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Season9 new character

safe2171292 artist:jbond967 ace point239 ahuizotl948 alice the reindeer181 all aboard99 allie way595 aloe3123 alpha beta47 alula749 amethyst star2969 amira315 angel bunny11347 angel wings301 apple bloom59922 apple rose361 apple split326 apple strudel141 applejack200142 appointed rounds67 aunt orange402 auntie applesauce353 aura (g4)454 aurora the reindeer122 autumn blaze5425 azure velour229 babs seed6361 barber groomsby29 beauty brass519 berry blend582 berry bliss582 berry punch7488 berryshine7488 big bell44 big bucks54 big macintosh33545 blackthorn80 blossomforth1600 blues1182 bon bon18788 bori the reindeer164 bow hothoof1409 boysenberry223 braeburn6947 bramble173 bright mac1736 brown sugar43 brutus force23 bulk biceps3858 burning passion58 burnt oak169 butternut53 button mash4817 capper dapperpaws1800 captain celaeno1399 captain hoofbeard68 caramel2936 carrot cake2500 carrot crunch46 carrot top6106 cattail99 cayenne361 chancellor neighsay912 cheerilee11234 cheese sandwich4741 cherry berry2515 cherry jubilee1255 chickadee945 chief thunderhooves319 chipcutter144 chirpy hooves199 citrus blush180 claude74 clear skies203 cloudchaser4286 cloudy quartz1750 coco pommel7269 coconut cream250 coloratura3539 colter sobchak149 comet tail963 conductor pony7 cookie crumbles1338 copper top476 coriander cumin177 cotton cloudy524 cotton sky104 cozy glow9556 crackle cosette324 crackle pop202 cranky doodle donkey1214 cream puff204 cup cake4931 daisy2952 dandy grandeur50 daring do7220 davenport136 daybreaker4016 dear darling252 derpy hooves57458 diamond tiara11794 dinky hooves4688 discord37521 dj pon-333219 doctor caballeron914 doctor fauna626 doctor horse445 doctor muffin top101 doctor stable445 doctor whooves11787 donut joe871 double diamond1904 dumbbell690 ever essence77 eye black46 fancypants2395 fashion plate172 feather bangs641 featherweight1380 fido607 fiery fricket93 filthy rich1307 fire streak314 firelight538 first base385 fizzlepop berrytwist9899 flam2460 flash magnus998 flash sentry15069 fleetfoot2655 fleur-de-lis4564 flim2567 flitter3386 flitterheart62 flower wishes2952 fluffy clouds85 fluttershy258209 fond feather245 frazzle rock193 frederic horseshoepin318 fresh coat287 fruitbasket11 frying pan (g4)136 gabby3177 gallop j. fry294 gallus9066 garble2223 gentle breeze527 gilda11333 gizmo220 gladmane191 glitter drops6175 golden harvest6107 goldie delicious444 grace manewitz366 grampa gruff482 grand pear331 granny smith6098 greenhoof hooffield19 greta503 grubber922 gummy5667 gustave le grande271 haakim124 half baked apple172 hard hat (g4)60 hayseed turnip truck292 hoity toity1116 hondo flanks678 hoo'far610 hoofer steps76 hoops496 horseshoe comet55 huckleberry452 hugh jelly251 igneous rock pie1112 indiana pones21 inky rose656 iron will1461 jack pot370 jasmine leaf237 jeff letrotski221 jet set533 jetstream63 jiffy bake29 junebug442 kettle corn298 king aspen178 king sombra17123 lady justice96 late show26 lemon hearts2572 leonardo da brinci21 lightning dust5323 lightning riff84 lilac sky165 lily2358 lily lace227 lily longsocks428 lily valley2358 limestone pie6194 little strongheart932 liza doolots693 lord tirek6287 lotus blossom3272 lyra heartstrings34066 lyrica lilac354 ma hooffield73 mane-iac1851 manny roar259 marble pie8269 march gustysnows296 mare do well1091 masquerade273 matilda602 maud pie14940 mayor mare3829 meadow song707 meadowbrook995 mercury278 minty bubblegum125 minty mocha87 minuette6856 mistmane944 moondancer6078 moonlight raven543 mosely orange169 mr breezy72 mr. greenhooves72 mr. paleo89 mr. stripes79 mr. waddle294 mrs. paleo108 ms. harshwhinny2713 ms. peachbottom945 mudbriar1002 mulia mild145 neigh sayer109 neon lights1014 night glider1537 night light2991 nightmare moon20349 nightmare rarity3427 nightshade577 noi814 noteworthy1182 november rain668 nurse redheart4383 oak nut39 ocean flow153 ocellus6799 octavia melody27583 olden pony77 on stage53 opalescence2375 open skies137 owlowiscious2219 pacific glow517 parcel post131 parish nandermane210 party favor1715 peach fuzz294 peachy pie141 peachy pitt69 peachy plume36 pear butter3842 peppermint goldylinks583 perfect pace369 perky prep27 petunia693 petunia paleo256 pharynx1325 photo finish2998 pinkie pie255418 pinto paintcaster19 pipsqueak3188 pistachio237 piña colada482 plaid stripes278 pluto748 pokey pierce1657 pony of shadows634 pop art (g4)20 posey shy1786 post haste131 pound cake3032 power chord23 prim hemline194 prince blueblood4587 prince hisan117 prince rutherford883 princess cadance39990 princess celestia112554 princess ember8648 princess flurry heart9544 princess luna117042 princess skystar2493 professor fossil63 pumpkin cake2743 pursey pink78 queen chrysalis42125 queen novo1873 quibble pants1704 rain shine664 rainbow blaze560 rainbow dash279474 rainy day79 randolph112 rarity217251 raspberry latte77 raspberry vinaigrette123 raven1015 ripley76 rising star1014 rockhoof1355 rolling thunder266 roma63 roseluck6184 rosy pearl90 rough diamond38 rover1110 royal riff445 ruby pinch1447 rumble4502 sable spirit114 saddler daily24 saffron masala1867 sandbar6821 sapphire shores1133 sassy saddles1288 scales (g4)131 scootaloo58698 screwball1610 sea swirl1914 seabreeze580 seafoam1914 seaspray232 sheriff silverstar279 shining armor28043 short fuse179 silver shill197 silver spoon7524 silverstream7690 skeedaddle243 skellinore232 sky beak204 sky stinger628 slapshot46 sludge (g4)393 smarty pants1573 smolder11292 smooze653 snails5778 snips4602 snow hope68 soarin'17699 somnambula2411 songbird serenade1433 sparkler2965 spearhead182 spike92310 spike the regular dog3206 spitfire15693 spoiled rich1481 spot533 spring rain5609 spring step208 sprout greenhoof138 star bright242 star swirl109 star swirl the bearded2326 star tracker595 stardom26 starlight glimmer59901 starry eyes (character)280 starstreak111 steamer82 stellar eclipse195 stellar flare1657 stepford ponies70 steven magnet623 storm king1462 stormy flare328 strawberry sunrise455 stygian997 sugar belle3757 sunburst8810 sunlight spring208 sunny daze142 sunset shimmer79020 sunshine smiles301 sunshower190 sunshower raindrops2696 sunspot (g4)79 super funk248 suri polomare1441 svengallop438 sweetie belle56667 sweetie drops18788 swift justice96 swoon song255 tag-a-long247 tank3105 teddie safari112 tempest shadow18996 tender taps842 terramar977 the sphinx1189 thorax5486 thunderlane4918 time turner11787 toe-tapper299 toola-roola737 tootsie flute696 torch song284 train tracks (g4)240 tree hugger3484 trenderhoof979 trixie79476 trouble shoes1351 truffle shuffle444 tulip swirl115 twilight sparkle357212 twilight velvet5484 twinkleshine2703 twist3167 twisty pop29 uncle orange308 upper crust769 valley glamour95 vapor trail1314 vinyl scratch33219 whoa nelly302 wild fire947 wind rider276 windy whistles2886 winona2813 wrangler81 yona6418 yuma spurs86 zecora11101 zephyr breeze2992 zesty gourmand222 zippoorwhill439 oc945884 oc:ambrosia241 oc:big brian522 oc:blackjack3368 oc:calamity859 oc:calliphora64 oc:coffee cream149 oc:cream heart3014 oc:fluffle puff3178 oc:littlepip5208 oc:miasma100 oc:milky way2338 oc:myxine95 oc:nyx2470 oc:snowdrop1404 oc:velvet remedy1350 oc:yellowstar82 alicorn313453 alligator1758 bat2692 bat pony74741 bird13712 biteacuda49 breezie2860 buffalo1069 bufogren60 cat8904 centaur4687 changedling11480 changeling65832 changeling queen23839 cockatrice603 cyclops358 cyclops pony80 deer9719 diamond dog4088 dog13523 donkey2683 dragon85267 earth pony444958 fish3785 fruit bat380 griffon36657 kirin15194 manticore648 owl1721 parasprite2262 parrot718 pegasus495174 pony1599419 rabbit8928 reindeer3277 robot11607 saddle arabian832 sea serpent254 seapony (g4)6911 sphinx2579 tortoise1176 twittermite166 unicorn536575 ursa major183 ursa minor672 winterchilla133 winterzilla100 zebra23737 anthro358944 fallout equestria22893 fallout equestria: project horizons4005 fanfic:the star in yellow50 rainbow dash presents312 a flurry of emotions1365 a health of information580 a hearth's warming tail1687 a royal problem2388 applejack's "day" off643 best gift ever2677 campfire tales836 daring done?1051 discordant harmony959 equestria girls255495 fake it 'til you make it1203 fame and misfortune1205 father knows beast999 flutter brutter1240 forever filly608 g310373 g42025942 gauntlet of fire1545 grannies gone wild921 hard to say anything909 honest apple812 marks and recreation807 marks for effort1332 my little pony: the movie21432 newbie dash1187 no second prances2064 non-compete clause870 on your marks1006 once upon a zeppelin946 parental glideance1253 road to friendship1731 school daze3163 season 83211 shadow play1466 sounds of silence3513 spice up your life1135 stranger than fan fiction1146 surf and/or turf898 the break up breakdown811 the cart before the ponies914 the crystalling2414 the gift of the maud pie1047 the maud couple834 the mean 61895 the parent map1172 the perfect pear1566 the saddle row review1577 to change a changeling856 to where and back again3075 16:9332 absurd resolution67426 acorn family7 animal8167 anthro with ponies3587 apple family666 apple family member3522 bat ponified4913 bimbettes225 bow44516 breeze57 broken horn15921 bust77647 cake twins602 canon x oc35062 changeling queen oc2179 cheer ponies1 clothes633017 cloudsdale1596 cloudsdale cheer ponies11 colt20470 conductor139 costume39065 counterparts934 crying55353 cutie mark crusaders22348 disguise7245 disguised changeling3814 everyone is here21 everypony419 female1799276 filly97179 filly guides442 fimflamfilosophy15 flim flam brothers1453 flower trio673 fluffy19536 flutterbat8543 foal43997 former good king sombra57 friendship student2151 gay37156 glasses88489 good king sombra733 goth3733 goth pony