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So, I just saw that Them’s Fightin’ Herds is coming to Switch on October 18th
I cant wait til it releases!
This is one of the few fighting game ports where the switch version isn’t screwed over. And you’re telling me it has rollback AND crossplay?!
Day 1 buy!
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I find it hilarious that dock (“the underside of a pony’s tail where hair does not grow” for those who don’t want to click the link) has so many more NSFW uploads than SFW ones that it only shows up in the auto-suggestion if I switch to the 18+ R34 filters.
The only thing more hilarious is that it implies tail, which means this innocent and common tag can’t be auto-suggested under the default filters.
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Just checked and yeah. Docks would be on many NSFW anthro pictures too (considering the place they’re at), I figure there’s some overlap there.
I’m just infinitely amused that I need to be on adult filters when I want to properly (auto-)tag some safe pictures. Including screencaps!
I recently finished watching the She-Ra reboot. It was only temporary there (obviously), but it sure made me wish yet again that the friendships in G4 were roughed up, genuinely and without getting fixed before the episode’s end. I feel The End in Friend would have been more poignant as a season-long arc for instance, even as late as season 8.
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If Twilight Sparkle ran for president, what would be her number 1 issue? Education?
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@Background Pony #68DD
Absolutely. She would probably fund educational programs and try to promote more rational logical thinking.
She would definitely reform the education system to be more ideal just like her School of Friendship.
She would also makes policies to promote peace abroad and internally, listening to all sodes of the argument.
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He is definitely coded as a kid looking at the way hes treated and seen as a “little brother” by multiple characters. Not to mention he goes through the dragon equivalent for puberty several seasons into the show.
And in the timeskip hes a young adult, so yes he is definitely a kid in the show.
We don’t know his exact age tho.
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@Just Wayne
Even if the ink wasn’t smudged I don’t know how they could deliver his gift. The only things to wipe off were a picture he drew of sugar and a bell. It wasn’t actual writing like all the other mail. There wasn’t even an address. How were the mailmares supposed to know who Sugar Belle is and where she lives?
Just Wayne
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I always thought that’s a unique way ponies write delivery information, even though it’s incredibly impractical, but then I see actual written words on other letters and packages. I guess Big Mac really was lost in love.
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