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The MLP wiki is a very good source of (G4) screencaps. They’re sorted by episode, as a whole (see all the “gallery” links here) or by character (check [character(s) name] image gallery under “other links” on their individual page, this is the result for Luna for example). Note that they have different pages for Equestria Girls episodes and characters. The pony and EqG versions of each character (should) link to each other.
Also note that direct links to the pictures can’t be hotlinked, at least as far as I’ve seen. You want to link to a specific screencap, you better find the equivalent on Derpibooru or elsewhere.
Not sure how rights and credit work about uploading a screencap from the Wiki here though. Or using them for memes. (Besides a probable ‘most people already do it anyway…’) But they should show you which episode and/or scene to check if you want to make your own screencaps.
If that’s what you meant, well, you’d need to have the episodes on your computer, then play with pausing at the right time and ‘print screen’ to get what you want, then paste it in GIMP/Photoshop/something. Preferably with a high-quality video player, and it’s best if it’s one that allows frame-by-frame or slowing down the video (because rewinding and double-tapping the space bar for five minutes to get the right frame isn’t fun).
Oh yeah, screenshot while in fullscreen too obviously. Tweak your screen’s resolution for the right resolution if necessary. Not sure if it’s necessary to decrease the resolution when your screen’s bigger than the video you want to screenshot though.
edit: Oh, speaking of screencaps. Just today I noticed that an adequate way to make the nighttime scenes of Spring Breakdown (like this one) look like day instead, for example to see Rainbow’s gorgeous concert dress in all its glory, was a simple ‘white balance’ on the screencap with GIMP.
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The fan wiki doesn’t own the images, so they can’t care. The only potential issue is ImperfectXIII or whoever else went to the trouble of making the screenshots and uploading them, but that’s unlikely. Anyone can screenshot the show while playing it on their computer.
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Unicorns seem to be more likely to smile evilly than any other pony type. If you put unicorn, evil grin, solo, pony in the search bar and have no images hidden in the filter you’re using, you’ll currently get 387 images whereas with pegasus, evil grin, solo, pony, you’ll currently get 240 images. With alicorn, evil grin, solo, pony, you’ll currently get 312 images and lastly, with earth pony, evil grin, solo, you’ll currently get just 161 images.
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