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I think it would be beneficial for my family if I just kill myself…
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ONE time I truly felt suicidal was when I was taking pills that were supposed to make you feel relaxed, but it made me felt weakened and miserable. I even told my mama but she did not do anything aside from buying me, a soda? I doubt that would help me. I have no idea where the pills went because I wanted to research them.
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Ꮖɦɛ Ꮖɛxǟռ.
It's fucked enough not having a driver's license, I don't need to be thinking about politics.

$2,500 for a car that doesn't run. Thanks, dad! Here's the kicker, it looks like a Russian economy car.
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@Gameplay The Pony
so im trash for calling out and criticizing someone. everyone is open to criticism. you, me, and everyone else.

atleast with me i know im an ass at times, i own up too it.
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People has jinxed 2021
@Background Pony #16C2
I am done fucking talking to you! Leave me alone, and stop pissing me off! I'm already having a meaningless life that I had for 10 months, but you are starting to make it more worse! Just leave me alone! Now! I'm done talking to you, and don't talk to me ever again!
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thats what it seems like to me. you never want to look for any good, and only focus on things you deem bad. so you like it.

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