The Downfall of Bhaalspawn (contains possible SJW discussions)


To be fair the angel designs in the Bible were pretty good, compared to the cliched white-winged humanoid. Seriously look up the mythology section of tv tropes' Eldritch abomination article, particularly this quite relating to GOD: "…our brain already hurts from the potential self-contradictory paradoxes this entity could incur, but that's actually just a very tiny part of theological wild mass guessing on what the nature of God really is, of which St. Thomas Aquinas' proposal that He is Existence itself—not the Universe, but Existence—is the least incomprehensible. There's a reason why some people can only sum Him and all the contradicting descriptions of Him up as 'God works in mysterious ways'."


I wonder why people are always calling out Peet. I like tots don't see Peet being a hypocrite as she makes a rape

joke at someone and then later on saying how laughing at rape jokes makes you a horrible person. XD
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All I'm seeing is one ass calling the person a baby and a victim of child molestation. And another ass calling the first ass a mentally ill crazy person comparable to someone clawing off their own skin.

It doesn't really seem worth it to pay attention to two asses yelling at eachother. Unless you're at a frat party watching a fart-off.
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Not sure what to say on this but am the only that feels that peet belong to Krampus aka the anti santa claus's list?


for the fourth one I see Peet again has to make a jab at turn based RPG's and for the last one again how can Lord

Ryder never of thought to hit kids if he was willing to blow up Earth because of America. After all I am sure

innocent kids where on earth. Oh wait that is right those kids deserved to die because the Americans shot nukes

at them.

you know I wonder if RWBY ever does get a lesbian couple that then Peet will act like she always loved the show? You

know if one of her fans is also a RWBY fan and tells her about it.

Here is soemthing Peet related. This time just a link because of a screencap Peet has

Well this is just in Peet unknowingly calls her self a Nazi. What she said "they refuse to listen to reason" and

guess what Peet also does refuse to listen to reason.
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I doubt that. In Korra there was a lesbian couple at the end and he still hates it to the core.

Don't even get me started on his view on Amethyst…


then avoid Peet's Glass of Water-Over Cooked aka Amethyst can have self esteem issues because of Rose but Steven

can't have self esteem issues because of Rose because he helped saved the world. Peet also thinks it is fair to

judge the content of a work based off the fanbase. She also was also okay with EQG having same face and same body

because different outfits and personalities but Anime isn't okay for using same face and same body. Why uh I

guess potato's? (cookie for the reference.)
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