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The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2017) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

Again, Lily makes a critism of pedophilia on FiMFiction… Despite the critism of such being hypocritical given her past, supposed old girlfriend, and fanfiction she has written.
I posted on her being a pot calling the kettles black, but I don’t know how long it will stay in the comments of her Uncommon Bond in Seven Minutes.

Here are a couple comments from the Lily Peet’s in a minute on Uncommon Bond
Tambry Studios
4 hours ago
The LGBT community immediately disavowed Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump eventually disavowed white nationalists, and six years later bronys won’t disavow pedophiles. Great wholesome job my dudes
Tambry Studios
4 hours ago
Why is the fandom so collectively okay with pedophiles? We are a fanbases of teens and adults who like a children’s show we should be trying to stamp this kind of behavior out not only because basic human decency but because it sends a message that pedophiles are not fucking welcome here.
I think it never got approved because I didn’t see any sign of your comment.

yeah Pot calling the kettle black is other thing that would easily fit Peet. As a matter of fact one of the
archive links that was shown was Peet rebloging something calling the GOP I kid you not Gross Old Pedophiles.
Like Peet is the last person who should be calling anyone a pedo. Speaking of that I am surprised it took Peet
this long to start throwing out the word pedo.

No, magic in the Warhammer universe is chaos dispersed throughout the Old World. Similar to the Warp in 40K. Humans can only master one wind of magic, but Elves can perceive and master all of them.
Elves can also see the winds of magic in plain sight. There are 8 different winds in all, with different properties.
Hysh is the white wind which focuses on Light Magic. Dealing holy damage, and blinding does.
Azyr is the Blue Wind, which focises on Celestial magic. Anything from wind spells and thunderbolts to comets crashing down on people.
Ghyran is the Green Wind which focuses on Life magic. Using the power of nature to heal wounds and entangle people with vines
Ghur is the Amber Wind which is utilized by the Amber Brotherhood and the Lore of Beasts. Being able to summon beasts and rally foes with a primal roar.
Aqshy is the Red Wind that the Bright Order utilizes to create fire magic.
Chamon the Yellow Wind is tamed by the Gold Order which specializes in alchemy, withering enemy armor and raining hot and molten metal.
Ulgu the Gray Wind is mastered by the Gray Order. They are able to use it to hide in plain sight, use shadows to attack and pull enemies into a void.
Shysh is the purple wind, used by the misunderstood Amethyst Order which masters the Lore of Death. Being able to utilize the strength of warriors past, buff allies to make them temporarily brave in the face of certain death and withering enemies to dust.
There are other forms of magic that aren’t recognized by the Altdorf Colleges of Magic that Orcs, Dark Elves, Skaven and Ogres use.

In speaking of magic, I honestly wonder what would happen if he encounters someone who drains magic like shadow priests (they are from wow, I researched) or more dangerously for the valkires, Lord Tirek. Hell, even from Warhammer the icons carried by Tzaangor can do quite a dent in Ryder.  
On a similar tangent, remember earlier in this thread peat states they Ryder has Saronite armour, and I was looking up the material in the wow wiki and here what it says about mining the material “Often, mortals who mine Saronite for prolonged periods of time appear to be driven insane. Indeed, many of the people who have been rescued from the Saronite Mines tell of hearing strange whispers of unknown origins, attempting to shape their perceptions of those around them. Admittedly I couldn’t find anything about wearing it as armor, but i would imagine the results would be far from pretty.

Sorry to but in. I think Lord Tirek would be able to drain the magic from Lord Ryder especially after he drains
the magic of the Alicorn Princesses, Discord and others and from the reading of amour. Yeah it would make sense
for the events that Ryder did. Then again Peet seemed to miss that detail for all I know.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Y'all are stupid!
With peet always using the word “nazi” don’t you think she’s the real nazi?
The brony fanbase, even with all its flaws, is still a very inclusive fanbase. We have all kinds of people from all kinds of country, color, sexual orientation and so on. But peet? Only the ones that agrees with her blindly in every single thing she says are the ones she “respect”. Only the alt-left (not even the left, it has to be the alt-left) is alowed there. It’s the same kind of shit hitler did with the aryan race, and we are the jewish people.
With that i ask you, peet. Who’s the real nazi?

If we could use Jerry’s own rhetoric against him, we could turn the tables.
If history serves us well, Hitler encouraged loyal Germans to destroy Jewish owned businesses and create wanton destruction to reclaim what belonged to the pure Germans in the name of a reborn Deutschland. It was a terrifying event called Kristallnacht for the piles of broken glass on the streets.
When Trump consolidated victory on November 8th when Kristallnacht took place ironically, there were concerns of such events repeating carried out by the fervent right.
Jerry has spewed the same rhetoric since Trump began to run, only to backpedal when people called out on his callous death threats saying it was German for, “The Trump, the”.

Here is a couple of Peet related things.
anonymous asked:
Do you think Blaire White faked being attacked for wearing a Trump hat?
That’s irrelevant. She’s a Trump Supporter and that’s reason enough to mark her down as human sewage. Whether she was attacked for it or not doesn’t change that.
Look everyone Peet showing how much of a good guy she is. Someone was attacked just for wearing a hate and Peet
is pretty much okay with it. I wonder why we are all stuck with Trump for prez?
hellsings-trump-card-alucard asked:
Lily, i feel like youre a good person to go to. My mother died just yesterday and i want to know how i can try to get over it. I know it will follow me around for the rest of my life. But any advice would be helpful.
I am not the person to go to.
You’re not the person to go to for a lot of things and that never stopped you before. I am also shocked she isn’t
insulting the user for their icon being Hellsings Alucard.
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