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I'm worried about my brother.

According to Mom, last night he had difficulty talking. Couldn't find the words he wanted to use, slurred speech, stuttering, etc. I was hoping it was just tiredness but she says he was complaining about his limbs feeling stiff too so Mom has it in her head that his MS is flaring up again.

Plus he's been asleep for well over 12 hours now.
Artist -

They probably left your shit there because they didnt intend for an actual fight to go down.

I love you, but you got to get away from these people. Some of them will respect you. You need a normal job and a dealer that doesn't sell heroin. Even if your dope boy is nice, the dope attracts bad people. You'll be waiting to get your dope one day and someone will come in shooting, or the house will get raided.

I know it's all easier said than done.
Artist -

Oh its all good. I intended you to read the edit, that was for Google.

A hard thing about a lot of it is separating yourself from the people. I got robbed when I didn't want to get meth. I gave him the money, told him to fuck off and started swinging when he knocked on my door.

Not all of it was so bad. I was always aware that drugs can do great things, I've dabbled in energy supliments, cognitive enhancers vitamins and steroids.

I was nieve to how evil people got over certain drugs, or injury from withdraw. I did not know how much control they could take.

You got to get these people out of your lives, the addicts are often harder to deal with than the addiction. I have fought so much to keep people away from my house, to keep 'old friends ' from never seeing me again after they've made it clear they don't care about or respect me.

"Oh me and you are on the same team" one said. No, I want better for my life.

Reborn Reject
I can see that…based on the thing you edited, that's some deep shit right there, kind of fucked up…sorry about not getting back to you, I'm whacked out of my mind right now and have been ever since injection. You've had it rough, haven't you? I bet you're not so bad…I've already fucked myself beyond repair.

Got my ass beat one time over a bad hustle where I got fucking jumped by four large guys who wanted to rob me of everything I had. I wasn't having any of that and as such, I had a showdown with them. Needless to say, I lost. I went down fighting, and for some reason, woke up moments later with all my shit still there. Maybe that was a wake up call or something because I've slowed down since then. Got a fractured skull and four broken ribs out of that squabble.

Is it bad that in the meantime, I crave love and affection from those whom will give me the time of day? Physical wounds heal, but mental ones…
Artist -

Maybe it's just too much. You have to jerk all the drugs away in pain, you can taper it down.

Do you hate job or lack of?

There is so many things to learn everyday. I've tried to take an experimental approach to figure out what works for me, and it was a long time where some people thought I was hopeless, but I kept sticking to my experiments and I got away from most of the bad shit.

Reborn Reject
Why would I do that? I'm kind of done with life…if you must know, everything I say has some sort of meaning behind it. I wish to be happy and I'm hoping these drugs will help me out but I'm too fucked up to really coherently think about it; as in…not sure if anything will change. If I could feel good about shit I probably wouldn't be fucked up right now.

There are times that inevitably make something better.

Whether it's planned or random, it comes. It's pretty abstract as to how it happens but it will.
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