The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)



I still can't get over how Peet said North Korea will fall into anarchy but doesn't think anything bad would

happen in America if the USA president was killed. I mean sure we a vice president but people tend to get very

scared after assassinations.
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Honestly, I think that small rocket man being killed would be a lot better than orange cheeto (although he'd come nice in second). Seeing as that idiot is really that out of his mind to fire those missiles, and everyone will follow him blindly whatever he says…

oh wait… I think we just had a breakthrough.
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i need a fucking drink since these posts may cause people brain to get hurt or something like that

okay, here;s my responses to most of them:
Here we go again.
I'm pretty sure the carrying capacity thing is borrowed from the matrix and is actually bullshit.
"Wizards are arrogant, racist motherfuckers" well, you almost sounded like a normal person until you said that.
Got a point (thank god he didn't bring up trump)
"The most powerful wizard in history vs An idiot-proof ranged weapon", not this bullshit again.
Ditch a friend based on politics. That won't fuck you over in the long run.

The stockholm related ones about Ascentia's and Sparkle's kids are at least logically fine, though the whole abuse situation is ignored for some reason. Also he has quite a weird version of valkire there.
Pedophilia is the answer I picked.
oh, now not ink rose again.
Oh now the "kill all trump supporters" crap. And people wonder why the left LOST last election.
I suppose if she was playing tf2 she would use the black box + Concherer (even though admittedly I do that but I tend do go aggressive with it anyways. That and i'm mostly a pyro main).
Again with the trump shit.
The video is unavailable. Fuck you guys.
I'll admit this user is a dumbass. Unless her first sex scene is when she's 17 or below, i have to agree with peet unfortunately.


yeah because the guy who blew up earth because America would totally not think to hit a kid. Man Peet is such a

moron. Oh and this two amuses me.

anonymous asked:
Why do you insist that Ink Rose is gay? What's the story behind that?

Anya is weirdly opposed to shipping, especially non-canon ships. I say “weirdly” because she is the self-declared “Queen of Headcanons” and was notoriously pissed off when The Crystalling debunked a lot of those headcanons.

Gay ships are a big sore spot for her, and she’s whined about LGBT shipping for a long time, giving all sorts of insightful rhetoric as “It’s forcing people to be gay” and “Anti-straight propaganda” and “Ugh! Shut up! Representation isn’t important!” And let’s not forget “I don’t hate gay people, I just hate all this aggressive SJW nonsense!” Also known as “Lipstick on a homophobic pig.”

Here’s the thing: When Anya says something ridiculous and stupid in a blatant attempt to invoke anger, my inbox gets filled up with notifications about it because a lot of people want to argue against her but don’t know how to do that so they want me to make their counterpoints for them.

On one occasion when she had chosen “Forcing people to be gay” as her bigoted soapbox of the week, I suggested that perhaps her constant feelings of being pressured to be gay were coming from within, rather than from outside.

She fucking exploded over it and a lot of her sycophants filled my ear with unhinged rants about how evil I was and even started trying to spin lies that I was encouraging people to draw porn of her to “bully her off the internet.”

What’s interesting is that any time Anya says something stupid, she always gets people trying to make real counterarguments and have “reasonable debates” with her, and she ignores them every time. Lizzy spent a long time trying to argue with her, but because Anya doesn’t want a real discussion about anything it’s not paid attention to.

I made dumb jokes and that upset an idiot far more than real counterarguments. That’s why we continue saying homophobic politicians are secretly gay despite those kind of jokes being problematic: It pisses them off. It gets them right in a personal nerve and never lets go.

So I kept doing it. When people ask me about Anya’s self-destructive antifeminism, my response is effectively “She’ll change her mind when she moves out of her daddy’s house and interacts with the real world for the first time.” When people ask me about her thinly veiled homophobia and transphobia, I say “Sounds like she’s compensating for something.”

It’s not just Anya I do this with. Every now and then you get that one black guy who wants to be edgy by agreeing with right-wing rhetoric about Black Lives Matter and how we should totally respect a neo-nazi’s “Free speech”. And rather than sincerely argue with them when I know they won’t listen, I just say “And the Darwin Award goes to…”

That kind of deliberately incendiary and personal rhetoric pisses them off because it is extremely accurate. Right wing women and people of color are playing a political game of Russian Roulette, and you point that out to them they get extremely defensive and start accusing you of “not trusting them to think for themselves” even though you’ve just demonstrated that you do trust them to think for themselves by holding them accountable for the drivel that comes out of their mouths.

They’re trying to provoke people and get a reaction out of people because that’s what Right Wing politics is in 2017: “Liberal Tears” mean more than anything else. There’s a delightful irony in said provoked reaction itself provoking the very reaction out of them that they were trying to get out of you.

Yet when people say you're not trans you throw a hissy fit.

anonymous asked:
Why do people get so skittish about ships that involve two kids? Especially LGBT ships?

Oh boy, are you ready for some multi-threaded bullshit?

Some people are weirdly against shipping for some reason. I don’t get it, and I don’t think I will ever get it because in reality they’re just “Stop Having Fun” guys.

But if you’re one of those people, AND you’re dishonest enough, you can smear anyone by engaging in a simple game of willful ignorance: Simply perceive “Shipping” and “Porn” to be synonymous. Bam! Now you can make any accusation you want about anyone and get away with it.

This is especially easy with LGBT ships because Conservatives and other associated human trash either cannot or refuse to comprehend the idea of gay romance. When they think “Gay relationship” their first thought is “Fucking.” And Conservatives are known for considering their own beliefs to be the default position to which all other ideas must prove themselves against.

Additionally it seems that a lot of adult members of fandoms seem to forget actually BEING a kid, or even that puberty exists and sincerely believe that kids are completely oblivious to romantic feelings toward others until they turn 18 and a switch gets flipped on in their brain. This goes hand in hand with the above bigotry in that LGBT children and teenagers very frequently have their identities dismissed because they’re “too young to know.”
Of course, REALITY doesn’t work out that way.

I got my first crush when I was 8, not 18. And most people turn out the same way. In many cases even if they do remember this, they will dismiss it as “not knowing anything” because they don’t accept the concept of feelings changing over time and so because they’re not still in love with that person they think it must not have been real.

Gay and Trans kids discover their identities as early as age 5, but often won’t know what they are depending on whether or not they live in a progressive or regressive household. And if their parents dismiss their identities (or worse, try to “correct” them) it will take even longer. Personally with the benefit of hindsight I can recognize a lot of quirks about Little Lily that would have been a big neon sign reading “TRANS GIRL” if I’d only known what that was at the time.

If you ignore this reality and also ignore the reality that relationships are not 100% sexual (as conservatives like to do) then it’s pretty easy to look at, for example, Sweetie Belle/Apple Bloom and scream “OMG THEY’RE KIDS YOU SICK FUCK!” and completely ignore that what’s actually going on is two girls are holding hands and a bunch of people are going “Aw, that’s so cute.”

TL;DR — Willfull Ignorance plus Hating Fun to the power of Dishonesty divided by the square root of Spite

INB4 someone inspect-edits this post and cries “LILY’S ENCOURAGING SICK FUCKERY!”

Oh up yours Peet months ago you accused someone of being a pedo just because they tried to defend drawings and in

those same rants you used your Stockholm fanfic as a reason why you don't support pedos which doesn't excuse the

fact that it has pedo themes in it. Here is the link to what I was talking about.

Here is other link for those who can't see the screencap all that good.

Here is some good old stuff from a long time ago to go with the copy and paste I did from platinummanaxl

I know you don't want asks about Ink Rose anymore, but you suggesting she might be gay a while back made me wonder, why do you think that?


People who are comfortable and secure in their sexuality typically aren’t bothered by LGBT themes, gay relationships, or even the suggestion that they themselves might be gay. So the example goes…

Person: Are you gay?

Straight Person: Nope.

Closet Gay Person: No! No way! Why would you suggest that?!

Vocally homophobic people turning out to be gay or bisexual is so overwhelmingly common it borders on sociological cliche. Internalized homophobia is such a massive influence for externalized homophobia that people are doing studies on it.

And it’s ONLY vocally homophobic people who get pissy and moody because a site like Tumblr tends to insist on LGBT pairings. I’ve generally found that shipping is the ultimate “live and let live” environment. Generally when people get aggressive about their pairings, someone had to swing first. And in Ink’s case, she’s the one swinging first because inherently milquetoast things like pairings being reconfigured and gender-flips seem to bother her so much.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Josh has told people before that he doesn’t want fanart of his OC in gay situations, but explained the reason why is that it makes him uncomfortable. That’s a tacit admission that one has issues with their sexuality that they’re afraid to think about. And it’s something I have more respect for because at least it’s honest.

Now, I can’t read minds. I can’t psychoanalyze people. The most I can ever do is match a situation to repeating patterns.

Can you help me with something? Earlier today, Ink Rose reblogged a post about why LGBT and shipping culture on Tumblr is repulsive. Usually, I treat posts such as those with a grain of salt and ignore them, but for some reason I can't help but feel this need to respond to that reblog because I feel offended, but don't know why I feel offended by it. Can you help me?



The post in question comes from a blog called “Anti-SJeW Feminism.” That name itself is not only an oxymoron, but contains the word “SJeW” which means it’s extremely likely the person who’s running it is a Carlgon of Attention Span wannabe.

I’m gonna tell you something that would be obvious to an impartial third party, but a lot of people have trouble admitting:

Ink Rose is extremely bad at veiling her homophobia. You can see this through how hostile and vitriolic she is toward same-sex ships. How she accuses people who are engaging in the very definition of wish-fulfillment of being anti-straight and anti-cis, and how she tried to pull the “Pharah/Mercy is bad because age difference.”

But… seems to have absolutely no issue in humoring people who ship Firerose, despite the massive age difference between the two of them, and those are real people.

You could not be more obviously homophobic without waving a “God hates fags” sign.

What’s more, if you actively call her on it, she immediately clamps her hands over her ears and goes “LALALALALALA! Tumblr’s hating me for my opinions again!” Just like what Josh did when people called him out for his delusional crap about how the US doesn’t need gun control.

Here’s the kicker: Ink Rose isn’t stupid. She knows that Tumblr is populated primarily by 14 and 15 year olds who’s opinions lean very liberally. Many of whom are LGBT and living in a hostile real-world situation. So they’re quick to anger when someone sneers at LGBT themes because it strikes a very personal nerve.

So if you’re a conservative or just a generic homophobe who wants to find the least articulate liberals to stroke the confirmation bias that liberals are freedom-hating terrorists, Tumblr is THE place to go, because it’s easy to win an argument against children even when those children are right.

So if you’re like Ink Rose, a phony-christian with an inclination towards selfishness and a big enough persecution complex to twist any criticism into a personal attack, hanging around Tumblr is like making a Smurf account on League of Legends. Not only do you get the persecution-complex-stroking vindication of being the “underdog” but you also get to be in an environment where criticism comes in the form of yelling.

Ink Rose pulled this before when she started shit-talking feminism, and other people (less than politely) called out her misogynistic opinions. And her response was “You’re calling a woman a misogynist? Doesn’t that make you the misogynist? (No)” and other people encouraged that (guess who) by writing a bunch of strawman-bullshit about “No you silly sex traitor, don’t you get it? It’s internalized misogyny! Hashtag Triggered!”

Ink Rose has created an inverse echo-chamber and refuses to come out. Writing a response is just going to end up with you having your words twisted.

My suggestion? Beat a troll by trolling harder. Commission or draw artwork of her and KP (or any other woman for that matter) in very romantic situations, put it on deviantart, make sure her icon is in the description so she gets notified every time, and when she tells you to stop, just keep going “HOW BOUT I DO, ANYWAY?” Eventually she’ll explode and take off the very thin veil that isn’t fooling anybody. Or she’ll stop mouthing off about shipping like such a baby.

I’m planning to do the Honest Trailer for Analysis Anarchy and I was gonna call Ink Rose “The Stepford Wife” under the “Starring” bit. But now I think I’ll go with “Closet Lesbian.” Ink Rose is convinced that Tumblr will always insist that straight people are actually gay. Start doing it. Use your powers for good.

You remember when Steven Universe fans tried to make a girl commit suicide for drawing Rose thin, and then a bunch of artists drew Rose thin in the biggest show of spite ever? Same basic principle.

Get a life, or you’re getting a wife.

rain-jay I love this post more than I love gravy and your ‘Glass of Water’ series, that’s saying something! You go Lily!


This is nice and all to troll a bastard once in a while but do you really think calling her/suggesting she’s a lesbian is completely counter productive ? You’re trying to insult her by saying “haha you gay” and thus implying that being a lesbian is something to be ashamed of and can be used as an insult against straight lgbt-hating peeps. This is just like those “artists” that make Trump and Putin kiss just to make them mad and that’s kind of a terrible idea.

lily peet

I suppose it could be counter productive if you strip away all context and nuance, which is extremely reductionist.

The point is to piss off a homophobe enough that they explicitly reveal how much of a homophobe they are. It doesn’t use being gay as an insult, it exploits somebody’s very specific anger-buttons.


I think Wrath would also fit Peet since she keeps on slandering Josh and Ink Rose when ever she can get and has

called death upon people who are Right leaning or moderate. Not to mention she seems to get upset very easily and

Pride is also a good choice also.
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I think he might be all seven… Let's see:

Pride: Hell yeah
Lust: shudders unfortunately
Envy: cough*JOSH*cough
Sloth: Doesn't want to look for real work and is glad with what he haves
Gluttony: Hmmm… not sure about this one… could be tied in with Lust and Pride, he's a glut for attention and dicks.
Greed: Okay, maybe not this one.

Moral of the story: Peet is a walking sin.

Also, some replies:

anonymous asked:
Why do teachers force students to do work they aren't interested in?

If they don’t they get fired

I think Peet is missing a reply there

An interesting thing Lizzy pointed out about Lord Ryder: He absolutely hates children. Like he REALLY FUCKING HATES CHILDREN. And yet children are constantly following him and latching onto him as a surrogate father figure.
And yet whenever he’s trying to figure out how to get rid of them, his usual foo strategy of “Apply Violence” just never seems to occur to him.

Don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet but Peet is basically his Ryder OC. The fact that he always says that he and his OCs have an affiliation with kids just makes me cringe and shudder uncontrollably.

If you can’t tell the difference between someone who is under 16 and someone who is nearly 60, you either need glasses or the cosmetics industry has made a pact with Satan.

Should someone show him a picture of a chinese woman? Those have some weird freaky pacts with Satan.
Whimper in a bubble where all events have been scrubbed clean of content, or grow up and engage with the world and it’s problems. Your choice.

… the rest of that post is also beautiful but this quote… you hypocrite…
Canon Twilight has proven to be excessively stubborn and resistant to change, largely because she’s never HAD to change all that much.

Bitch, have you WATCHED the show? I couldn't name a character that has changed as much as Twilight did! Perhaps Fluttershy or Starlight is on her way of change but come on! She got wings for Faust's sake.
Lizzy spent a long time trying to argue with her, but because Anya doesn’t want a real discussion about anything it’s not paid attention to.

Lizzy ain't that good to argue with tho. The moment you say something against/misgender her dear fiancé (because they're still not married) she cuts you off.

anonymous asked:
I’ve been considering ending a friendship recently and I don't know what to do. I’ve known him since we were little, but that’s the problem. I know I wouldn’t hang out with him if we only just met now. He’s gotten very republican, he was like that when we little, and that’s the friend I had. He refuses to "give in to gender politics" and he says that science determines that stuff and other shit. Should I cut him loose?

Cut him loose. Science agrees with “gender politics” and he would know that if he had any respect for the scientific method at all. Hell if that was true, he wouldn’t be touching the Republican party with a 10 foot stick. He’s just giving bullshit excuses for bigotry.
The only people who can be friends with people on the far-right are those who don’t have anything to lose.

"Oh yeah, that friend you had since childhood and has supported you through everything in your life, that suddenly has another view on politics? Cut him off! He's a nazi, transphobic scum! I don't care that he has been there for you through thick and thin!"

What is it exactly that draws people to Peets? Charisma is more a good answer, a good public image also helps and a maverick mindset that rebels against the norm is a big attracting factor.

Sound familiar? Because it's like Trump. Peets is a politically correct Trump.


Yeah only Peet is more of a smart idiot. After all Peet is smart enough to twist things around to make Josh look

bad but at the same time not smart enough to realize that maybe giving AnimeChristy the credit she wanted would

help Peet in the long run.
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