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Short description: An original character shipped or engaging in sexual acts with a canon character
Aliases: oc x canon
Implies: oc

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Detailed description:
An original character shown or implied to be in a relationship with or engaging in sexual acts with a canon character.
Size: 3840x2160 | Tagged: 3d, artist:agkandphotomaker2000, canon x oc, dj pon-3, oc, oc:pony video maker, pony, ponyville, rooftop, safe, source filmmaker, sunset, town, vinyl scratch
Size: 2560x1440 | Tagged: 3d, artist:pesty_skillengton, blushing, canon x oc, chrysipuff, cute, female, hug, lesbian, love, oc, oc:fluffle puff, pony, princess chrysalis, queen chrysalis, safe, shipping, source filmmaker
Size: 953x1280 | Tagged: applejack, artist:hioshiru, bunny ears, canon x oc, cuddling, forest, kissing, oc, oc:xbi, original species, safe, species swap, tatzljack, tatzlpony, unicorn
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: 3d, afro, applejack, bed, bedroom eyes, canon x oc, cherry jubilee, group, hat, kissing, laying down, oc, oc:tempo cider, safe, source filmmaker, watch, wristwatch
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: :|, adorkable, animated, aroused, artist:mixermike622, blinking, canon x oc, cartoonito logo, changeling, changeling queen, chrysipuff, cute, cutealis, dork, dorkalis, edit, edited screencap, female, fetish, flyswatter, frenemies (episode), frown, gif, hoof hold, horny, implied bondage, italian, kinky, lesbian, lewd, looking back, majestic as fuck, mare, oc, oc:fluffle puff, out of context, :p, pervert, pony, queen chrysalis, screencap, shipping, sideways glance, silly, spanking, spoiler:s09e08, squishy cheeks, submissive, suggestive, thinking, thought bubble, tongue out, wide eyes
Size: 960x540 | Tagged: canon x oc, cartoonito logo, changeling, changeling queen, chrysipuff, cute, cutealis, edit, edited screencap, editor:secrettitan, fantasizing, female, frenemies (episode), italian, lesbian, oc, oc:fluffle puff, queen chrysalis, safe, screencap, shipping, sideways glance, solo, spoiler:s09e08, squishy cheeks
Size: 3840x2160 | Tagged: 2 handfuls of dem hips, artist:verumtee, bare chest, bow, canon x oc, clothes, commission, copperpie, cruise ship, dress, equestria girls, equestria girls series, female, freckles, geode of sugar bombs, glasses, magical geodes, male, neckerchief, oc, oc:copper plume, ocean, open clothes, open shirt, pinkie pie, reference, safe, shorts, sky, smiling, spoiler:eqg series (season 2), spring breakdown, swimming trunks, titanic
Size: 5080x3215 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:niggerdrawfag, canon x oc, commission, dusk shine, oc, oc:aurora shine (loe), pony, rule 63, safe, twilight sparkle
Size: 1919x4225 | Tagged: alicorn, applejack, applejack's hat, artist:estories, canon x oc, comic, comic:a(pple)ffection, cowboy hat, dialogue, duo, earth pony, female, flashback, hat, lesbian, magic, mare, oc, oc:silverlay, oc:think pink, party cannon, pegasus, pony, ponyville, rainbow dash, rainbow trail, safe, shipping, silverjack, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unicorn
Size: 1804x2076 | Tagged: artist:ds59, beauty and the beast, belle, candle, canon x oc, castle, clothes, date, date night, dress, equestria girls, interior, night, oc, oc:dragun shot, prince adam, rarity, safe, stars, suit, tale as old as time
Size: 650x1500 | Tagged: ..., adoracreepy, anxiety, artist:mixermike622, bait and switch, book, breakdown, canon x oc, changeling, changeling queen, chrysipuff, clothes, comic, creepy, cropped, crying, crying inside, cute, dark comedy, dialogue, duo, edit, eye contact, fangs, fear, female, forced, golden oaks library, grimderp, hardcore, help me, humor, hyperventilating, intimidating, knife, lesbian, looking at each other, mare, menacing, mouth hold, nervous, obey, oc, oc:fluffle puff, oh crap, oh crap face, open mouth, overly attached girlfriend, panic, panic attack, pony, queen chrysalis, sad, sadorable, safe, savage, scared, shipping, shocked, shrunken pupils, smiling, sobbing, socks, speech bubble, spread wings, striped socks, sweat, teary eyes, threat, threatening, tumblr:ask fluffle puff, weapon, wide eyes, wings, worried, yandere
Size: 1000x920 | Tagged: artist:paperbagpony, blushing, canon x oc, floppy ears, freckles, gay, heart, kissing, kiss on the cheek, male, oc, pegasus, pony, safe, socks (coat marking), sparkles, thunderlane
Size: 1920x2160 | Tagged: applejack, artist:magerblutooth, camping must-haves, canon x oc, cat, collar, comic:diamond and dazzle, draw me like one of your french girls, edit, equestria girls, equestria girls series, female, heart, heart eyes, male, oc, oc:dazzle, opalescence, rarity, safe, screencap, shipping domino, spoiler:eqg series (season 2), straight, wingding eyes
Size: 428x1386 | Tagged: artist:hoofclid, blushing, book, braeburn, canon x oc, cute, gay, heart, kissing, male, oc, oc:hoofclid, safe, science, smooch, thought bubble, weapons-grade cute
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