The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)

Background Pony #6520
5 months later.
Apparently, Lily’s Steven Universe and Legend of Korra is Garbage and Here’s Why videos both ended up being flagged by YouTube as ‘Made for Kids.’
Background Pony #6520
@Dex Stewart
Guess it’s another reminder of how automated systems aren’t always the best way of filtering content on the site.
Lily was apparently considering taking legal action at YouTube before they were restored because they rejected the initial appeal.
Though I imagine public pressure must’ve been enough, because both videos have now been restored.
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Fair warning, this is a very hard video to watch. We already knew that Lily was an asshole, a plagiarist, and a narcissist, but it turns out she is also a pervert and an abusive monster.
@Background Pony #5E57
Oh, I didn’t see this post. Is this the same video as this one? Because this one was just uploaded while the previous video is no longer available.
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@Background Pony #C6E2
Well…this honestly goes a LONG way to explaining why Jerry Peet decided to change into Lily Orchard. The former man lost the original source of his jollies and thus decided to go down a darker path to get a new one.
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