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[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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Which is why friendship or having company means nothing to me. All because none have the willpower to handle someone like me. No one wants to understand, they just want to lash out irrationally and call me names for it because that is all they know to do.
I have no beliefs and I’ve experienced how evil it can be when people try to force it down your throat saying that I should cherish my life and call me hopeless out of anger, going against whatever they believe in and proving my point in how cruel people really are.
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very well. I won’t expect no sugarcoat. brutal honesty is always appreciated. SO, do you tell people how they really are, or how they are perceived to be in public? there’s a difference. people who are fake like me, (and a bunch of others) don’t have any shame using the facade (tatemae) and hide our real feelings (honne). Doesn’t mean we’re not sincere.
Hm. How come a brutally honest person like you and one who also feel strongly against cruelty of human nature, not resonate with anybody? It makes no sense. There has to be someone.
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In the hospital for glass impaction doing drugs. Shard in my tongue. Necrosed lips.
Lost 20ib and got nerve damage from my full teeth extraction. Gave up school, so voc rehab is dropping me.
If gods real i hate him, and this vessel was trash at birth.
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I hate my social anxiety, my shyness and my introversion, I hate having believed that overcoming my fear of speaking would solve these problems, I overcame my fear but it didn’t solve anything all these years of barely speaking with others have their consequences and now when I try to talk more than ever I can’t, I never learned how to talk with others, I can’t think of what to say, how to react to what they say, I never learned how to talk for more than 5 minutes, I’m in blank, and now I’m slowly becoming more and more emotionless.
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I become so depressed that sometimes it’s hard for me to move, or that I just don’t want to move. My mind shuts off or becomes numb that I don’t care about anything when I’m like that. I suppose it’s true that depression is a death sentence. Nobody wants to love someone who is depressed and nobody wants anything to do with them. At least for mine.
I just don’t see myself committing suicide either.
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Did I not say leave me alone!? Yes, I did. If you don’t like me and think I’m annoying, then ignore me, and don’t reply to me ever again! Because you are starting to piss me off even more! You are not helping and you don’t understand! Just like the rabid shippers! Leave me the hell alone already! I’m tired of this.

Everybody is gone. I foresaw this so many years ago yet no preparation could help me endure this.
It’s what happens when you amount to nothing but being a pile of human fucking garbage. I am nothing, always have been and always will be.

Clinically diagnosed 9 years ago. Still have to seek psychiatric assistance.
So what you’re saying is that since people talk to me nicely I don’t suffer from mental illness?
I’m sorry but what
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