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portrait (19136)Tag changes
Short description: Above the shoulders.
Aliases: headshot
Implies: bust

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Detailed description:
An image primarily of the face of a character, no lower than the upper shoulders.

Size: 2437x3405 | Tagged: artist:luxiwind, bust, earth pony, female, heterochromia, mare, oc, oc:toruwa, pony, portrait, safe, solo, traditional art
Size: 720x1280 | Tagged: artist:akiiichaos, bust, female, mare, oc, oc:rain fly, pony, portrait, safe, solo
Size: 537x537 | Tagged: artist:xsidera, bust, cute, dashabetes, happy, portrait, rainbow dash, safe, sketch, smiling, solo, stars
Size: 1849x2053 | Tagged: artist:kito tyan, bust, collar, cute, cyrillic, floppy ears, looking up, pet tag, pony, pony pet, portrait, roseluck, russian, sad, safe, text, translated in the description
Size: 600x600 | Tagged: artist:jcosneverexisted, bust, female, mare, oc, oc only, oc:peachy cream, patreon, patreon logo, pony, portrait, safe, solo, unicorn
Size: 1260x1225 | Tagged: artist:mattadamfluff, bust, cute, male, markings, oc, oc:åkerö, ocbetes, oc only, portrait, safe, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 2800x3500 | Tagged: artist:syntaxartz, bat pony, bat pony oc, bust, elder sign, fangs, looking at you, oc, oc:radbat, piercing, portrait, safe, solo, tattoo, tongue out, tongue piercing
Size: 2011x2569 | Tagged: artist:m-miamo, bust, eyes closed, male, oc, pony, portrait, safe, simple background, solo, stallion, tongue out, transparent background
Size: 4964x3269 | Tagged: alternate version, artist:notmywing, bust, gay, implied shipping, male, oc, oc:bytewave, oc:cyberpon3, oc only, pegasus, portrait, safe, simple background, smiling, transparent background, unicorn
Size: 700x987 | Tagged: artist:maytee, bust, clothes, colored pencil drawing, derpy hooves, pegasus, pony, portrait, safe, smiling, solo, tongue out, traditional art
Size: 2169x1518 | Tagged: artist:tridashie, bust, eyelashes, female, fluttershy, looking away, looking up, mare, open mouth, orange background, outline, pegasus, pony, portrait, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, spread wings, white outline, wings
Size: 1505x1505 | Tagged: artist:marshmerry, bust, female, glasses, mule, oc, oc:edelweiss, portrait, safe, solo
Size: 1513x1432 | Tagged: artist:marshmerry, bust, clothes, glasses, male, oc, oc only, oc:silver light, pony, portrait, safe, scarf, simple background, solo, stallion, transparent background, unicorn
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