The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)



I was just saying that because of Peet and her logic. I agree that AngryBrony can be annoying when he keeps on

bringing up his hate of Starlight and I do think he could just talk his hate of Starlight on a forum or just

make a forum for disliking Starlight instead of trying to tick people off but for the most part he does have

his fair share of annoyances with Peet.
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Also to add to this comment train, this is the same guy who agrees with Peets on one thing, their hatred for Starlight Glimmer.

Because ya know, He loves being like Jerry and beating the dead horse.

No pun intended.
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Looks like more stuff that came from the archive site may cause some people to be fucking piss or something like that

Here are some Peet related things.

anonymous asked:
I need help. I've been with my girlfriend for four years and I love her very much, but for that same time I've also had feelings for one of my close friends. This has caused me a lot of stress because I can't not feel this way, but I don't want to end my relationship either. Any advice?

It sounds like you’ve internalized the idea that if you’re in a relationship you’re supposed to ONLY have feelings for that person, and that’s where all your worry is coming from.

My advice is to drop that idea from your head entirely and save yourself the headaches. A general rule of life is “Don’t make shitty rules for yourself.” If you look at the situation exactly how it exists (You love the person you’re with, you also love this other person you’re not with) and you just accept that reality you’ll find yourself a lot happier.

It sounds like you don’t really want to have a relationship with this other person, and you’re already happily in a relationship anyway, so nothing is going to change and it sounds like you’re cool with that.

So what are you getting so stressed about?

Oh my goodness everyone freak out Peet made a decent point! I admit I don't know why you would go to Peet for

dating advice but who cares it is one of the few times Peet made a good point!

amthatiam asked:
Are we still doing the Lily love train? If so, I appreciate what you do here, calling out things as they are, being overall chill and reasonable in a sea of chaos and making Nazis cry. I envy your resilience and only would to have half of that strength when making arguments with others. Keep up the good work!

(insert Bender's you're serious reference here). Oh yeah so chill like when she got triggered by AnimeChristy

simply asking for credit for her art and so reasonable that she gets triggered by cartoon ponies like Starlight.

Knob: The teacher always calls on people who don't have their hands raised! It's so annoying!

Me: Then raise your hand if you don't want to be called on. Play the teacher's game against them.

Not since Mr. Enter somehow thinking the Disney Death would confuse kids have I felt like someone has contempt to

someones intelligence. Like how is this a knob worthy post Peet?

koalaburn512 asked:
Speaking of Starbright Dimmer, did you think Twilight trying to steal the Hippogriffs' pearl was wrong but understandable or completely out-of-character for her? I've even seen some fans say "She's the Princess of Friendship, she shouldn't have done that!" or "And this is why Twilight is worst princess".

People who say that are completely incapable of examining an actual situation and the new factors it introduces, existing entirely in a contextless bubble where characters must retain their explicit archetype regardless of what happens around them.

Anybody who expects a person to retain all of their morals while their home is under attack, they’ve been forced on the run, and they’re constantly being hunted likely with no sleep for days is a fucking moron.

Twilight’s duplicitous actions were the only times the movie was interesting and that was explicitly BECAUSE of the situation surrounding it. For all their cawing about how “morally grey characters are needed”, it seems a lot of fandoms immediately get uncomfortable when they actually get it in a way that isn’t just black and white morality where the heroes dabble in the black.

Probably because all that stuff I just wrote requires a person to actually think for five seconds, and we all know how much Bronies hate thinking.

Hay Peet don't act like you love thinking either. After all your OC Ryder is all evil enough to attack schools

and hospitals and is also okay with brainwashing yet somehow is above rape and torture and is also not smart

enough to think about hitting kids to scare them away from him.
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Honestly, I think it would've been better that way.
Because she has done a lot more damage than good towards the fandom IMO with her overall toxic, binary, and more often times 'close-minded' attitude towards the show.
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no need to do the IMO for that. A lot of people on this forum do agree that she really is a person who ruins the

rep of Bronies and Pegasisters because like you said she is very toxic, She acts as if she knows everything, and

she also has the biggest case of double standards ever. She also has a bad habit of coming across as not paying

attention thought that was more for Steven Universe then MLP:FIM. She also acts like Bronies are the worst fandom

ever just because of Down with Molastia but will ignore that the SU fandom told someone to kill themselves and

also her OC Lord Ryder is very stupid.


Oh yeah speaking of OC's here is a couple I linked to a while back that where drawings done by her possible wife


please note how she is dressed.
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