Brony D&D. I understand your concerns for them allowing Toonkriticy2k to still be a part of Brony D&D (even though he wasn’t in this video, and all his former friends tried desperately to bring him to justice, and washed their hands of him). I recommend you read a blog from @eliyora titled, “Reflections on the current Brony drama.” She goes into great detail of things that have been going on recently in regards to Toonkriticy2k, his victims, his former friends, and what havoc people from the outside have been causing. I reblogged it myself earlier.
#wubcake#lily peet#dr wolf#brony d&d#toonkriticy2k

i know this old news but any of you wubcake fans you might wanna look at this here tumblr post. still related to lily if you're wondering.

think twice before being a fans of wubsies. dunno if she's a fan of lily, but something about her doesn't seem right.

linky linky here
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For those who don't want to watch, the list is:
20. Delilah and Julius
19. Cardcaptors (Nelvana dub)
18. Monster by Mistake
17. Teen Titans
16. Recess
15. Mummies Alive
14. Pokémon
13. Fairly OddParents
12. ChalkZone
11. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
10. Hamtaro
9. 6teen
8. Lilo and Stitch: The Series
7. Medabots
6. Dave the Barbarian
5. Avatar: The Last Airbender
4. Rugrats
3. Fillmore
2. The Weekenders
1. Kim Possible

Eh here is a new Glass of Water video called Let's Rank Every Cartoon lily Liked As A Kid From Worst To Best.

eh here is the new Lily Orchard video. Called Glass of Water-Slow and Steady Spoils The Fun. From the thumbnail seems to be Owl House related so the prefect video for someone else to talk about.

Though can I just point out that again I find it funny that Lily wants to complain about stuff that spoils peoples fun and yet she again seems to always have a stick up her rear-end.


Which to me is sort of amusing since she does seem to hate lore based stuff in general and you know I'm going to be fair and say it is okay for her to not like lore based stuff. But my issue is that to me at least is that it seems hypocritical to then care about the stuff she has brought up about Sylvanas. I mean it rings hollow how'll she wag her finger at Zelda fans for being upset that anyone would dare bring up how cool it could be to have an option to make a female Link as for me I would be okay with it too. My only issue is the extremist on both sides.
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Also the fawning over Sylvanas is fairly restrained for once. And it's legitimate to say WoW doesn't offer the player choices, even ones that don't break the plot.

I know this is super old news but I do find it amusing that she acts like Princess Candice is such a perfect mother then will forget the fact that her and Prince Shining Armor just up and showed up to Twilight's home unannounced and just expect her to babysit Flurry Heart while they went to that friends event. Speaking of Princesss Twilight somehow thinking that Twilight would be a horrible mother.

sorry to double post but saw some interesting links from Kiwi Farms and since the archives always seem to set off Firefox's potential danger thing I'll just have to link to Lily's tumblr. You know provided I can find the post as long as she ain't deleted said post.

Concept for a few Glass of Water videos: Shipping Workshop. Taking a single character and analyzing how that character’s design factors into their relationships with other people and deconstructing how fandoms typically approach that character.

I dunno sounds like a good thought experiment.

Just seems like more of a reason to complain about people doing things you don't like to me

For that Shipping Workshop, do you mean something like explaining why people ship Katara with Zuko (which I used to be all for buy feel a bit more mixed on these days) or use Rey as a reader insert?

Not necessarily, more of examining the character as they are rather than how fandom often likes to imagine them and extrapolating how they approach relationships.

It is, at it’s core, an “Actual Character vs Fandom Interpreation” comparision.

wow she isn't raging at a simple question I wonder how long that'll last

For the Shipping Workshop are you gonna analyze one character the whole video or are you gonna analyze multiple characters in different segments?

Don’t nag, guys. This is all just an idea, I haven’t decided anything and grilling me about it is just going to make me not want to do it.

Oh no everyone we might lose a chance at Lily whining about fandoms some more such a shame such sad such a possible loss of such importance. /S

We are your fans you fucking cunt, if you raise an idea and we want it, you do it. That's your job. You don't have to slave for a boss like the rest of us, you fucking sit in front of a mic and say shit. Stop fucking complaining.

Wow you’re really mad.

Says the woman who flipped out over fanart and a question.

Here is a couple of bonus links


Hey anonymous creep, don’t use me as an excuse to attack lily. I was insensitive and she has a right to be frustrated. She doesn’t have to do anything for anyone so do everyone a favor and throw yourself off a pier.

You know you lose the moral high ground when you tell someone to kill them selves and two no one deserves being yelled at for asking a question.

I'm curious, what would your thoughts on Sylvanas be in this experimental idea?

One thing I find interesting about Sylvanas is that her most ardent fans often have zero understanding of her as a character. Oftentimes you’ll see people write her as either a broken bird in need of fixing, or as a stock fandom Ice Queen archetype. And both of those are pretty off the mark.

Sylvanas as a character has a lot of screws loose. Suffered torture, mind control, repeated betrayal and scapegoating all without any help whatsoever. That all creates a character with a lot of issues. The big one being Sylvanas craves control. She doesn’t like unknown elements, she doesn’t like things outside her control, she can’t handle randomness.

Which is why I find it personally hilarious that her most popular LI is Jaina fucking Proudmoore. Yeah they have shared experiences, but Jaina is so strong-willed and powerful that Sylvanas would rather her not be a factor. Sylvanas by default is pretty anathema to the idea of an LI, she would likely prefer someone she could exert total control over.

More logical options would be Sira Moonwarden, Dark Ranger Anya, Dark Ranger Lenara, Nathanos Blightcaller, and the Champion depending on how you interpret the character. These are all people she can exert control over in one way or another.

If you’ve noticed that Sylvanas would have relationships that are not healthy and skewed in her favor, that’s the idea. It’s not that Sylvanas is incapable of having normal relationships (regardless of their nature) with other people, but she is often resistant to the idea because trying in the past has only ever ended in her being played, most notably in War Crimes. She she prefers “relationships” where she holds all the cards and will often exploit the reverence and adoration of others for her own gain.

Since her undeath, there are only two canon characters who at any point treat Sylvanas like an actual fucking person at any point in time: Vereesa and Nathanos. And the former is only during a very recent comic. Sylvanas has learned the hard way that trusting people she can’t control isn’t worth it, it only ends badly for her.

This kind of thing is the reason Sylvanas is the only Windrunner Sister to NOT have a love interest. Even in life she didn’t have one, there were only ever rumors about it. Rumors that existed entirely because Sylvanas accepted a talented ranger into the Farstriders and the rest of Quel'Thalas was too bigoted to understand why. It’s only ever been other characters to assert there is something between Sylvanas and Nathanos, even though all the “proof” ends up being things that Sylvanas stands to benefit from regardless. The dialogue in “Most Loyal” is once again something Sylvanas can exploit for her own gain.

It doesn’t matter which character I mentioned above you’re using, you will be watching someone be manipulated, exploited and controlled by a person who has learned the hard way that there is no reason to do anything else.
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Yup. 505 was the publisher behind games like Control, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Indivisible, and the PC Port of Death Stranding.

Though compared to DS, it seems a lot of people thought it combined story-driven and platformer well, as the game has a lot of praise from critics and Steam users.
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