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@Lord WyrmSpawN
If you really think about it. Derpy’s car is kind of avant garde. It’s like seeing Shaker furniture. So simple and unadorned it’s artistic.
Rarity’s is still probably creative but within convention. Derpy defies convention. For better or worse is up to you.
Derpy probably was less stressed making it too. Rarity was probably stressed and miserable making such a high quality car.
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Every time I look at the alternate Littlepip designs I like, I wish they had their own Fallout Equestria story, each with its own original storyline and unique take on mixing G4 and Fallout.
And if I had the inspiration to write more than one paragraph every blue moon, I’d give them that myself (after asking kkat and the designers for permission).
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@icicle wicicle 1517
I believe it doesn’t go beyond unicorn, short (Small Frame trait?), and probably left-hooved since her PipBuck is on the right foreleg.
I didn’t reread the beginning in a long time though. But the replies to “Littlepip doesn’t look like this” comments seem to go this way: ‘undescribed on purpose so that she could be anyone, like a Fallout PC.’
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If weed exists in Equestria, then the first pony who comes to my mind for smoking it isn’t Tree Hugger, or Fluttershy. For some reason, it’s Trixie. At some point, this headcanon embedded itself into my brain and now it’s stuck.
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I was thinking about kirins and then remember how some people hate anger as an emotion. Good thing we’re not thinking about going as far as silencing ourselves. We don’t have water that does that anyway.
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