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[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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I think I'm done posting on this thread. This, like many others as well, has very little on-topic discussion and the random, awkward, sentence-long and most importantly off topic stuff is annoying to catch, especially on something as serious as far as mental illness goes.

I'll find another alternative, probably a journal. Thanks. unsub
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I Love Flutters & Twily
I tried as well. And when I saw two people talking shit about a movie that I am excited to see next week on this May, I started to give up for talking/posting on the vent thread, and for coming back on the vent thread too. I mean seriously, I just don't understand these people anymore.
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I Love Flutters & Twily
Nope. That's it. I give up.
I just got my excitement slammed by a bunch of hypocrite comments on Instagram.
I'm done. I fucking quit………..

Go ahead people. Ruin/Destroy my fun and my excitement for me to see Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. I don't care anymore. I hate you people so much. My depression level is over 100% again. Thanks a lot jackasses. Thanks a lot for making me feel bad. Fucking hypocrites. I'm done.

Please don't respond to my post. I'm not in the mood to talk nor argue about this shit.
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What's the point of posting in the Singing Thread

I guess that's not the main thing I'm depressed about… all I really want to do is talk about singing and stuff but no one really posts on there…. well, very rarely
It's like… the least posted thread on Derpibooru ffs… I post on there every once in a while and bump it back to the top but… it's extremely depressing how inactive it is

And I'm kinda tired right now so my energy levels are low and… I should just head to bed
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I Wish I Can Learn How To Drive, But Can't Because My Anxiety And Afraid That I'm Gonna Crash Into Something/Someone & Because Of Crazy Ass Drivers~

I Don't Like Having Anxiety :(
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[screams in German]
There are two types of people in pain;

Those who speak about their pain all the time to everyone and is far too vocal about it as to wanting attention, to which people call it "whining".

And those who don't speak at all, keeping it in and bottling it up and it either explodes or eats them alive, not willing to speak at all, to which is basically "depression".

I'm more of the latter.
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Well…even if you think you dont have the creativity, you have the skills to be amateur artist. Your stuff are better than mine and I'm not entirely shit as an amateur so…you got that at least.
which means you can level your skills up with enough dedicated and deliberate practice.

You say you're worthless? You willing to do labor for cheap? Ppl are looking for ppl who want to work virtually for free, and they'd love you for it.
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I Love Flutters & Twily
I listen to some relaxing rain sounds, piano music with rain sounds as well, my Calm, and the two ASMR Fluttershy videos to calm down my anxiety and depression. These 4 things helps me real well. I wish a medicine helped me. But it didn't back in November 2017.
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I Love Flutters & Twily
Can I just be excited for a movie and have fun, and even be happy? I'm sick and tired of people talking about dumbass box offices that makes me anxious, and I'm even sick and tired of rude ass critics shitting on my positive feelings for any type of movies that I am excited to see! Why is everyone making me feel so bad and depressed!? No wonder why I have social anxiety. Can't a person like me have a little bit of faith and life again? No. Of course not. Go ahead. Force down my opinions, and force me down from being excited to see a movie that I've been dying to see next week. I don't fucking care anymore.

I tried so hard to ignore negative people or deal with them, but I can't. They're everywhere, it's ruining and destroying my positive energy, and even my excitement to see a movie that I have been dying to see next week, and I have had it. I'm done. I'm done dealing with this bullshit. Goodnight.
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