The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


Here is something Peet related from the archive website. She also has her Glass of Water-Discord Princess in the link.
anonymous asked:
How come you don’t address the accusations made against you by Thought Bubble?
Who? Googles Oh that parasite.
Well if you’d been paying attention, I had an entire video about it.
Here’s the TL;DR - “He said/she said” arguments that are loaded with unsubstantiated claims and screenshots with all the context ripped out should not be taken at face value. You’re only going to believe any of this crap if you have a pre-existing personal investment in believing it in the first place. My time is wasted trying to convince people who have no interest in reality.
Johnson is trying to muscle her way back into my life out of nothing more than spite because I got sick of her inconsiderate behavior.
Now kids, what is that kind of behavior emblematic of?
If Johnson wants to settle something, she can do it face to face like an adult for the first time in her life. I’m not going to seriously engage with this kind of desperate cloying and you shouldn’t either.
Funny that you’re telling someone to be an adult when you don’t seem to want to take responsibility for your
fanfic Stockholm 14th chapter among the other things you have done. I mean for someone to clams they aren’t
ashamed of their fanfic you sure did delete it when people started to call you a pedo. Which as some have
theorized was also the time you deiced to come out as trans.
Okay everyone here is a link about Peet talking about the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting.
anonymous asked:
The shooting this week was in Sutherland Springs, TX. 26 killed during church by a dishonorably discharged, court-martialed Marine (which from what I can remember reading, aren’t supposed to be able to get a gun because of that).
Starts Googling
which from what I can remember reading, aren’t supposed to be able to get a gun because of that  
That would require the US having any kind of gun control in order to enforce.
Personally I want to know exactly how fucking horrid do you have to be to get dishonorably discharged from the Marines of all places. That sentence alone already highlights how fucking evil this person must of been. Must have been one of those people playing the “Trust Game.”
That’s about the only notable thing I can talk about. It’s another mass shooting, and nothing is going to come of it because the people who are currently making the decisions don’t care about people’s lives.
Oh also…
The President, who was in Japan, said the shooting was caused by a “mental health problem,” not an issue with gun laws. 
I actually love this statement because it’s so soon after the shooting that very little has come from the investigation, so it’s the most blatant display of knee-jerk scapegoating imaginable. I look forward to the Putin’s Cocksleeve addressing this mental health problem by stripping more people of their health insurance so he can save fifty bucks on his taxes.
It’s always going to be about gun laws. Until people with mental illnesses can start detonating people’s skulls with their mind, it will never NOT be about gun laws.
The shooter wasn’t supposed to be able to get a gun, and yet managed to get one anyway. Whether it be mental illness or being so undisciplined that he couldn’t reach the Marine Corps dirt-low standards, one of those things should have actively prevented him from getting a gun.
Hence: Gun laws are the problem.
“But Lily! Black market!”
A country with lazy gun regulation is a country where the price of black market weapons are extremely low. If the US had the same gun laws that real countries do, black market weapons would become prohibitively expensive.
Really Peet you’re still going on about how America doesn’t have proper gun control?
anonymous asked:
What about how she said that you’ve invented an alternate universe version of her?
That’s always the case isn’t it? Someone starts spewing bullshit about me, I accurately point out that they’re being duplicitous and actively trying to deceive people, and their immediate response is to go “NO, U!”
I say that someone’s content isn’t very good.
“Lookin’ in a mirror?!”
I deconstruct the cognitive dissonance of Tory scum and how they don’t expect their own values to apply to them.
“I know you are but what am I?”
I talk about people who are very clearly suffering from a persecution complex
“Sure you don’t mean yourself?”
They repeat my own arguments back to me because their incessant stalking of me has meant that I’m the only person they listen to who can deconstruct someone’s behavior. So they don’t just lie about me, they plagiarize my work to do it.
The best example of this is how Johnson has jumped on board the “Lily invented a person on facebook” crank magnet. What makes that so funny is that Johnson WAS catfished on Facebook, but it wasn’t me who did it.
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Y'all are stupid!
I would give everything for a place to live in ‘merica. I know latin americans are seen by bad eyes for some, but i don’t care. As long as i’m legaly there, there’s no worries

I know I already linked to this two Peet related archives a few hours ago but why not relink them.
anonymous asked:
What do you think about the sentiment going around that enbies choose to be the way they are, which means they’re not real trans people?
Going around? “It’s a choice” has always been the lazy, go-to response for someone who wants an excuse to not have to respect someone’s identity without getting criticism for it. 

Personally, I think it’s emblematic of how stupid you are that your best excuse to not have to respect someone’s identity is one that actively protects their identity under Free Speech. That showcases just how badly the person is trying to find any excuse they can that their own argument against someone’s identity refutes itself. 

But I also think that’s irrelevant. Everyone is aware by now that I encourage people to take a strictly more authoritarian attitude toward people who misgender them and cry when they’re inevitably when criticized. That attitude being “You’ll call me what I tell you to call me, or you’re going to start losing teeth.” 

You don’t get to have an opinion on my identity or anyone else’s identity. It is mine to dictate to you, not the other way around. If a nonbinary person tells you to call them “They”, you will. If they tell you to call them Princess Consuela Bananna Hammock, you will. If you wanna kick up a stink about it, then be prepared for the consequences. That’s how life works. 

If you’re not going to respect my basic right to my own identity, why should I respect any of your rights? That’s something conservatives never consider because their entire philosophy is “Fuck you, got mine.” That’s what their “personal responsibility” mantra is all about. “If you’re insulted by something I did, that’s entirely your fault.” It conveniently washes their hands of any consequences for their actions. 

It’s the pathology of a child who doesn’t like getting punished. The excuses don’t matter. They pull them completely out of their ass. Just look at how many transphobes pull the “it’s biology” card despite the fact that biology has NEVER reinforced their beliefs. In fact, when encountered with real biology, they’ll often start freaking out. Case in point… 

Anybody who even bothers to use google at all would know that Bill Nye didn’t question the scientific consensus on gender. The material he put in Bill Nye Saves the World IS the scientific consensus on gender. But right-wingers have never once bothered to look anything up because they treat science and rationalism with absolute contempt. 

They will continue pulling excuses out of their ass. Hence we don’t play their game. It’s very simple: You call me what I tell you to call me, or I smash your fucking teeth in with a hammer. 

A lot of people get really angry when I call people who purposefully misgender trans people or call being transgender a mental illness a “Nazi.” They get very pissy when I do that, asserting that they’re not a Nazi, they’re just people with opinion. 

It’s ironic for two reasons. 

Homophobia and Transphobia ARE Nazi beliefs. Explicitly. Hitler slaughtered the gays just as much as he slaughtered the Jews. If you don’t like being called a Nazi, stop spouting their beliefs. Pretty fucking simple. 

They’re angry that I’m assigning them an identity they don’t think applies to them, but that’s the exact same thing they’re doing to me when they refuse to respect my identity. Textbook conservatism: “You have to respect me, I don’t have to respect you.” Life doesn’t work that way. 

Transphobia is a Nazi belief whether you like it or not. And if Nazis want any respect at all, they’d better get on their knees and fucking grovel for it.
Peet really is trying to make her self look like the good guy.
anonymous asked:
Stockholm Ascentia is big into degredation. How would she feel about being called slurs during sex?
Me and Nintendogal coined this line the last time we were asked this. 

“She likes being called the B-word and the C-word. If you try and call her the D-word or the Q-word, it may just be the last thing you ever do.”
Oh come on Peet don’t act like your shy about cussing.

Here are some Peet related things from the archive website.
anonymous asked:
You dont care who lives and dies so the shooting is merely an inconvience to you. Innocent Americans can die everyday and you wouldn’t care so fuck you to hell you cunt.
It must be a fucking acid trip in your head, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have such a disconnect from reality.
anonymous asked:
I don’t know if you agree but at least in my reading I tend to find that fanfic tends to handle the whole ‘silly show taking on serious plots’ thing a lot better than some shows do. At first I thought it was just an adaption and change of writers thing but watching Star Vs feel increasingly bleh after taking itself seriously I was wondering what your thoughts were. (Looney Tunes was my biggest example of these things failing on a commercial level before.)
Fanfiction is rarely restricted by rating, so it often can be more direct with the themes it wants to talk about.
However, the perception of fanfiction handling it better than the material should be taken with a grain of salt. Fandom often has an unwarranted sense of self importance, and the standards for fanfiction are often extremely low.
I guess she has been looking in the mirror because the having unwarranted sense of self importance is blowing right back in her face…….even if she is trying to attack fandoms again.
anonymous asked:
One thing that I’ve noticed in the MLP community is that they’ll go on and on about thing that should happen in the show, defend or lambast the show depending on the details, forgetting that it’s a show aimed at young children and has to take their target audience into consideration when making choices, but then when the community wants to defend the show against certain criticsms they’ll suddenly remember that its a show for children.
Oh hay look everyone Peet is talking about people moving the goalpost which is something she is also very guilty of.
anonymous asked:
Lily, I need your advice. I wrote an essay to get into college that criticizes fundamentalism, and I detail specifically that religion isn’t the cause of fundamentalism and that atheists also can be fundamentalist, and I even bother to mention a few prominent atheists who engage in fundamentalist thinking, and my college advisor said it was “too political.” Do you have any advice as to what I should do?
“Too political” is not a criticism. Force them to say something that isn’t vague nonsense.
If your advisor isn’t going to elaborate then you’re wasting your time with said advisor.
Oh crap everyone rejoice Peet made a decent point! I admit I don’t know why you would ask peet for advice but
again at least Peet made a decent point!
anonymous asked:
Is it true that you told a former patron that he “was never that engaged a fan to begin with” after he had just told you how you had helped him through his mother’s death?
What he actually told me was that he was only a patron out of a feeling of obligation for the above statement and that he’d grown alienated from my content for vague reasons.
I never explicitly helped the guy through his mother’s death, I just did my job and kept making dumb silly videos. I was completely unaware that this had even happened until it conveniently came up while trying to twist my arm.
What I actually told him was that if he was only pledging out of a sense of obligation and was actively disengaged from my content, then he should not have been a patron in the first place. Then I removed his pledge.
I didn’t accuse him of having not being an engaged fan to begin with. He did that to himself by flat out admitting to not enjoying my work anymore and only sticking around out of a feeling of debt that wasn’t there to begin with. I merely agreed with him.
Let me make this clear: If my work has helped you through a family member’s death by just being funny and entertaining, do not think for a moment that you owe me something. That kind of effect is literally my job. That’s the bare minimum standard of a comedian. You don’t owe me anything, I did what I’m supposed to do.
Yep I wonder why people could ever hate you Peet.
anonymous asked:
A common criticism I hear from people is that you’re too “mean” to the people you criticize.
When you look at a lot of the rhetoric about I’m “acting all authoritarian” despite not having the power to actually do that and how so often “respect other opinions” so often equates to “never contradict me” you can see the reality of the situation: To many of these people, any kind of criticism is “too mean.”
The incident that got me accused of abuse was me explicitly stopping someone from making a complete ass of themselves in front of a hundred thousand people by playing Devil’s Advocate for slavery.
Oftentimes when I have actually been too harsh or needlessly aggressive it doesn’t last very long because I actively retract the statement, like when I ended the video on Tommy Oliver by calling him a dirtbag, only to take the video down and reupload it with that statement removed a day later.
But hey, I’ll gladly engage with more tangible criticisms like this over the “she’s literally satan” nonsense.
I’m going to talk about the second line because Peet would later on say she should of let Josh keep that thing in
and now she is all nope I would never want Josh to make a fool of himself.
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Y'all are stupid!
I suppose even the rational left doesn’t agree with that. Right, angrybrony? Does having a different way of thinking makes you deserve a punch?
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They should be sueing. When people start getting violent for a simple disagreement, then they’re the ones in the wrong.
But most will only will ignore this, until the ones being attacked retaliate.
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