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Images tagged eyes closed

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eyes closed (69980)Tag changes
Aliases: closed eyes, eyes clsoed
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Size: 810x1080 | Tagged: animated, artist:euspuche, bust, earth pony, eyes closed, fluffy, oc, oc:bur glar, portrait, safe, sunset
Size: 2129x2597 | Tagged: artist:taaffeiite, blushing, clothes, commission, couple, crown, duo, ear piercing, earring, eyes closed, female, holding hooves, jewelry, lesbian, mare, necklace, oc, oc only, pegasus, piercing, regalia, robe, safe, simple background, smiling, touching muzzles, transparent background
Size: 1536x1536 | Tagged: artist:kurogewapony, artist:poponkaponpon, blushing, cute, earth pony, eyes closed, female, japanese, lesbian, mare, nuzzling, one eye closed, pegasus, pinkiedash, pinkie pie, pony, rainbow dash, safe, shipping, simple background, translation request
Size: 1536x1536 | Tagged: artist:kurogewapony, artist:poponkaponpon, bust, cute, diapinkes, eyes closed, female, floppy ears, mare, :p, pinkie pie, pony, portrait, safe, solo, tongue out
Size: 2265x1715 | Tagged: artist:aztrial, blushing, draconequus, duo, eyes closed, female, hearth's warming, hybrid, interspecies offspring, levitation, magic, mare, mistletoe, oc, oc:loki, oc only, oc:sweet apple, oc x oc, offspring, offspring shipping, parent:big macintosh, parent:discord, parent:fluttershy, parents:discolight, parents:fluttermac, parent:twilight sparkle, pegasus, pony, safe, shipping, signature, telekinesis
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