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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


more of Peet missing the point it seems and also lying about people and calling E4B losers when she is the one who doesn’t even bother to do any sort of research.
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Also to add  
The tv tropes page for Analysis was fucked with.
They removed a lot of shit on the YMMV page, in particular the section on the memebrs of analysis who are despised (which included Jerry).
That I could sort of get…
Except they removed a lot of shit from the Tear-jerker page, INCLUDING the Keyframe aftermath.
Their excuse is ‘Durrrrr tropes connected to real people”.

Peet does love talking a lot what gets me is the second one in which she somehow thinks that person talking to
her is Brittany and the 5th one because then Peet is talking about how she talks about bad cartoons which means
she might now think MLP:FIM is a bad cartoon since that is a cartoon she spends most of her Glass of Waters on.

I know some of these where already linked to but I feel like commenting on them.
idi882i7jensnbbcbb asked:
I wish your suicide attempts were sucessful
I’m aware of that, Brittany
So why are you just assuming this is Brittany? Oh yeah that is right you want all of the people who criticize you
to look like horrible people.
anonymous asked:
I hate Nazis more than you can understand yet somehow you end up first on my who should I kill list
Sounds like you don’t hate Nazis all that much if the first person on the “Who should I kill list” spends most of her time talking about bad cartoons and how all Nazis should die.
Might want to look at your priorities.
So is Peet just finally given up on trying to make her self look like an MLP:FIM fan? I mean that is all I can
guess since she said she talks about bad cartoons.
anonymous asked:
Okay let me fix that persons reply: You’ve done nothing with your education you live off of barely anything and you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful in your life to the point where if you died no one would care
My education was in Radio and Television arts, which is the field I’m currently working in. But that was a pretty ballsy claim to make without knowing what my education actually was. It would help if you weren’t so blatantly pulling nonsense out of your ass.
I live comfortably off barely anything, I don’t need more. More would be nice, but making ends meet is perfectly acceptable. I’ve always been a minimalist in terms of money and as long as I have enough to get by, I’m happy.
Frankly my ability to live with low expenses is an envy among many people.
And don’t be ridiculous. If I died you’d certainly be dancing on your dining room table going “Celebrate good times c’mon!”
Maybe I’m just numb to this from almost ten years of dealing with it, but c’mon. You can do better psychological projection than that! Put in some effort. Have some pride in your rageaholic harassment.
Anons these days. I tell ya what.
But none of this detracts from the fact that you’re aggressively stalking someone and trying to make assumptions about their life… because they say that cartoons are shit sometimes.
You’re still the loser.
Peet when you first talked about your education you didn’t even mention the field you where in till this post. Oh
and you are one to talk about projecting things. Need I remind everyone when she did her video on Tommy Oliver
leaving the fandom she acted like she was the only one who was annoyed with his attitude of things in MLP:FIM who
people only now noticed how pretentious after his video fake review of the episode Appleloosa’s Most Wanted. Oh
and she also acted like nobody was annoyed at Digibro either other then the fact that yeah people where also
annoyed with Digibro attitude.
anonymous asked:
Is the Politics 101 series going to be its own separate project for 2018 or is it going to be a GoW miniseries like the one about Starlight you had this year?
If I do this, it’s gonna be it’s own separate thing. I’m probably going to have new visual assets invoking less of a “Brony Analysis” look and more of an “Innuendo Studios” look combined with the ZP aesthetic I used to use for that old RVI series I made.
Effectively paper cutouts is what I’m going for. I have to decide how I want this series to look before I start making it.
I’d rather Glass of Water remain mostly focused on critique and for this new project to be a separate series so that people who enjoy one and not the other can easily sort through it.
anonymous asked:
Why do you hate conservative ideas of chivalry?
Conservative ideas of Chivalry? You think conservatives are chivalrous? Oh sweetie…
Let’s unpack that, shall we?
Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and thou shalt observe all its directions 
Conservatives have nothing but disdain for what the Church teaches, considering that Christianity’s fundamental beliefs are generosity and charity, two virtues that Conservatives frequently deride as “Communist Propaganda.”
Thou shalt defend the Church. 
Conservatives are doing the most damage to the Church’s reputation and standing in the modern world.
Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them. 
Conservatives have a well documented hatred of the disabled, demonstrated by their hatred of disability benefits, workman’s compensation, and the welfare of mothers of disabled children.
Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born. 
Conservatives hate their country, often bemoaning the loss of an imaginary “Good old days” to justify tearing everything to pieces.
Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy. 
The self-declared enemy of Conservatism are leftists and their “safe spaces” both of which Conservatives declare the end of the world and the destruction of our very vulture. Conservative rhetoric is filled with testimonials of feeling “judged” by those uppity liberals. Disagreement, criticism, and a shameful waggling of the finger is all labeled as persecution, anti-white propaganda, and emotional abuse.
So they don’t just recoil in the face of their enemy, they fall into the fetal position and sob uncontrollably.
Thou shalt make war against the infidel without cessation and without mercy. 
This is probably the only aspect of Chivalry that conservatives practice, but I’m going to take a wild guess and assume they wouldn’t take too kindly to the word “infidel.”
It’s a touch on the nose.
Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God. 
The President spends most of his time watching TV and playing golf and most conservatives see no issue with that.
Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word. 
Trickle down economics, “Death Panels”, “We’re gonna make the greatest health care system ever”, “Return power to you”, “I have the thickest skin”, government shutdown over the ACA, fuck the list of conservative lies goes on and on and on.
Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone. 
Conservatives have a well documented hatred of social assistance and anything that helps people who need it, showing disdain not just for this code of Chivalry but for the identical belief in their own religion.
Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil. 
As mentioned in all of the above, Conservatives are not the champions against Injustice and Evil, they ARE Injustice and Evil, and they perpetuate that Injustice and Evil in everything they do.
So that’s 1/10, and that 1 is not a favorable comparison.
One what is with the whole speaking like a King James version of the bible and two didn’t people also get on
Obama’s case for always looking like he was golfing. What is the different other then it is now a
Republican….never mind Peet is just showing double standers.

Wouldn’t surprise me after all this is the same woman who whines about people who not knowing what fun is while at
the same time taking MLP:FIM seriously.
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hmm. which would be worse “normale peet” or alternate reality peet that’s a alt-right “sceptic” like razorfist or sargon of akkad.

Here is some stuff from the links that platnummanaxl provided. Warning it does have edge.
Siege of Canterlot - Riot
“…And furthermore if we forsake our sense of right and wrong to defeat an enemy, we will be no better than them!” Twilight said emphatically.
She had been going on like this for nearly a half an hour, one of her many unhinged lectures about ethics of which Lord Ryder had been subjected to nearly a hundred since the war began.
He had, to put it simply, had enough.
“…Fine,” he said simply, cutting Twilight off as she took another breath.
“These methods are-wait what?” Twilight cocked an eyebrow, looking confused.
“You win, Twilight,” Ryder said, standing up, “If you wish to retain your sense of virtue, then I shall take my Val’kyr and return home.”
He stepped past Twilight and approached an acolyte standing guard at the door, “Inform Master Crane that all stations are to dismantle and prepare to leave. Our part in this war is over.”
The acolyte looked confused, “…My lord? We are to leave the Equestrians stranded here without resources?”
“Indeed. It was Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia’s emphatic wish,” Ryder explained, “I will inform the refugees.”
Ryder strode out of the war room with Twilight trailing behind him, looking suspicious. The two of them made their way out to the front of the keep and onto the podium that overlooked the massive complex built into Sweet Apple Acres.
“Refugees of Equestria, may I have your attention,” Ryder called out, his voice echoing across the orchard.
The several million refugees spread across the massive farmland and the village just beyond the walls all quieted within a few seconds.
“It is my responsibility to inform you that my Val’kyr will be departing Equestria immediately,” Ryder’s voice carried much farther now that the surrounding area had gone completely silent, “Princess Twilight has made it abundantly clear that my methods are not adequate and my presence unwelcome on this planet. In accordance with her moral standards, I shall be withdrawing my forces from this planet immediately and returning to Sagittarius A. It is my understanding that Princess Twilight will be conducting the rebellion against King Stonehoof using her own resources from this moment forward.”
The crowd was silent for a moment.
Then there was a steady rise in murmuring.
Then the four million Equestrian refugees began to riot.
Twilight’s face was a mixture of shock and horror as she distinctly heard calls for her head out in the crowd. She apprehensively stepped back and looked up at Ryder, who was glaring down at her with disgust.
“You see, your Highness, while you may care about your ethical standards and being ‘better’ than your enemies, the refugees do not.” Ryder explained, “Their desires are more simple. They want their King dead, and any traitors who sympathize with him to either die or rot in prison. And then they will move on with their lives and leave the ethical questions to the historians. You are the only one standing in the way of that.”
Ryder turned back out to the rioting crowd and snickered.
“You once defended Celestia’s lack of security as her investment in Equestria’s freedom,” Ryder said dismissively, “And look what happened when you didn’t defend it: It was taken from you without a fight. You now have the chance to get it back, and you are throwing it away over your personal feeling of moral superiority. Unfortunately it would seem that your subjects have had enough.”
Ryder turned back to Twilight, “I am going to make this as clear as it can possibly be. If you pursue this line of thought, they will kill you, and all of your values will mean nothing when you are dead.”
Twilight glared up at Ryder, “Some of us would rather die than sacrifice who we are.”
“If that is the case,” Ryder pushed Twilight toward the edge of the platform, “Then jump.”
Twilight looked down at the hundred-foot drop to the ground below, “What does suicide prove?” she asked incredulously.
“Nothing,” Ryder answered, “But if you truly value the mortal pretensions of personal freedom then you will not condemn millions of people to death for your own petulance. Your values mean nothing to them, and so you will step aside or you will be forcibly removed.”
Twilight exhaled sharply, “…You knew they would do this.”
“Of course I did,” Ryder narrowed his eyes and smirked, “I have earned their respect through decisive victory and providing for their well-being. You and the other monarchs have burned every last ounce of goodwill you once had through treachery, brainwashing, and stubbornness. They no longer trust you to keep them alive.”
“But what about their heart?” Twilight balked, “They may be physically alive, but without their integrity they’re not truly living!”
“I deal in how things are, Twilight,” Ryder turned on his heel and strode off, “I have no interest in your delusions about how they ought to be.”
Remember everyone this Ryder guy is suppose to be a good guy.
anonymous asked:
If Lord Ryder goes out like he does, presenting the situation in that tone and from that particular mindset, then of COURSE the people are going to be upset at Twilight. The way that scene came across, it just felt like the guy was deliberately trying to turn the people against her, which helps nobody. If it had been Twilight trying to explain that situation, I’m convinced the people would have been far more willing to accept her position on this.
No they wouldn’t.
The situation is that Equestria was conquered in a day by an beast of a man thanks in no small part to numerous instances of treachery from within and brainwashing. This persisted for five years before the Val’kyr were made aware of this and immediately set about fueling a rebellion at Ascentia’s request.
The Equestrians were tortured and thoroughly demoralized for years, and once Lord Ryder and Luna took charge they were protected, fed, clothed, and enjoyed the luxury of constant and decisive victory.
Twilight’s objections are entirely on the basis that Ryder’s methods are extremely brutal. There is no such thing as “too far”, there is only “counter productive.” And he trains all of his students to think this way as well. The only reason he reprimanded Ascentia for massacring the Crystal Empire is because the massive amount of brainwashed refugees in the city being slaughtered severely demoralized the Equestrians, and emboldening them is the only way they’re going to be able to finish the war and leave without having to babysit.
That complete and total disregard for the morality of violence doesn’t sit well with Twilight.
Unfortunately, Ryder is the one with all the actual resources and the near-unstoppable army, and this situation requires brutality. The Equestrian refugees (and Luna) do not share Twilight’s sense of moral virtue. They want Stonehoof and his lackeys out of their kingdom and they’re not too fussed about how that’s done.
Ryder and the certain-victory he brings with him leaving is bad for everybody. Objectively. Twilight is sacrificing long-term gain for short-sighted idealism and is frequently on the receiving end of harsh reality checks. She has not quite absorbed the fact that she can’t friendship her way out of this kind of situation, and that her insistence on trying to do it anyway is going to get more people killed in the long run.
Debating the ethics is what historians are for.
Odd I remember Peet whining about brute force being used to end conflicts in the past and yet now they are okay
when Peet does it. I sure do wonder why people call Peet a hypocrite. Can someone please enlighten me. XD

also, quite clearly the concept of the cycle of revenge is beyond peet. In speaking of which, what is the context for this stonehoof guy? is he supposed to be Sombra or something?

I can’t fully remember Stonehoof deal I know he wasn’t Sombra. I think Stonehoof and his tribe where some sort of
jab at GamerGate because Peet thought everyone in GamerGate was some sort of woman hating pig. Someone else might
remember better.

I actually vaguely remember a post about what can beat peet’s sue, Lord Ryder. I know it involved holy weapons like samurai jack’s sword, but if anybody has a link I would probably go and double check.  
I also wonder if E4B will talk about the edge fest above.
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