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Blep Blep ◉c◉✎❤
@Gameplay The Pony
Such mistakes must be considered you've only seen what I put out not what I keep.
But all in all yeah I draw mostly cute innocent little things

They're just so much nicer to draw and look at. But I gotta draw something different from time to time.
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Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Hey that's hot. I love me some tentacles.

The thing with tentacle is that you can do what you want, really. As long as you convey the 3D-ness of the tentacle.

For example you might want to indicate the cross section of the tentacle by her tail (the one that goes into her crotch) by using crease and fold lines where it bends.

You can maybe just do little shading on the tentacles just to give them some volume.

Or, if you want to just do pure lineart, then I suggest giving them tentacles some features like segments or anything else that suggests volume and orientation.

Other than that I have no complaints.

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