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Having now thought about it a bit, here’s my opinion:
horseshoes are a roughly crescent strip of strong material (usually metal) intended to be attached to the bottom of hooves, or the shape/symbol associated with those. They are not hoof shoes or shoes.
hoof shoes are wearable items that cover more of the hoof and are not affixed to them (can be readily taken off).
hoof boots are similar but go farther up the leg, in the same way shoes and boots are different.
hoof shoes could be tagged along with shoes if their design resembles a pony adaptation of humanesque shoes, eg. with soles, or heels, a tongue, or laces, or velcro, etc. A hoof shoe design that is unlike humanesque shoes, such as princess shoes, should not get the tag shoes.
The my:posts keyword gives results for the logged-in user; you’d want to link a search for posts from you that other people can see.

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It’s way easier to implement, requiring almost no code (I can just hook the search parser), and it’s also much more powerful (you can use arbitrary boolean expressions instead of a limited predefined set).
You hit on an annoyance with our indexing; this is the search you want. Or my:posts.

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