Naming Fluttershy's Parents, Trixie's Mom, and the Sphinx

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Alicorn SACS
Because then they pick the name they can live with best if they don't like any of the options. If we do the top two thing, at least hold a second round with, say, the top half scoring names, so people can still vote more than once but also choose from a shorter list. That's kinda the point, really.
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@Wispy Tuft
For goodness sake, Isis is a name of a rather benevolent Egyptian goddess or Black Adam's love. And some group tarnished her name, so now anything that has or is abbreviated to her name is either changed or is subjected to Illuminati confirmed memes.
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People are dumb for letting terrorist shitbags define the conversation anyway. They're not "Islamic"— they represent Islam about as well as the Klan represent Christianity and the Holy Roman Empire was, was, and was— and they're not a "state", they're just fucking terrorists; call them DAESH, it actively pisses them off.
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They're not the first to do it either. The Swastika was considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck until the Nazis used it and now the Western world still sees it as a symbol of hatred.
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Wispy Tuft
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Yup which is why Swastika isn't a name suggestion on the sphinx pole.
We're all quite aware of the unfortunate reality that the name Isis has been ruined forever. And since its been ruined it's a terrible name suggestion with a bazaar amount of votes.
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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Some among you have expressed concern for certain names that have good origins but have since then been tarnished throughout more recent history.

I propose a new solution, …

We all stop having names.
Otherwise, the terrorists win.

In all seriousness though there were some actually great choices for the Sphinx but it's sad that some of them aren't getting as much traction because people seem to be having a knee-jerk reaction to anything Egyptian related. I mean I do get it — a lot of these suggestions /probably did/ get to the poll because someone literally googled "ancient egypt" for like a minute, but still some of the names seemed more creative than people give credit for. I'll actually be disappointed to see this character go ironically unnamed.
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