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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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Peet wouldn’t survive one day in the military. Everytime some officer would call him a degrading name he would throw a hissy fit and he would have to brush bathroom floors until eternity.
I was bullied severely too in my past and at first I wasn’t too happy with Newbie Dash either. But when I saw the implications that it was all around military-related stuff, I completely understood it.
If you’re in the military and can’t handle one measly insulting name then you have no place there. Once you’ll have to fly out and take bullets flying around you, you can’t simply say “I’m scared, I want to go back home”. You need to grow a backbone before you can ever hope to get a title.
(I have absolutely no relations to any military-men/women but I respect their mental strength!)

thanks you two.
Yeah they do have more mental strength then I would ever have. It is just that it is funny how Peet whines about
Bronies never complaining about episodes but then when an episode like the Mysterious Mare-Do Well or Spike At
Your Service comes out then she gets onto Bronies for whining about something. I am just waiting for Josh’s
review of Spike At Your Service to come out and someone to tell Peet about it and then have Peet whine about how
Josh doesn’t know what fun is.

Yeah that is Peet in a nutshell acting like she can talk about people not knowing what fun is but then she’ll
attack anyone who likes Bayonetta or anime. I know I already brought this up but again Peet gets onto Bronies and
how they try to put MLP:FIM on a pedestal but then the moment they get onto the case of episodes like The
Mysterious Mare-Do Well or Spike At Your Service then suddenly Bronies are stupid again.
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Y'all are stupid!
Too bad she doesn’t listen to facts. You telling her that bayoneta was made by a woman is like telling a stone to talk. In fact, a stone will talk before peet listen to facts

I can’t help but think of what Linkara said about nebulus from secret defenders. Strategy and intellect, or just knowing how to to deal with someone, can only get you so far before sheer power output (either by brute force or just plain numbers), and they can’t possibly plan for every eventuality, like all their enemies going on a full assault ALL AT ONCE.  
That’s not even getting to the “Any character smart enough to effectively fight him, would also probably be smart enough to try for a nonviolent solution” bullcrap, as any sane person can see they are self-entitled, egotistical, genocidal maniacs who WILL kill you on the spot even if your trying to suggest a peaceful solution (r.i.p. Celestia). Granted most of what I know of these characters is second hand from these Tumblr posts and others opinions of them, as I can’t be bothered to read the fic via fimfetch, but the fact I went on this rant JUST from the Tumblr posts is enough of an indication of how bad this gets.

I can’t find the post on the Kiwi Farms in which Peet pretty much said how America because of course it is
America caused Ryder’s species to kill everyone because one country using like 12 nukes means every living
thing has to die and when someone asked if that was extreme Peet was all well the planet attacked first. Oh well
I found a couple other old post to relink here and a new one.
mechfried asked:
Lily, how would you make show exciting show with an protagonist that is vastly more powerful than all the other characters in the show and this is known form the start
lily-peet answered:
Use that extremely powerful character as an excuse to never write a brute force conflict.
My 2c: Morally stunt them. Make them a weak person in character. Cowardice, apathy, recklessness, hubris works great for powerful characters too.
If they’re vastly more powerful and vastly more benevolent, they’re hell to write after a while because there’s nowhere left for them to grow.
Put limitations to the power in form of personality traits or other things which inhibit that power, so when the big finale hits and they have an epiphany, it unlocks their full potential and you can feel free to write them as incredibly powerful, knowing viewers will be sitting on the edge of their seats because you built suspense as to their power and let them see the character work towards the revelation, making them more emotionally invested. Like they actually know the protagonist.
If power is how you plan them to defeat the Big Bad, making them powerful from day 1 with not restriction just begs the question “Why didn’t he just do that to begin with?” as soon as you hit the climax of the action.
Flaws and limitations are the fine line between a powerful protagonist and persistent filler in the guise of a protagonist.
Source: 18 years writing experience. (Which includes 11 years focusing primarily on film and television.)

If they’re vastly more powerful and vastly more benevolent, they’re hell to write after a while because there’s nowhere left for them to grow.   
I seem to manage that dichotomy just fine.
Notice how Peet is not paying attention to someone who just said they are a writer who has not only 18 years of
experience writing but also spent 11 of those years working on film and TV. Which I admit should be taken with a
grain of salt but still Peet is not seeing the reason.
anonymous asked:
Would Ryder fall to the One Ring?
No. The Ring corrupts people by preying on their desires. Namely desire for power. It’s the reason it has such a hard time corrupting Hobbits, because the Hobbits have no greater desires.
With Ryder, it’s an inverse of the same problem. Ryder is already more powerful than Sauron could ever hope to be. The Ring has nothing to tempt him with.
More my OC is better then this person’s OC.
Oh and here is a treat an archive from Peet’s wiki Tale of The Valkyrie….Sadly I have to link to the page it’s self because the archive didn’t have the screencap from Kiwi Farms
Matthew Ryder
"Pardon my interruption, Commander, but I need a real fighter. Not a flutist with a rank..." - Lord Ryder 
Lord Matthew Ryder is the Warlord of the Val’kyr and the central deuteragonist of the series.
Matthew Ryder
1.2 Billion Solar Years
Val’kyr Capital
Hair Color
Eye Color
The Val’Kyr
Ryder was initially trained as a champion for Athena before going rogue and plotting against her. With the help of his wife, Megan Ryder, the two of them took control of the Capital and killed Athena. Knowing that her death would not be permanent, the two of them started to build a new and functioning society to fend off any attempt to return she might make.
While Megan worked on securing resources and infrastructure for the damaged Capital, Ryder went off into the far reaches of the galaxy to collect knowledge about combat and magic that had so far exceeded his capabilities. Finding multiple masters throughout the galaxy, he mastered thousands of magical and physical arts and methods of crafting weapons, armor and structures, along with many ingenious methods of securing food.
Ryder returned from his pilgrimage and began training apprentices and new Masters, creating a war machine that proved itself to be unstoppable for over a billion years.
Despite standing up to tens of thousands of powerful foes, Ryder would eventually be taken out of action by Princess Luna, who overloaded his body with Void magic until it eventually detonated. His soul was entered into stasis by Megan until it was used to breathe new life into the reconstructed corpse of Ascentia Sparkle.
Lord Ryder was often described as being rigid as stone. His demeanor often very collected and calculated. Even in battle, his warriors described him as a well oiled machine of war than a living being. Ryder did this deliberately. Keeping a very neutral attitude succeeded in placating and intimidating an individual simultaneously. Ryder calculated every word he spoke so even the slightest change in tone could affect others to a significant degree.
As such, it was often perceived that Ryder had no emotion, when in reality he limited his expression to a far smaller range. Only Ascentia and Megan could read him.
Ryder was one of the more arrogant and dismissive Val’kyr when it came to mortals. He frequently dismissed the attempts of several civilizations to intimidate him, on on many instances exterminated them. This was especially true for Divine beings and Shivarra, whom he murdered on sight.
Mortals allying with the Val’kyr often did so entirely out of necessity, the most noteable example being when Princess Luna asked Ryder for help from the Val’kyr in defeating the Stonehoof Tribe. Relations with Val’kyr are extremely tenuous, despite other Val’kyr being very sociable.
Ryder was an exceptionally capable leader, and rarely (if ever) led his people to defeat. His tactics were cold and ruthless, and his flagrant disregard for mortal rights were a key aspect to many of his victories. Ryder practiced, and frequently encouraged, the killing of civilians, the targeting of families, the destruction of tertiary targets like hospitals and schools, active uses of terrorism, and the total destruction of enemy morale.
His amoral strategies often sent his enemies into a scattered, disorganized mess. He cared little for the supposed ethical implications of things like murder and mind control. His only boundaries were tactics that he deemed unnecessary and a needless consumption of time and resources, such as torture and rape. His line of thought being “Why not cut out the middleman and kill them right now?”
As a politician, Ryder valued stability and security over anything else, believing that the human concept of “Freedom” was inconsequential if one was starving in a war-torn hole. He frequently criticized Humanity for putting the philosophy above more practical necessities.
Powers and AbilitiesEdit
"All this talk of power levels and rank is naught but a facade created by mortals to falsify a sense of drama." - Lord Ryder 
Lord Ryder was a master of thousands of different martial and magical artforms, many born from a ten-thousand year pilgrimage across the galaxy, learning from many different masters and bringing that knowledge back with him to train his Val’kyr. Through this pilgrimage, he learned that most magical arts stemmed from only a few basic techniques, particularly arcane energy. This led to Ryder discovering that most Magi were not limited by innate strength of any kind, only by their resourcefulness. And the rigid adherence to “spells” and “schools” had severely handicapped their ability to exercise full control of their powers.
Retracing his experiences, he sought to master the most basic magical artforms and fully understand their innate nature. Through this mastery, Ryder became practically omnipotent and quickly surpassed his teachers. He taught his students the importance of practical thinking and inventive strategies. He also stressed the importance of telekinesis, and how it could be used in an infinite number of ways to turn a situation to one’s advantage.
He also stressed how the search for “more power” was a futile one, and that the only thing one could acquire was mastery over their own.
Lord Ryder was feared across the galaxy for his surgically efficient methods, regarded as everything from a cunning warlord to a brutal and unforgiving tyrant. Ryder exploited this reputation to gain leverage over others and extort powerful leaders. The titles he had earned across different civilizations eventually grew too numerous for him to keep track of (though his favorite was “Matriarch’s Bane”).
Ryder was also respected by the Equestrian people, for how effectively he overthrew the Stonehoof Tribe and liberated them. However, he was thoroughly loathed by both Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight. Both of whom saw his methods as barbaric and inhumane. He was also hated by Equestria’s military, due to the sheer amount of derision he poured on them during the Siege of Canterlot for their poor training and terrible philosophy regarding warfighting.
Lord Ryder was deeply respected and admired by his own people, many of them only referring to him as “The Master.” He was also deeply loved by his three apprentices, especially Phyaun, who all saw him as a father. His death saw a massive period of mourning, followed by roars of unity when Phyaun asked who would help her avenge him.
Ryder is the only character who's entire design was overhauled between installments, rather than gradually like other characters. 

Ryder is one of the few prominent male characters in the series, and the only male character to be in both a main protagonist and main villain role. Peet frequently refers to him as an "Anti-Villain." 

Ryder is almost never referred to by his first name in either dialogue or the narrative. Only Megan ever uses his given name. 

Ryder was designed to be "infinitely detestable" in every possible way. His amorality, his callousness, and his unnerving intelligence all work together to make a character who is evil in all but name, but unfortunately right in most of his decisions. His continued success is attributed to the fact that if he was consistently wrong, then his attitude would end up being funny instead of insufferable. 
Ryder is often mistaken for Peet’s “Self Insert” character.
Just not remembered the archive website. In the words of Linkara
Our Heroes Everyone!
Thinking about it now I don’t think the people of Kiwi Farms ever touched on this.
wylyth-the-genderfluid-person asked:
So I’m curious, what put Earth on the Valkyries’ “radar”, as in, what made them decide, in the mid 21st century, “Ok, now it is time” as opposed to earlier or later? Or was it just simple chance that they stumbled on Earth around that time. Also, was there any way for Humanity to have avoided their destruction/ conversion into Valkryie?
lily-peet answered:
The United States spotted the city floating above Earth and launched 12 nuclear missles at it. This did severe damage to many wings of the city, but minimal casualties.
Lord Ryder’s response was that if Earth had decided to become hostile at the first opportunity, they would suffer the consequences for their impulsiveness.
Makes sense, but did they really have to destroy a whole race just because one country was a dick? I mean, they could have tried to save a good number of people first.

The fact that Earth has not globalized by 2048 is not something he has any obligation to care about. He says this on at least two occasions during the war, and repeats the sentiment to Luna millions of years later: National borders don’t matter.
Earth attacked the Val’kyr. Not the United States. The Val’kyr have no reason to care if the other nations want to fold their arms and declare “Nothin’ to do with me.”

That…seems unfair. He could have used the United States as an example: as in “Do that shit again, and you will regret it” I mean, is it really the common citizen’s fault that the higher ups are fucking impulsive assholes? Did they deserve this fate? Also, was ALL of Earth wiped out (making it surpass the Permian-Triassic event in devastation, as in 100% extinction as opposed to around 90%), or was it just humanity that was exterminated?

He could have used the United States as an example: as in “Do that shit again, and you will regret it” 
Except they already did it. There is no “Don’t do it again” for impulsive attacks with extremely powerful weapons. You know that attitude that what the US does affects the rest of the world? That’s because the world has already become globalized and national borders are meaningless.
The fact that humans still think they mean anything doesn’t count for shit.
is it really the common citizen’s fault that the higher ups are fucking impulsive assholes? 
Most countries on earth are democratic and have publicly elected leaders, so yes it is their fault.
Did they deserve this fate? 
Irrelevant. They got it anyway.
Also, was ALL of Earth wiped out (making it surpass the Permian-Triassic event in devastation, as in 100% extinction as opposed to around 90%) 
Earth is a barren rock, nothing lives there.

That doesn’t seem rational. But maybe I need to put it in perspective: If, lets say, North Korea tried to nuke the US and/ or its allies, would the US be reasonable in exterminating everyone there, citizens included?

The US exists in an environment that recognizes national borders.
The Val’kyr do not.
You’re not putting things into perspective, you’re demonstrating the perspective that the Val’kyr disregard as ancient and obsolete.The Val’kyr are exclusively globalist. There are no nations, only planets.
Again everyone Ryder and his race are suppose to be the good guys and yet they wipe out earth and of course Peet
has the USA doing the thing that gets everyone killed because Peet just has to be edgy.

Most people would say yes Lord Ryder would be a villain protag. After all the info I copy and pasted from the
wiki mentioned that he attacked schools and hospitals and you know the whole Kill every living thing on Earth
don’t tend to make people think hero.

I’m pretty sure the mod who was writing the Teclis vs Ryder fan fiction would appreciate the information you provided here.
You, my friend are a national treasure.
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Y'all are stupid!
Oh but on peet’s eyes he’s what the world needs. I just wished she could take the shit out of her ears and listen so that she (tries to) prove why she’s right

awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks but all I did was use links from Kiwi Farms and the archive website that platinummanaxl
linked to me in a PM. I also know that one of the E4B Mods I think Deaf is a frequent visitor of this forum. I
should also say there are people who do a better job at tearing into Peet. I just sometimes comment on copy and
paste stuff I do and I also sometimes repeat peoples points.
yeah Peet really does seem to like being edgy.

Sorry to butt in but you know what I also find funny about Peet when it comes to her hate of anime. I think it also
comes down to the fact Peet has shown on many post that she doesn’t care about lore based stuff.
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“That Toxic-Mario is the one that always starts being hostile in conversations”  
Which was basically the truth…
But anyway, before I get banned again for straying off topic, let’s get back to the Rat Lord.
Tumblr Follow
anonymous asked:
When did you start talking about FoE?
Siege of Canterlot is entirely about tearing that universe to pieces and spitting on the creator.
So now he’s also hating on one of the most original fanfictions to come out of the fandom?
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