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Short description: A type of knot
Aliases: bows
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For the string instrument accessory, use bow (instrument)
For the weapon, use bow (weapon)
Size: 3984x3808 | Tagged: artist:alina-pink, blushing, bow, cute, derpibooru exclusive, female, hair bow, looking at you, mare, oc, oc:bay breeze, oc only, pegasus, safe, simple background, tongue out
Size: 1224x1302 | Tagged: apple, apple bloom, artist:mirroredsea, bow, claw machine, cute, earth pony, female, filly, food, hair bow, pony, safe
Size: 800x600 | Tagged: armor, artist:rangelost, blue mane, bow, brick wall, colored, cutie mark, cyoa, cyoa:d20 pony, description is relevant, duo, earth pony, female, filly, hair bow, lidded eyes, looking at you, mare, oc, oc:marionette, oc only, oc:sapphire kite, pixel art, pony, red eyes, safe, scabbard, story included, sword, two toned mane, unicorn, weapon
Size: 200x200 | Tagged: bow, hair bow, oc, oc:fleurbelle, safe
Size: 759x703 | Tagged: artist:mlpcotton-candy-pone, bow, female, hair bow, mare, oc, oc:magical melody, pony, safe, solo, tail bow, tongue out, unicorn
Size: 4000x3200 | Tagged: artist:kikiartist21, bow, flying, hair bow, heart, holding, mouth, oc, oc:fleurbelle, safe
Size: 1637x1525 | Tagged: artist:avra, blushing, bow, couple, cuddling, cute, eyes closed, hair bow, heart, oc, oc:andrew swiftwing, oc:bay breeze, oc only, pegasus, safe, swiftbreeze, wings
Size: 353x317 | Tagged: bow, chibi, hair bow, oc, oc:fleurbelle, safe
Size: 2152x2401 | Tagged: artist:razorbladetheunicron, bow, cutie mark, earth pony, female, freckles, hair bow, lateverse, mare, next generation, oc, oc:caramel ambrosia, oc only, offspring, parent:applejack, pony, safe, simple background, solo, transparent background, vector
Size: 11096x4976 | Tagged: absurd res, artist:tjarvinengts, bow, cake, couple, eating, electricute, female, fetish, fluffy, food, hug, mare, mouth cam, oc, oc:cuteamena, oc:electric blue, oc x oc, shipping, suggestive, tongue out, unaware, uvula, vore
Size: 822x1425 | Tagged: artist:sourcherry, bow, clothes, fan, flower, flowing mane, headress, high priestess, horn, jewelry, kimono (clothing), major arcana, mistmane, mistmane's flower, pony, safe, solo, tarot, tarot card, unicorn, unshorn fetlocks, wrinkles
Size: 1000x1414 | Tagged: artist:lord--opal, blushing, boots, bow, bowtie, clone, clothes, equestria girls, eyes closed, female, glasses, human, humanized, jewelry, kissing, kiss on the cheek, lesbian, necklace, polyamory, safe, sci-twi, scitwishimmer, self paradox, shipping, shoes, skirt, socks, spoiler:eqg series, sunset shimmer, sunsetsparkle, sunset twiangle, twilight sparkle, twolight
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