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Aliases: spike the dragon, sp

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adult spike, applespike, baby spike, barb, beefspike, derpyspike, flutterspike, mane seven, older spike, pinkiespike, ponified spike, rainbowspike, scootaspike, sparity, spikeabuse, spikebelle, spikebloom, spikelestia, spiketavia, spikezilla, spilda, stoner spike, teenage spike, twispike, spike-iac, spike gets all the mares, spixie, sparijack, spike the dog, barlusive, spelusive, rumblespike, spinona, twisparity, spikedance, babspike, vinylspike, sunsetspike, spikedancer, spicora, spikabetes, cocospike, maid spike, sparico, flitterspike, spikechaser, spilomare, maudspike, spikewhinny, spyra, spikemor, poseyspike, spike gets all the stallions, barbshine, barity, spigate, spiketiara, futa barb, creamspike, spinata, silverspike, spina, spikingdance, winged spike, sparlight, spikeceps, sploe, splotus, spike the regular dog, sparble, lemonspike, twinklespike, spikentosh, spiluna, dispike, chryspike, spike gets all the rarities, spelvet, spikebra, dragon bones, human spike, twispember, dragon lord spike, emberspike, sparember, spips, spails, sparlixie, joespike, thoraxspike, garbuncle, cookiespike, spike is not amused, raraspike, spiketiaraspoon, spikemash, spike the pufferfish, busty barb, spike the seadragon, strongspike, spembrax, spolder, winged spikezilla, gustyspike, flamethrower spike, ravenspike, cozyspike, windyspike, stellarspike, scitwispike, amberspike, scarletspike, cloudyspike, spabby, spikebarb, spikellus, spolcellus, spikestream, spolderstream, sphike, sparibelle, sporange, barbintosh, barbabetes, hoityspike, spikeshadow, spiketwist, spikecake, springspike, spinambula, spikoorwhill, sugarspike, marblespike, spikestone, spikelane, older mane 7, copperspike, cheerispike, angelspike, stupid sexy spike, mc spike, director spike, spikeberry, spharynx, pumpkinspike, poundspike, duskspike, twibarb, jubispike, spikenova, vanispike, rumblespikebelle, rumblespikemash, spikeburn, spikeburst, spreeze, glitterspike, wet spike, sparibby, ballispike, promispike, spikephire, spikeheart, spikequeak, spikeweight, cayike, spikemoon, spilulestia, thoraxsparlight, lunaspikelestiance, barberry, spubble, barblitz, blitzike, applebarb, applespike (gay), applespikedash, applebarb (lesbian), flutterbarb, barberscotch, butterspike, embarb, rainbowbarb, twinkiespike, pinkiebarb, flurryspike, dj scales and tail, spikeyrose, spikeluck

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