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While backing up my pony leak files (which I still haven’t read most of) I just noticed that the original title for Daring Doubt was apparently “He Neighed, She Neighed”.
That is all.
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I started watching new episodes of MLP around mid-late Season 2, but the episode that got me hooked on the show was A Canterlot Wedding.

I joined during the 3-week break between Call of the Cutie and Fall Weather Friends, watching all 12 episodes released so far in one go.
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I first joined during Season 2 sometime around Read it and Weep (I wasn’t keeping track which episodes were released, but I do remember trying a Daring Do desktop background), but then someone convinced me to stop watching because “it’s for girls”. Later, I rejoined, this time more permanently, at The Crystal Empire.
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When did Spike go from a short, wimpy baby dragon to being built like an 80s Shonen protagonist?
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I’m finding myself wishing yet again that I’d watched the show from the start.
Twilight’s ‘original storyline’ was the most enjoyable for me in hindsight, for reasons that are better off in the venting thread. So it’d have been even better to watch it from the beginning until her apotheosis, instead of already knowing she became a princess, defeated Sombra, fought changelings and redeemed Luna before I even watched my first episode.
On the fanon side, as much as I love the Remains fangame, it’d also have been nice to read Fallout Equestria as it updated. Instead of already knowing all the big events before I started reading it more for history’s sake than because I was actually interested.
On the other hand, I’m also wishing that G4 didn’t monopolize my inspiration like a creative black hole. I’ve not brainstormed fanworks about anything else since 2013, despite discovering several new things since then.
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