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A demonstration I cooked up that performs a search entirely in the user’s browser. Practical, not really, but very performant, and it even runs most searches within a frame on my mobile phone, generally staying under 16ms there.
Video shows Chromium 96.0.4664.110 on Linux x86_64.
I’m not even going to attempt to tag this with everything in the video.
safe1878342 anonymous artist3194 artist:1stastrastudio173 artist:2snacks344 artist:adequality109 artist:aemuhn153 artist:aleximusprime1690 artist:andypriceart3237 artist:angrylittlerodent128 artist:anima-dos131 artist:anticular606 artist:assasinmonkey855 artist:auroracursed86 artist:awoomarblesoda187 artist:bae-mon36 artist:be_yourself24 artist:blackligerth94 artist:cactiflowers56 artist:cannibalus114 artist:captainpudgemuffin671 artist:carnifex2366 artist:cloudyglow2527 artist:culu-bluebeaver203 artist:d3pressedr4inbow57 artist:darkestdragonking6 artist:darkflame75647 artist:deannart53 artist:devinian43 artist:draconidsmxz59 artist:dstears688 artist:duo cartoonist76 artist:eqamrd380 artist:equestria-prevails459 artist:equinecheese3 artist:equum_amici162 artist:ernestboy8 artist:farkaska2112 artist:furrgroup668 artist:gihhbloonde551 artist:gradiusfanatic437 artist:gsphere578 artist:habiepon323 artist:huussii153 artist:ikirunosindo91 artist:inspectorvalvert26 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bright mac1501 clover the clever409 coco pommel6422 coloratura3183 cozy glow8536 derpy hooves52650 dinky hooves4488 discord33593 dj pon-330811 fizzlepop berrytwist9547 flam2283 flim2381 fluttershy229365 gallus7669 hitch trailblazer4945 izzy moonbow9069 king sombra15089 lord tirek5694 lyra heartstrings31295 marble pie7180 maud pie13443 moondancer5334 nightmare moon18076 nightmare star786 ocellus5823 octavia melody25321 parasol737 pear butter3230 philomena1122 pinkie pie231142 pipp petals7010 pipsqueak2947 princess cadance35413 princess celestia101419 princess flurry heart8217 princess luna105648 principal celestia3917 queen chrysalis37715 rainbow dash251104 rarity196194 sandbar6001 sci-twi27621 scootaloo53977 scootaloo (g3)371 shining armor25006 silver glow51 silverstream6746 smolder9111 snails5542 snips4396 soarin'14746 somnambula2155 spike84527 spitfire14281 sprout cloverleaf1512 star swirl the bearded2156 starbeam44 starlight glimmer53054 sugar belle3412 sunburst7587 sunny starscout8341 sunset shimmer69384 sunshower raindrops2510 sweetie belle51782 tempest shadow17823 the lone lampman39 trixie72436 twilight sparkle321997 vignette valencia905 vinyl scratch30811 winona2636 yona5579 zecora10070 zipp storm5359 oc786517 oc:aella breeze7 oc:altersmay earth21 oc:aster wine2 oc:bluehooves34 oc:britannia (uk ponycon)120 oc:canni soda298 oc:ciaran22 oc:cool crow3 oc:cornsilk lavender(kaitykat)4 oc:crystal260 oc:daniel43 oc:delly205 oc:downvote541 oc:echo939 oc:fausticorn1595 oc:feather freight85 oc:fire ruby7 oc:firebrand156 oc:ironwood atlas4 oc:jack chestnut38 oc:jonin63 oc:late riser73 oc:littlepip4437 oc:lunnaya stasya5 oc:mony caalot42 oc:morse code3 oc:mystic the wise2 oc:nocturnal vision50 oc:pezzhorse14 oc:radiant star101 oc:repentant anon25 oc:rodentmod12 oc:romania9 oc:rosa flame122 oc:rune riddle104 oc:serenity pond61 oc:sinar bulan indonesia47 oc:sollace19 oc:starjax11 oc:starshine sorbet2 oc:the lone lampman3 oc:tool clouds5 oc:upvote182 oc:wingbeat28 alicorn256577 bat pony59157 bird10319 centaur3968 changeling54755 dog11311 dracony7701 dragon65569 earth pony320975 hippogriff11169 human181521 hybrid24009 original species29578 pegasus364108 pony1224152 poodle54 robot8830 scented pony127 sea pony1944 swan152 turkey316 unicorn401404 anthro295502 2017 community collab287 2018 community collab516 2019 community collab809 2020 community collab1142 ask sunshine and moonbeams260 comic:the newcomer48 derpibooru7439 derpibooru community collaboration4666 fallout equestria19318 flurry heart's story297 princess molestia3294 royal sketchbook613 series:fm holidays236 smile hd473 the moon rises48 a bird in the hoof779 a canterlot wedding3200 all bottled up1534 amending fences1307 apple family reunion1144 bloom and gloom1075 castle sweet castle1398 dance magic1689 equestria girls223835 equestria girls series37437 father knows beast920 feeling pinkie keen915 filli vanilli1272 friendship math284 g37482 g523673 i'm on a yacht850 idw16985 just for sidekicks985 legends of magic443 magical mystery cure2606 marks for effort1246 meet the ponies48 my little pony: a new generation12720 my little pony: pony life6031 my little pony: the movie20200 overpowered (equestria girls)334 owl's well that ends well467 pony life6575 road trippin107 schedule swap162 scootaloo's outdoor play party18 season 13944 season 23311 season 31724 season 43740 season 52593 season 61745 season 71516 season 81788 season 92082 sleepless in ponyville1330 slice of life (episode)1908 sunset's backstage pass!2661 the beginning of the end2294 the cutie pox692 the last problem6770 the mane attraction1258 to where and back again2881 twilight's kingdom3296 spoiler:comic11576 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15878 spoiler:eqg specials5703 .svg available9162 2022327 3d92885 >:3128 abstract background19021 aesthetics352 alternate hairstyle31516 animated107509 antlers2605 apple bloom's bow2120 applejack (male)1128 applejack's hat10662 armor26165 ask25332 baby11672 baby dragon1544 baby pony7490 baby spike716 babyjack483 barb1717 base used27064 bat pony oc22549 beach17778 beak1344 bed46849 bedroom eyes67641 behaving like a dog1484 bell5169 big crown thingy2626 bikini21004 bipedal41149 biting4273 blindfold4931 blob ponies163 blushing224114 book37260 bookhorse618 boop8170 boots26304 bow34227 braid7240 brightbutter867 broom2038 brother and sister5098 brothers1196 bubble berry1696 burrito177 bust61740 cage1072 cake10843 car6775 chocolate3773 chocolate milk770 claw machine80 cloak5129 clothes524592 coffee4324 coffee cup417 coffee mug1545 colored21170 colt16843 colt shining armor127 coronation dress789 costume32597 couch9800 cowboy boots1962 cowboy hat20098 cropped53502 crossed hooves2323 crown22226 cup7197 cute222728 cutealoo3234 cutedance1394 cutelestia3850 cutie mark51667 cutie mark crusaders20243 cutie mark on clothes4558 dance magic (song)90 dancing9313 dashabetes10448 derpibooru ponified858 diapinkes11077 do the sparkle215 dress50587 ear bite1690 eating10887 element of magic2749 equestria girls ponified4585 eye clipping through hair9170 eyes closed110795 fan931 feather6981 female1516130 filly78150 filly applejack663 filly twilight sparkle2919 fine art parody564 flim flam brothers1335 fluttermac3286 flying43652 foal22445 food81052 food costume281 freckles33609 geode of sugar bombs2440 geode of super speed2953 get stick bugged lol31 gif36168 gifs.com612 glasses72421 golden oaks library5646 grin47894 grooming825 guard armor91 hair bow18921 hairband1479 happy new year1378 happy new year 202291 harley quinn668 hat100731 hatsune miku600 headcanon2586 heart55697 high heel boots6716 hippogriff oc776 holiday25311 hoodie16688 hoof hold9853 hooves21259 horn101128 hospital bed477 hug31795 humanized106274 ice cream5526 impact font1658 interspecies offspring8874 irl75682 j. jonah jameson59 jewelry81590 kisekae590 kissing27331 kotobukiya hatsune miku pony226 laser pistol68 legs9900 lesbian104409 lidded eyes35685 looking at you199117 loop-de-hoop219 luna is not amused560 lunabetes3844 magical geodes10794 magical lesbian spawn13958 mago loves stairs2 male427809 mane five (g5)1613 mane seven7094 mane six34178 mango521 mannequin1291 marblemac518 mare566053 meme86805 meta17217 midnight sparkle2751 milk5535 mistletoe1969 monochrome158985 moon26272 moonlight950 mother and child3417 mother and daughter6614 mouth hold19921 mud2767 mud edit112 mug5039 nation ponies1942 necklace23702 night30376 night sky2046 nintendo switch678 no sound5043 noseboop3183 nuzzling4376 oc x oc18528 offscreen character40269 offspring44919 older31833 older applejack870 older fluttershy843 older mane seven278 older mane six417 older pinkie pie826 older rainbow dash1009 older rarity826 older spike7365 older twilight2343 one eye closed37000 one-piece swimsuit5533 open mouth178973 open smile10221 palace150 palm tree2055 parent:big macintosh3796 parent:clover the clever7 parent:fancypants934 parent:fleur-de-lis436 parent:fluttershy5759 parent:marble pie478 parent:princess luna2738 parent:rarity5021 parent:spike2690 parent:star swirl the bearded81 parent:sunburst1358 parent:twilight sparkle9445 parents:fancyfleur209 parents:fluttermac1672 parents:marblemac152 parents:rariluna67 parents:rarimac75 parents:sparity1779 parents:twiburst270 pie3572 pinkamena diane pie20354 pinkiedash3487 plushie26899 ponified44539 ponytail21169 ponytones outfit219 portrait35034 power rangers735 power rangers mystic force47 powerful sparkle143 preening1079 princess twilight 2.02967 rain6712 raised hoof55344 rara1141 raribetes6080 raridash2018 raspberry1133 regalia26074